How Many in Your Party? Fort Myers Restaurants That Accommodate Big Groups

Breaking bread with a large group of family and friends can be challenging when not in your own home. Not all restaurants have the space to accommodate big parties and even some that do, don’t have the staff on the floor or in the kitchen to pull it off.

Fortunately these Fort Myers area restaurants fit the bill.

Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill is a popular spot in The Bell Tower Shops that has a row of chic high-tops in the center of the dining room. They can easily be pushed together, creating a large community table, YOUR community of family and friends. Doc Ford's Rum Bar & Grille on Captiva is a fun island spot with a tremendous amount of space both indoors and outside.

The Veranda has a long history of being a special occasion kind of place in downtown Fort Myers. But what many guests don’t realize is that this cozy, historic house has a private upstairs dining room. In addition, the patio is perfect for hosting large parties under the stars.

Although many of these restaurants have large dining rooms and/or private dining spaces, it is always wise to call ahead and reserve your space, especially in the busy spring and winter seasons.



Pinchers is one of the few waterside restaurants in downtown Fort Myers. The views of the sunset from its dining deck and bar are highly sought after. Serving fresh seafood, this local restaurant has several locations but the downtown location...  Read More



Doc Ford's on Captiva is a big, beautiful space at the entrance to South Seas Resort. The front patio is quite spacious and perfect for arranging tables to accommodate large parties. Indoors, there is a main dining room, a space for...  Read More

University Grill
Photo courtesy of University Grill


University Grill is standard for locals who like a good cocktail, a quality meal and great service. It's a quite popular pre-show stop for theater and concertgoers who have tickets to events at the nearby Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. The...  Read More

Divieto Ristorante
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


Divieto's original location in the Miami area packs in the crowds and the reputation has carried across the state to the Coconut Point Mall shopping and dining area. The big deal here is the Routa di Parmigiana; fettuccini Alfredo is tossed in a...  Read More

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Society is the newest hot spot at The Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers and it covers a massive space. The patio is open and available for large parties, and there is a private dining room. But the main dining room is perfect for large parties...  Read More

Stillwater Grille
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The Fort Myers restaurant home to Stillwater Grille is a neighborhood establishment with multiple personalities under the same roof. The outdoor deck is one of the most picturesque inland spots, with sprawling tropical trees and festive lights,...  Read More

Blue Pointe Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill - Ft. Myers
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Blue Pointe specializes in seafood and has discounted prices on their fresh oysters each day for happy hour, order a combo of different species. The chic décor has recently been upgraded and menus come in high-tech tablets. Perfect for large...  Read More

CRU Restaurant
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Cru is one of the places to see and be seen in Fort Myers and it's a popular spot to have events and dinners for large parties. Not only is there a private room in the back, but also tables in the main dining room can easily be arranged so your...  Read More



Occupying two old homes dating back to 1902, for years the Veranda has provided a charming atmosphere as well as good service and traditional cuisine. For large parties wanting a little something special, there is a private dining area upstairs....  Read More

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At DaRuMa, diners indulge on an array of Japanese delights that are as fascinating and fun as they are delicious. Though the main emphasis would seem to be the classic hibachi dishes, unlike other such restaurants, DaRuMa gets sushi right; the...  Read More


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