Restaurants with the Best Value in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale's Best Value Restaurants Await for Everyone's Taste and High Expectations

Trying to pin down words like frugal, value, and deal can be exasperating because different people have different ideas of cost savings. For 10Best, the range is broad - we include impossibly cheap eateries with amazing menus, and we share really nice restaurants that have perks like an impressive wine list with no corkage fee or a terrifically affordable prix fixe menu. If you're looking for Best Value restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, let us introduce you to a few of our favorites, starting with LaSpada's Original Hoagies and 84 Diner. They're low in expenditures and high in appeal and the fact that they have been around for several years speaks volumes for their quality and service.  Even favorites such as Mexican food at Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill and French delicacies at Croissan' Time offer a classic French atmosphere with all of the favorite at affordable prices.  And who doesn't like great bar-B-Q?  Tom Jenkins' Bar-B-Q is a home-grown popular restaurants that is especially known for its bottled sauce. Again, very affordable. If it's a fine dining atmosphere that's required but one that will not break the bank, the Hi-Life Café and Brooks restaurant fit the bill. And for a classic diner fare that keeps them coming back for more it's Andrews Diner. Fort Lauderdale offers an amazing variety of dining options and so many of them are keenly affordable.


Grande Pizza Co
Photo courtesy of Grande Pizza Co.

You know it's great pizza when It's delicious with just cheese as a topping! No kidding. This is great New York style pizza at its finest. Grande Pizza Co. has been serving great pizza as well as other Italian dishes, for many years to a faithful following of local residents, visitors and near-by 9-5 workers for many years. Whether you like pizza with just cheese or a grand selection of toppings, or perhaps pasta dishes including the best lasagna anywhere, the friendly staff at any of the five locations are attentive and efficient and friendly. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating is available as well as delivery to your hotel room or home.

Recommended for Best Value because: Several locations, the very best pizza and great prices make this a sure hit.

Dale's expert tip: Ask about the month's special when you order.

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With five locations in South Florida, LaSpada Original Hoagies is known as having the "Best Damn Hoagies in Town!" and has been creating legendary hoagies and with their enthusiastic staff since 1973. With a list of local "Best ofs" they continue to draw crowds to this awesome sandwich shop. Whether it's the Italian Special, ham, turkey, roast beef, meatball marina or the yummy Mama La Spada (turkey and Salami) this is the place to get a lot of food for a great price. And since these hoagies are so large and so full of delicious, fresh ingredients, plan on taking half of it to work for lunch tomorrow; you'll be so full today from the first half. Also available are deli sandwiches, salad platters and salads by the pound. Stop in!

Recommended for Best Value because: Great price, generous servings and a friendly and helpful staff.

Dale's expert tip: These hoagies are huge. Plan on having the second half for lunch the next day. What a value!

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Who doesn't love a French bakery with all of the enticing menu items and a classic atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable? And even better: an affordable one at that! Croissan' Time French Bakery and Fine Foods is owned and operated by a French pastry chef, this bakery abounds with delectable European treats. Great for anytime, Croissan' Time has a generous amount of enticing croissants, sandwiches, breads and fine foods. And to follow, a mouth-watering list of pastries, mini-pastries, pies, cookies, cakes that confirm this bakery's French roots. Their chocolate favorites are created with a pure variety of noble-grade beans from around the world under the "Grand Cru" label of Felchin Chocolates from Switzerland.

Recommended for Best Value because: French delicacies are on everyone's favorites list and when they're affordable it's even better.

Dale's expert tip: Great for party items and especially a great way to impress friends, family and clients.

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South Fort Lauderdale

Tom Jenkins' Bar-B-Q is known for its succulent ribs and famous BBQ sauce, this cozy eatery bustles with families dining at picnic tables and boasts that this is a taste that you will never forget. Classic soul food dishes such as collard greens, mac'n'cheese, baked beans, corn bread and sweet potato pie complement the meat. Before you leave, be sure to grab a bottle of Jenkins' signature sauce to take home. So, as the friendly staff puts out the invitation to put on your comfy casual clothes and get to know your neighbor at their Southern style restaurant where everybody is family.

Recommended for Best Value because: Tom Jenkins' is the great American success story started right here in South Florida.

Dale's expert tip: Well known for its sauce, take home a bottle.

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Located in an out of the way place off Dixie Highway between Commercial and NE 44th Street, the family owned and operated Tequila Sunrise has been delighting South Floridians since 1995, and offering a lot of food for a great price and even better atmosphere. Having been voted "Best Margarita" by the "New York Times"! "City Link" and "Sun Sentinel" have named it the Best Mexican Restaurant AND (drum roll, please) this place offers over 50 different brands of tequila. If you want Mexican food that isn't like all the rest, Tequila Sunrise is your place. Period. . .case closed. Plan to stop by for a great dinner with friends, or slip away from the office at lunch and indulge. Oh, you'll be back, no doubt about it! Buen Provecho and ENJOY!!!!!!

Recommended for Best Value because: This out of the way place is known for its quality food and great service.

Dale's expert tip: This is one of those out of the way place you always hear about.

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Andrews Diner
Photo courtesy of Andrews Diner

You know what it's like when you have a craving for food that can only be served in a diner, where there's a line out the door, pictures all over the walls, and a menu that includes everything from breakfast to the very best hamburgers, chicken fried steak slathered in gravy, milkshakes that make your eyes roll back in your head, and the very best coffee that never stops being refilled by a waiter that knows everyone's name? Furthermore, even better prices! Yes, you know the place. This is Andrews Diner. For over 20 years this place has served the very lucky patrons in Fort Lauderdale who know a good thing when they taste it. Gather your friends and sit around the table and get ready for the best food and the friendliest service around – no joke!

Recommended for Best Value because: The constant packed parking lots speaks volumes of this diner's quality.

Dale's expert tip: Don't worry about waiting in line; there are benches along the front to sit. Take a seat and scoot down as those ahead of you go in. It's part of the charm.

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Everyone knows about The Floridian. It's one of those places that's not fancy, walls covered with celebrity pictures – mostly well-known for being a Rachel Rae favorite – and tables close to one another and fellow diners just inches away, and the place that has the best food around at affordable prices. From salads that catch your eye as they go by to another table, and one particular favorite, the Buffalo Burger, mark this place down as your favorite. It's especially busy on weekend mornings, when folks gather for huge omelets, fresh oatmeal, biscuits, and other typical breakfast fare. Don't expect the service to be refined or sophisticated, but do expect the food to be hearty and satisfying. There's an ATM on-site.

Recommended for Best Value because: The Floridian is a must-visit for any visitor or resident. A unique menu and above-board atmosphere.

Dale's expert tip: It's not fancy but it is legendary for its great food and great prices!

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