Take Out

Fort Walton Beach
Rick's Crab Trap


This restaurant is well-known for its local seafood. Rough plank walls and draped fishing nets distinguish the interior, and nautical accents add bursts of color. The menu features fish prepared by steaming, grilling, broiling and frying. You'll...  Read More



Popular with the locals, this family-owned deli is a great place to pick up lunch. You can order salads and sandwiches all day, choosing from the vast selection, which includes BLTs, shrimp salad, tuna salad, liverwurst and grilled cheese....  Read More



The most striking aspect of this family-owned steak house is the ship's hull incorporated into the structure. It draws immediate attention, although the cuisine steps in to maintain that hold. Famous for tender steaks and ocean-fresh seafood,...  Read More

Boathouse Oyster Bar


Unassuming and relaxed, this simple, waterside eatery doesn't buy into the commercialization found so frequently at beach resorts. It doesn't pretend to be fancy, and it doesn't expect its clientele to be either. Grafitti marks the walls, and...  Read More

Beach Walk Café


One of the Emerald Coast's most celebrated restaurants, this waterfront eatery serves American cuisine with Asian and European influences. Its chef, Tim Creehan, creates dishes such as tempura-fried grouper with black bean sauce and stir-fried...  Read More

Blue Mountain Beach


The contemporary building that houses Basmati's is integrated beautifully into a tangle of native greenery and jasmine, creating a sense of balance between both manmade and natural elements. This Asian sense of harmony extends inside as well....  Read More

Pino Gelato


Small, bright and clean, this Italian coffeeshop is a convenient place to grab a "pick-me-up" while shopping at the factory stores. The contemporary space has a counter to order from and café chairs of wicker and metal. Coffee drinks, always in...  Read More

Santa Rosa Beach
Bayou Bill's Crab House


For more than 15 years, this casual restaurant has brought the bounty of the Emerald Coast to eager diners. An all-wood interior peppered with nautical accents sets the stage for plentiful seafood dinners, whether they're fried, broiled or...  Read More

Santa Rosa Beach


An ocean view and trendy blue-tiled sushi bar enhance this large dining room's appeal. Soft shades of yellow and green dominate the interior, and guests may dine at either a table or semi-circular booth. The kitchen boasts flavorful fish and...  Read More