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Not many miles north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the well-known city of Coral Springs. It is here that many locals call home, and have created an enclave that draws visitors from all over South Florida – and the world! Offering the best of everything, Coral Springs even offers outstanding attractions from the best of the arts, world-class parks, theatre, shopping, golf and endless recreation. We at 10Best spent time scouting out these hot spots – and sometimes not such busy hot spots but pleasant getaways, and present them. Coral Springs Center for the Arts is a classic landmark here, and speaks volumes of the residents dedication to the arts in its many venues. Coral Springs Aquatic Complex is internationally known for its outstanding facility, and a testament to the city's offering such a complex to those who love all things aquatic. The Country Club of Coral Springs is a stellar facility for avid golf enthusiasts. A unique shopping center that is an attraction all its own, Festival Flea Market is not far away. With these options plus so many natural attractions, Coral Springs is an amazing destination and a true Florida experience.


Fern Forest Nature Center
Photo courtesy of Stanley T. Bird, Jr.

Located in near-by Coconut Creek – a short drive from Coral Springs – is the Fern Forest Nature Center. This magnificent is an unspoiled 247.1-acre Designated Urban Wilderness Area. It takes its name from the abundance of more than 30 species of ferns that are found here. Also here are over 200 species of plants, and has drawn the interest of scientists from local higher learning centers. Be welcomed as you walk on the Entrance Boardwalk, which covers a two-to-three minutes scenic walk from the parking lot. Be sure and stop at the informational kiosk here. The Exhibit Hall is a must-do as it includes interpretive exhibits of the park's historical and natural history and also displays of native reptiles. And there is so much more. Take advantage of Royal Fern Hall with its expansive assembly hall with warming kitchen and buffet counter. Great for meetings, receptions and more. And perhaps it might be suitable to even consider holding a wedding at the facility's amphitheater. Call for a reservation

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: A celebration of nature is never to go amiss.

Dale's expert tip: A great place to brings kids for an up close and personal experience with nature.

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What a wonderful place, here in South Florida, and especially Coral Springs. From a modern and sophisticated urban center with great shopping, entertainment and housing in abundance, there is also a celebration of the natural setting and wildlife that was here long before any settlement. At Tall Cypress Natural Area, it is easy to feel that you have left the urban setting worlds away and can enjoy things the way they have been for many years. This unique park contains a dense, continuous canapy of cypress trees that transitions to splash pins – and more. And there's wildlife here, too, in abundance. Mammals, birds and reptiles are particularly numerous and is a perfect setting for resident and migratory birds, including the great horned owl, pileated woodpecker, the great egret and the little blue heron, to mention a few. Come and get away from it all and enjoy their convenient facilities that allow guests ease of access to enjoy it all.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: You can't get enough of a natural setting. It's great for the entire family and the ideal spot to just get away

Dale's expert tip: For bird lovers, take advantage of their Bird Walks, September through June. Check their website for more information.

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It's not all urban sprawl in South Florida, and especially not in Coral Springs. Residents here take the delicate balance of nature and its wildlife seriously, and encourage residents and visitors a like to join in an witness for themselves. The Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital is exactly what it sounds like; a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned native wildlife as well as a facility to provide environmental education programs to the public. A great visit for adults any time of the year and for kids, too. If you're here long enough consider Camp Wild, an environmental cap for kids ages 6-12. Here participants enjoy each day of camp featuring new lessons, games, encounters with live animals and nature crafts. It's a great time and place for kids to overcome fears and learn to safely explore this unique part of Florida.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: South Florida has plenty of parks dedicated to wildlife and appreciation of nature. It's good to get out of the city and witness it first-hand.

Dale's expert tip: Plan to spend the entire day here and plan to be amazed.

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A truly phenomenal experience, Butterfly World awaits the true nature lover in us all. Located approximately fifteen miles north of downtown Fort Lauderdale and just east of Coral Springs in beautiful Coconut Creek, this fascinating exhibit has been entertaining and instructing adults and children of all ages since its opening in 1988. Guests enjoy walking through a screened-in aviary that looks like a tropical rain forest and is filled with some two thousand caterpillars and multicolored butterflies. Outside the aviary are extensive gardens, including a rose garden, a small pond, a gift shop, and a pavilion containing mounted specimens of exotic insects and butterflies from around the world.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: Celebrating some of nature's most beautiful and delicate creatures in a fascinating interactive facility.

