Things to do in Destin, FL


Get Your Bearings in Destin

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Caution: Most beaches do not have lifeguards on duty.

Hot Tips: Big Kahuna's and other attractions are best first thing in the morning - before the day heats up and the crowds come off the beaches.

Caution: Teen beach parties during spring break - think high school, not college - can get as rowdy as college bashes.

Hot Tips: Fall is the least expensive, least crowded time to visit the area - and the weather is still warm enough to sunbathe.

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Hot Tips: Beach casual is the dress code, everywhere.

Be Sure to Sample: A warm donut from Charlie's Donut Truck in Alys Beach - you'll have to be up early to beat the crowd, but these warm little bits of ambrosia are worth it.

Caution: Glass containers are not allowed on the beaches, so plan ahead if you're ending the night with a beach gathering.

Avoid: Clubs and bars on the main drag during spring break; you'll be overrun by teens.

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Avoid: Seaside's downtown area during the season at the peak dining hours - parking is a nightmare and the charm of the stores quickly gives way to irritation.

Best Local Souvenir: Any piece of local art - there's something for every taste and price range.

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