Best Museums in Key West

Best Museums the Island of Key West Has to Offer

Visiting a museum is always a unique experience, as each one has its own distinct characteristics, style, and of course, content. Museum subjects vary greatly from city to city, and can range from firefighter's museums to fine art, to sports. In Key West, in addition to numerous historical museums you'll find family-friendly attractions like the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, which offers hands-on experiences for the kids and a chance to learn about the marine life of the island. Each of these museums showcase a different part of the island culture, whether it's the way of life of the crew aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham, or the treasures discovered on Spanish galleons on display at the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum.

Located just 90 miles from Cuba, Key West's culture has largely been impacted by their nearby neighbor, and the San Carlos Institute is the best place on the island to learn about Cuba's past. A number of U.S. presidents have also visited Key West, and the Harry S. Truman Little White House has been their temporary home in paradise. For an overview of Key West's history, the Custom House and Fort East Martello offer a little of everything, including some local artwork, while the tiny Flagler Station provides insight about a lesser-known railroad.

Lastly, no visit to Key West is complete without visiting the legendary Hemingway Home and iconic lighthouse.


Not all "tourist traps" are meant to be skipped because the have been given that label. Just three weeks after arriving in Key West, Ernest Hemingway finished "A Farewell to Arms" and he and his wife fell in love with the island. They built their home in 1851 and it is now a National Historic Landmark. Beautiful gardens blooming with hibiscus and water lilies surround the property, along with a 60-foot swimming pool in the thick of it that is an architectural wonder in itself. To top it off, numerous cats roam the property - some of which still have the unusual six-toes like Hemingway's original feline friend.

Recommended for Museums because: Although touristy, literary buffs and writers may find a little inspiration in this beautiful home, just like Hemingway did.

Local Expert tip: Take the guided tour which is included in the ticket price. You'll get more out of your experience. Cash only.

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Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center
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When the museum admissions and snorkeling tours start to add up, free options are always the way to go - especially when the kids can learn a thing or two. The Eco-Discovery Center provides a look into the ecosystems of the Florida Keys. On the third Saturday of each month, a kid's workshop is held that educates them about the marine environment through games, crafts, and puzzles. Just a step away from Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, exhibits include an interactive satellite map of the Keys, a replica of the Aquarius underwater laboratory, a 2,500-gallon reef aquarium, and an underwater video camera used for monitoring the health of a coral reef. Stop in to the Center's theater to catch "Reflections of the Florida Keys," a short film on the diverse ecosystem of the Florida Keys by renowned filmmaker Bob Talbot.

Recommended for Museums because: This is an excellent family-friendly attraction that offers a window into Key West's marine life - without going underwater!

Local Expert tip: It's surprising that this gem is free to the public, but to keep it that way donations are welcome.

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This structure was constructed in 1862 to protect Fort Zachary Taylor from confederate attack. Now it is an eclectic museum that houses various artifacts from Keys life and history. See found art sculptures by Stanley Papio, woodcarvings by Cuban folk artist Mario Sanchez, a Cuban refugee raft and books by the seven Pulitzer Prize-winning authors that have lived in Key West. Be sure to take in the panoramic view from the tower. The legendary Robert the Doll is also on display at the museum, a real life "Chucky" doll that is said to have a life force of its own.

Recommended for Museums because: Fort East Martello offers a glimpse into the Civil War era when many citizens sided with the Confederacy.

Local Expert tip: You can visit the spooky fort after dark to see Robert at night!

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By the time he was 50 years old Henry Flagler was one of the richest men in America. Due to his wife's ill health they spent much of their time in Florida, particularly in the Keys. In 1905 Flagler undertook the mission of building a 130-mile extension of the existing railroad that would reach Key West, which, at the time, was the closest deep-water port to the Panama Canal. In January 1912 Flagler's dream was realized when the first New York to Key West train arrived at this station. Flagler's career and the construction of the railroad are chronicled in dioramas and exhibits.

Recommended for Museums because: There is a lot of material crammed into two small rooms, but it offers a rare look at Florida's transportation history.

Local Expert tip: The museum is a replica of a train depot and is tiny and easy to miss!

