Tastes Good AND It's Good for You: Healthy Dining in Fort Myers

It’s not always easy to stay on track nutritionally when traveling or vacationing. So, it’s good to know that when you’re in Fort Myers, you can find unique café’s that pay close attention to offering selections that are healthful.

Ada’s Natural Market is a popular choice for locals hunting for everything from gluten free, to vegan, to fresh juices and more. Ada's Green Leaf Café is located inside of Fort Myers largest natural food store, offering both sit down service and take out. Among The Flowers is a small cafe on Sanibel where you'll find art, food and food art with a spirited vibe. 

Then there is pizza. While you might not think it belongs in the same sentence as the word healthy you'll be glad to know that Pizza Fusion strikes a nice balance between splurge and good for you. 

Even some of the larger, trendier restaurants in town make great efforts at purchasing grass fed beef, organic produce and other goods from sustainable producers, and often highlight low calorie creations.

If you are looking for healthful and thoughtful dining options in the Fort Myers area, check out some of these 10Best.

Pizza Fusion
Photo courtesy of Gina Birch


You might not think about pizza being a healthful dining choice, but the pies found here are cuts above the rest. This pizza restaurant is committed to serving organic and sustainable vegetables and other products. The salads are satisfying and creative while the wraps are wholesome and the chicken wings free range. Pizza crusts come in regular, multi grain and a gluten free version that has good flavor and texture. Vegetarians will love the meatless antipasto, while meat lovers will enjoy the traditional version. The restaurant also has a nice wine selection if you're looking for 'those kind' of antioxidants. And whey you are done dining, the gluten free brownies are a delectable way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Roy's Bonita Springs
Photo courtesy of Roy's Restaurant


Roy's prides itself in a menu full of exotic, pacific and local fish, all prepared with Hawaiian fusion flare. The butterfish lettuce wraps are a favorite appetizer with cool cucumber and a "sizzling vinaigrette." The sea bass comes in a fresh cilantro citrus sauce and served with black rice, quinoa and cucumber. Although not a sushi restaurant, Roy's does a great job with sushi and raw Ahi tuna dishes with tasty drizzles. Vegetarians will love the flavorful Kim Chee and artful stir-fry. The food looks as good as it tastes, with striking presentation and attention to detail. The service at Roy's is top notch, as is the entire dining experience.

First Watch
Photo courtesy of First Watch


If you want healthful breakfast that is served all day, then First Watch is the place for you. This is one place where you can order cholesterol free eggs and egg whites as substitutes in any dish, and not face additional charges. You'll find lots of turkey on the menu as well as turkey bacon and sausage. Other healthful options include power bowls with quinoa, fresh granolas, yogurt and lots of fruit. In fact the fruit crepes are among the most popular. This Florida based restaurant also serves great lunch options such as large salads and a gluten free menu. There are three locations in the Fort Myers area.



Tucked in a side street of downtown Fort Myers between burger joints and bars, is this oasis of health. Green Cup is known for it's fresh raw juices, whole food smoothies and filling acai bowls. The wraps are generous, full of items like salmon, hummus, veggies and chicken. The meats and produce are locally sourced as much as possible; sustainable and high quality. There is meat on the menu but vegans and vegetarians have a plethora of options here, along with patrons who are sticking to diets such as paleo and gluten free. Beverages include organic teas, coffees and wines.

Happiness Healthy Cafe
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If you're not careful, you might just drive right by this small café in an aged strip mall off of the busy US41. The bright interior is a good representation of the lively flavors you'll find in the food, much of which has an Indian touch. The family owned restaurant serves carnivores, vegans, vegetarians and gluten free diners while providing a nutritional guide with information on the calories and fat of most items. Try the Tandori Chicken Naanwich; loaded with meat, cucumber and a delicious mint chutney. Be sure to add the homemade Rayta, a yogurt sauce with cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic and spice. You'll also find traditional wraps, curries, daily soup specials and 100% real juice smoothies, no added sugar. Open for lunch and dinner, this café also has a convenient online ordering system making pick up easy.



New to the healthy dining scene in Fort Myers, Living Vine a sunny, bright spot with a hydroponic tower garden in one corner and a talented chef in the kitchen. The owners have been in the health industry for decades, both food and holistic treatments, so it made sense to jump into the restaurant realm. The juices are pressed fresh every day and the produce comes from a local farmer who delivers seasonal produce. You'll find vegan and vegetarian items but no fake food, only the highest quality non GMO in the produce, grains and meats. The cafe often has a line but it moves fairly quickly.

Among The Flowers Sanibel
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A well kept secret in the Sanibel food scene, Among The Flowers serves simple food with a spirited flare. Having a hippie/artsy vibe, the café also sells sage, wish boxes and other goodies. Dishes are designed to reflect the natural beauty of the food in them. Classics are made more healthful with the addition of things like brilliantly colored beet powder instead of artificial sweeteners. Many of the desserts are made with ingredients that have medicinal qualities and no gluten; you would never guess the delectable treats were actually healthful. Besides wraps, salads, pizza and miso bowls, Among The Flowers is well known for its fresh and tasty juices, elixirs and detox drinks, as well as authentic bubble tea. You'll feel good in more ways than one when you leave here.

Chef Brooke's Natural Cafe
Photo courtesy of Gina BIrch


This funky café full of colorful art and Faerie Houses has been serving healthful foodies for more than five years. Chef Brooke cooks for all causes, whether you consume a raw diet, paleo, vegan, vegetarian or just want a burrito with organic ingredients. The Buddha Bowls have become quite popular with combos like the Hippie: oatmeal, soymilk, banana, maple, fruit and nuts. The Acai has goji berries, coconut, bee pollen, macca, granola, fruit and nuts while the Caveman is simply loaded with protein, nuts and veggies. Chef Brooke makes eight soups a day, and has a delicious spread of sweet treats, many are grain and sugar free. And if you're looking for fresh juices including wheat grass, you wont be disappointed here. Open for breakfast and lunch, the café often hosts special events at night including cooking classes.

Ada's Natural Market
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Ada's is a family-run health food market that has been in the Fort Myers area since the late 70's. It has changed hands a number of times and briefly shut down before coming back bigger and better than ever. The Green Leaf Cafe at the front of the store offers table service with selections that taste great, sans the guilt. Choose from black bean burgers to grass fed beef dishes including a beef roulade stuffed with spinach, artichoke and goat cheese. The sandwiches and organic salads here are fresh, flavorful and plentiful. This cafe; offers more than fresh veggie and fruit juices to drink, you can also find wine if you don't care to go back to work after lunch.


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