Things to do in Fort Myers, FL

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Hot Tips: Reservations are required at the Southwest Florida Museum of History.

Hot Tips: Not all beach parking meters take credit cards, so keep some change handy.

Hot Tips: Costs of hotels are often 50% more expensive during the high season.

Hot Tips: The city has a number of excellent restaurants hidden away in unassuming locations.

Hot Tips: The local Grouper.

Hot Tips: Several hotels and tourist centers offer up an entertainment guide detailing nightlife venues in Fort Myers.

Hot Tips: Check out the huge alligator in the Nature Park and take a camel ride.

Hot Tips: The Shell Factory and Nature Park sells a plethora of shells and items made from them.

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Things to do in Fort Myers

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Five of Fort Myers's most unique features and characteristics.

1. Spring Training:

Both the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins conduct their annual spring training in Fort Myers, each in their own ballfield.  Late February sees legions of baseball fans flocking to southwest Florida for spring training games - which run through the end of March - against MLB rivals like the New York Yankees or Chicago White Sox.   It's a lot of fun and the best weather of the year.   Fans get tan and baseball bliss all at the same time. 

2. Great Weather:

Winter is a sport watched on the Weather Channel, in Fort Myers.   Winter is a little unpredictable in December and January but "plunging temperatures" often means into the 60s, with sunshine.   Winter temps can be as high as 80.   Come to play.   Spring is lovely as well, with 70s and 80s for the highs until - typically - May, when summer comes calling.  Summer is hot (high 90s) and humid, but what will you care?  You'll be in the pool, on the beach, and never fighting any crowds;  summer is off-season here.   "Fall" offers the lowest prices of year in hotels and the heat of summer, until about the third week of October, when it cools down to 70s for a high. 

3. Nearby Islands & Beaches:

Southwest Florida has legendary beaches.   Sanibel Island is world-renowned for shelling;  its seashell-laden beaches are filled with treasures year-round.   Tiny Captiva Island faces west, so its beach is a bastion of happiness at happy hour, nightly.   Fort Myers Beach, on Estero Island, is a laid-back beach with tourist bars serving drinks right in the sand.   Pristine Lovers' Key is for paddling and sunning in seclusion.   A few other beaches are reached by charter boat or water taxi only.   All have white sand and most have lots of wildlife. 

4. Sunsets:

Vacations are often built around sunsets in southwest Florida.   Whether you watch sunset from the beach with a cocktail, or from the deck of a tour boat, to the sounds of a tropical guitar player . . . your sunset memories from Fort Myers are sure to be remarkable.   Watch for the "green flash," a seaside phenomenon that ony happens in certain weather conditions and shoots a 1-2 second bright green flash across the watery horizon. 

5. Outdoor Lifestyles:

Fishing, tennis, golf, walking, paddling, shelling . . . Fort Myers is all about these activities.  A full calendar of sunny days and temps which are rarely cold (or never cold, depending upon your home latitude) give Fort Myers visitors their choice of outdoor activities.   Fishing is great offshore or on;  golf and tennis clubs pepper the area.   Lakes Park is a particularly popular area to get outside, with its long hiking trails and canoe rentals.  The Calusa Bluewway - a water-based trail for paddlers - brings kayakers galore to the Fort Myers area.