Head to Coral Springs and Dive into their Many Nightlife Hot Spots

Coral Springs, Florida is a few miles north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a great place to spend time from mid-day way into the night. Known locally for being primarily a residential and superb shopping area, Coral Springs is a one-stop destination with its many venues of nightlife. We at 10best enjoyed scouting this sprawling burb and discovering the well-known and the hidden treasures of nightlife. So put on your best clothes, grab your special someone and get ready. For sports fans, and even for those who aren't, go to Bru's Room Sports Grill. This popular local hangout brings out the best of Coral Springs. The Brass Tap Beer Bar in the north part of the city is a winner for those who love beer – and the many varieties they serve. Whether inside or outside seating – and right next to the theater – this is the place to get together with friends or family. In the heart of downtown is the hub of night activity every night. With a variety of restaurants, some with live music and all with the pleasant atmosphere that draws so many. Lefty's Tavern & Grille is also a place in north Coral Springs that is a favorite of the locals. Live music, great atmosphere and a place to make new friends. And for those who want a night out but with a twist, stop at the Billy's Pub. This local hangout has a welcoming feel and one of those places you'll remember to frequent. 

Cherry Smash
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Who says a night out on the town has to be at a bar or a club only? If you want something different shop at Cherry Smash. A lively atmosphere and plenty of tasty favorites, this is perfect for a mid-week outing. While many people may not...  Read More

JD's Bar & Lounge
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JD's Bar & Lounge is one of those cool places, a bit hidden from the main drag, but welcoming to all who enter. It's one of those comfortable stops that you think of later and decide to go back, and back again until it becomes a comfortable...  Read More

Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar
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You don't have to go far to find the finest Mediterranean fare than right here in Coral Springs. Opened since 2007, Falafel Bistro & Wine Bar is well-known eatery that is cozy and welcoming and a favorite of locals. Offered here is a menu...  Read More

Lefty's Tavern & Grille
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Lefty's Tavern & Grille is located in north Coral Springs and worth the drive to get there. Located in The Shoppes at Heron Lakes, experience this lively atmosphere with live music, a Sports bar with 36 flat screens and two large projection...  Read More

Tavolino Della Notte
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This Italian restaurant is unique in that it is based on the concept of Grandmother's Table. The vision here is to have people come and experience a combination of Nouvelle cuisine intertwined with Grandmother's home style cooking. Choose from a...  Read More

The Walk
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The Walk in Coral Springs is just the place to enjoy an evening. Conveniently situation in the heart of the city, this sophisticated center is an active hub during the day with its shopping options and eateries, and then it becomes a lively spot...  Read More

The Brass Tap Beer Bar
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For beer lovers, Coral Springs offers the very place to be. The Brass Tap Beer Bar is a hot spot for the beer drinkers. Featuring over 60 taps and more than 300 craft beers from around the world, The Brass Tap Beer Bar prides itself on being the...  Read More

Big Bear Brewing Co.
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Easy to find, Big Bear Brewing Company is a local treasure. Opened since 1997, the goal here was to provide fresh brewed beer with quality and creative food in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. And it looks like they have succeeded wildly....  Read More

Bru's Room Sports Grill
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Blu's Room Sports Grill is a popular destination for those who love its lively atmosphere that sizzles with sports enthusiasts and great food. While it may be a regional chain you can't go wrong with stopping in at any one of them. Serving wings...  Read More


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