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Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum
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It is a wonder why more travelers don't stop by this treasure trove of history. The Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society is a non-profit organization that works to preserve archeological artifacts and educates visitors on maritime history. The museum's collection holds over 100,000 pieces of jewelry, coins, glassware, tools, cannons, iron shackles, and anchors that were all found on sunken ships. Upstairs, workers carefully preserve underwater artifacts that are either recovered from research expeditions or donated to the society. A number of educational programs are also available including children's camps to study marine life and the environment, plus a night at the museum!

Recommended for Museums because: Pirates, treasure hunting, and gold dub looms are difficult to resist. Pirate lore and Spanish galleons are unearthed at this museum.

Local Expert tip: Some of the treasures found are for sale at one of two stores on Green Street and Duval Street (as well as affordable replicas).

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Key West Lighthouse Museum
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Key West's iconic lighthouse was built in 1847 and originally powered by 15 oil lamps that helped guide sailors to the island. Although it no longer serves as a functioning lighthouse, visitors can climb the 88 winding steps to the top for 360-degree views of the city and the ocean. Admission includes entrance to the museum (the former keeper's quarters), where audio and visual recordings are available as well as glass display cases of the previous owner's possessions. Photographs and quotes from lighthouse keepers and their families show ensure that the now obsolete way of life will never be forgotten.

Recommended for Museums because: While many lighthouses in the U.S. are not open to the public, Key West's tower invites visitors to explore and learn about the past.

Local Expert tip: Note that it closes at 4:30p.m., so don't try to wait for the sunset.

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Key West has served as a presidential retreat since 1880 when Ulysses S. Grant visited the island. This house belonged to Harry Truman and his wife Bess. Truman reportedly despised living in Washington and viewed this as his sanctuary. Truman spent 175 days of his presidency here from 1946 through 1952, a stressful time where he faced post-World War II reconstruction, and the beginning of the Cold War. High-ranking officials met with Truman here to discuss significant legislation such as the Marshall Plan and his fifth Civil Rights Executive Order. The house is a living museum that has been impeccably restored and is open to the public for tours and special events.

Recommended for Museums because: The home is just as much of an important piece of national history as the monuments in Washington D.C..

Local Expert tip: The presidential bedroom occasionally hosts some very VIP guests like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of Harry Truman.

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This Richardsonian Romanesque Custom House was built in the 1820s when Key West was designated an official point of entry into the United States. Various exhibits track Key West's ascendancy from port town to richest city in the country. The exterior of the building is made from beautifully-preserved brick, the first floor displays paintings from local artists and the second is reserved for historical artifacts. Visitors can see Ernest Hemingway's bloody World War II uniform and they can stand in the room where the U. S. decided to go to war with Spain after the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine, or watch a film on the construction of the Flagler railroad.

Recommended for Museums because: As an art gallery and a museum, you get two for the price of one!

Local Expert tip: Located in this historic seaport, this makes for an easy stop and is open seven days a week!

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This well-preserved time capsule was an integral part of the Coast Guard history from 1936 to 1988 and was instrumental in WWII and Vietnam. The ship was awarded 19 ribbons, 17 battle stars, and two Presidential Unit Citations for service in Vietnam. She is credited with sinking U Boat 626 in 1942 - the only Cutter to do so. Self-guided tours lead visitors through the inside of the ship, so be prepared to climb up and down some ladders. Volunteers keep the museum open, so the entrance fees goes toward maintaining the vessel, which was left just as it was when in service - right down to the kitchen utensils.

Recommended for Museums because: This floating museum and decorated vessels lets visitors feel what it was like to serve on board.

Local Expert tip: Be aware that the museum is closed on Sundays.

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The San Carlos Institute was founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles of Key West as an educational, civic, and patriotic center, and now serves as a museum, library, art gallery, theater, and school. The museum played in important role in Cuba's history when, in 1892, legendary patriot Jose Marti addressed gathering at San Carlos and announced that a united front would be established to lead the effort for Cuba's independence. Exhibits include the life of Marti, a collection of postcards from Cuba, a study on their aviation history, presidents, and more. A small theater also showcases musicians and actors from the Waterfront Playhouse. Be sure to check out the events schedule.

Recommended for Museums because: Cuba has played an important role in Key West's history and this is one place where visitors can learn about it.

Local Expert tip: It is free to enter but they are closed on Monday.

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