Say Goodbye to Gluten in Fort Myers' Restaurants

More and more restaurants in the Fort Myers area have become more and more accustomed to accommodating diners with special dietary restrictions and choices. Gluten free (GF) has become one of the fastest growing categories and local restaurants and cafés have been jumping on the culinary trend.

The Veranda is one of the oldest, most prestigious dining establishments in downtown Fort Myers and one of the few in the neighborhood to produce an entire gluten free menu. Enjoy choice meats, veggies and traditional dishes prepared sans the flour and wheat, while served in a romantic setting. 

While chefs at most higher end restaurants are able to adapt dishes for GF patrons, there are some places that specialize in it. The cafe at Ada's Fresh Market has a large selection of gluten free options with a variety of spices and ingredients, all served in a casual, market atmosphere.

While not all restaurants have a separate GF menu, most have options that fit the bill. Whether you have an allergy, an intolerance or a dietary preference, you’ll see by this 10best list that gluten free diners are not limited to salads and cheese trays while eating out in Fort Myers. 

First Watch
Photo courtesy of First Watch


If you want healthful breakfast that is served all day, then First Watch is the place for you. This is one place where you can order off a gluten free menu along with cholesterol free eggs and egg whites as substitutes in any dish, and not face...  Read More

Pizza Fusion
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


You might not think about pizza being a healthful dining choice, but the pies found here are cuts above the rest. This pizza restaurant is committed to serving organic and sustainable vegetables and other products. Even better, the gluten free...  Read More

Roy's Bonita Springs
Photo courtesy of Roy's Restaurant


Roy's serves food inspired by the Pacific Rim, with unique flavors and magnificent presentation. The small plates range from a variety of cold sushi rolls to the butterfish lettuce wraps with cool cucumber and a "sizzling vinaigrette." Roy's...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Blanc


A small restaurant with a big city feel, BLANC has a cool atmosphere, great service and superb food. Known for it's Robata Grill, the high heat is perfect for searing meat, cooking vegetables and keeping dishes gluten free. The French proprietor...  Read More

Bonita Springs
La Fontanella
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


With linen tablecloths, an international wine list and professional service, the food in this Italian restaurant is all made to order and the kitchen accommodates all dietary types--all you have to do is ask. Even if a protein is breaded before...  Read More

Bonita Springs
Chops City Grill
Photo courtesy of Chops City Grill


You almost expect a good steakhouse to have lots of gluten free options, and this one does. With a designated GF menu, Chops has lots of options that are prepared to perfection, with service to match; not to mention an outstanding wine program....  Read More



Occupying two old homes dating back to 1902, for years the Veranda has provided a charming atmosphere as well as consistently good cuisine. The well established restaurant is certainly not stuck in the past as it was one of the first downtown to...  Read More

Happiness Healthy Cafe
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


If you're not careful, you might just drive right by this small cafe in an aged strip mall off of the busy US41. The bright interior is a good representation of the lively flavors you'll find in the food, much of which has an Indian touch. The...  Read More

Ada's Natural Market
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


Ada's is a family-run health food market and cafe that has been in the Fort Myers area since the late 70's. It has changed hands a number of times and briefly shut down before coming back bigger and better than ever. The Green Leaf Cafe at the...  Read More

Chef Brooke's Natural Cafe
Photo courtesy of Gina BIrch


This funky cafe has been serving healthful foodies for for nearly ten years. Chef Brooke cooks for all causes including but not limited to gluten free. On a raw diet, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or just want a burrito with organic ingredients,...  Read More


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