Dale's expert tip: Plenty of parking and wheelchairs are available and a great place for a school field trip.

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Coral Springs Parks and Recreation
Photo courtesy of Stanley T. Bird, Jr.

Parks in Coral Springs are many, and those who reside here are fortunate to have so many places to enjoy and celebrate nature. This city has come to offer a wide variety of programs for all ages. Spend a day enjoying one of these events or just spend a few hours in the beauty of the natural settings, dotted with so many intriguing art pieces. This city knows how to do it. Along with this is the Aquatic Complex, Tennis Center and after school programs. It won't be long before you'll feel like a resident.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: Who doesn't like to escape the urban setting by stepping into a natural setting. Here you can do that.

Dale's expert tip: The parks here are all over the city so keep up with their many activities and plan accordingly.

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Certainly a mall like few others, The Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach, Florida, just a few miles north of Fort Lauderdale, is an experience all its own. This mall is over a quarter-mile long and has more than five hundred amazing unique stores under one roof, a food court that will please every taste, an entertainment center, as well as a special treat for antique lovers. Literally, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, it's all right here. The Festival Flea Market Mall has a great sense of community. Local vendors have set up shop and offer quality products at incredible prices – and an exceptional variety. Easily accessible off Sample Road with plenty of parking, this family-friendly shopping mecca is the place to spend a full day.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: If you can't find it here you won't find it anywhere, and worth a visit.

Dale's expert tip: Nothing fancy here, but plenty of amazing deals from colognes to phones to antiques.

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Stage Door Theatre
Photo courtesy of Stanley T. Bird, Jr.

Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs keep live performances alive here. And what a treat it is. Being the longest running non-profit theatre in South Florida, enthusiasts, including members and non-members, have come to expect year-round great entertainment in this comfortable venue. Here you will be entertained by seasons of romance, wit, feel-good music, optimism and the greatest of hilarity. These award-winning musicals are carefully selected and a real experience for the theatre goer.A great place to visit during vacation, and certainly worth the drive from Fort Lauderdale. Check their website to enjoy the benefits of membership, because you'll be back.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: A well-know theatre here, locals have come to expect the finest in live theatre performances.

Dale's expert tip: Plenty of parking and after-show restaurant options within a few blocks.

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Country Club of Coral Springs
Photo courtesy of Stanley T, Bird, Jr.

The Country Club of Coral Springs has been a mainstay here for over 40 years and has drawn local golf enthusiasts to call this home. A landmark, this Club is known for its prominent role in the community by offering a first-class Membership that is both diverse and dynamic. At present the Country Club of Coral Springs is undergoing reconstruction and will open in the winter of 2015/16. The Club has now partnered with Bainbridge Companies and the South Florida Golf Renovations to provide new course construction, renovation and redevelopment. Check out their website to follow up on the construction and plan to become a member.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: The state is known for avid golf enthusiasts and this Club is worth joining.

Dale's expert tip: Making this Club even better than ever, a convenient course for golf enthusiasts right in Coral Springs.

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Coral Springs Aquatic Complex
Photo courtesy of Dale Mack

When anyone thinks of Florida they automatically thinking of all the aquatic things to do. Whether it's the endless beaches or the neighborhood pool, or Coral Springs' treasured landmark, the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. With ideal weather all year round, what better recreation is there? This expansive and world-known complex is a one-stop destination. Home to national and international swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving competitions. What's even more fascinating is that Olympic divers from all over the world make their way here to train at this facility, including Olympic gold medalist, Dara Torres. Also check out the classes and programs available, along with the Swim/Dive Programs, fitness center and more.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: Nationally and internationally known facility known for its many options that draw thousands here a year.

Dale's expert tip: You won't believe the options here until you arrive.

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Coral Springs Center for the Arts
Photo courtesy of Stanley T. Bird, Jr.

One of the true treasures in Coral Springs, Florida is the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. This sophisticated and welcoming facility shows the city's dedication and appreciation for the arts and is a true reflection of the city's image. This expansive cultural center offers an array of music, excellent theater, comedy you won't forget, dance and an impressive art museum. The auditorium offers plenty of comfortable seating, and there are no bad seats. The facility is also wheelchair accessible with designated seating. Assistive listening devices are also available for all performances. Simply notify the house manager when you arrive.

Recommended for Coral Springs' Best Attractions because: Being the cultural arts center of the city it is a treat for visitors and locals alike.

Dale's expert tip: Plenty of parking is available and valet parking is available for most performances.

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