Avoid the crowds on Ocean Drive and head to Purdy's, an off-the-beaten-path location with a loyal following. If the scene grows old or if you are simply not in the mood for the nocturnal fray, Purdy's offers just the antidote. The lounge has an appealing retro rec-room aesthetic – you'll think you've entered your best friend's basement circa 1975. (Think lava lamps, funky chairs and assorted board games!) Play some checkers, backgammon, or even good ole Connect Four as you enjoy a pleasant mix of music and some of the lowest drink prices around.

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Set in the heart of the Art Deco District, just across from the Versace Mansion, this sexy hotel recreates the timeless look and feel of 1930s Paris. Stylish and confident, Hotel Victor offers several unique spaces for whiling away your time. Take for example ever-comfortable VUE, an outdoor ceviche bar that's filled with stylish wooden patio tables, wicker orbit chairs and ottomans. The bar also features a 20-foot video wall – if that doesn't captivate your attention, grab your glass and take in the view of Ocean Drive below – that's always a good show!

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Upper East Side

Offering an extensive variety of rock and other live bands, this British-run pub is a long-term favorite of the local Indie crowd. It's a popular spot for heavy metal and punk rock, but jazz and acoustic shows are also held weekly. Sports fans also congregate here to catch the action on TV, so check the schedule for extended hours.

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Rose Bar
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Incomparable people-watching is a mainstay at the Rose Bar where, appropriately enough, pink-tinted lighting lets guests view each other through the proverbial rose-colored glasses. This unique touch flatters the appearance-conscious clientele – not that anyone in the dewy-faced bunch needs it! Lounge music sets the groove as international beauties and Hollywood types sip Cosmopolitans and mingle. If hunger rears its head, a fashionable sushi bar sits next door.

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Mac's Club Deuce

Mac's is fondly known as South Beach's premier dive bar. Barflies, trendy types, and drag queens mix and mingle at this simple nightspot, where rock and roll on the jukebox provides the only entertainment – other than people-watching, which is endlessly entertaining here. Casual wear is recommended, but people show up in all manner of attire, from cutoffs to cocktail dresses. Another claim to fame at Mac's is the cheapest beer in South Beach, served to you with no frills in a basic plastic cup. The consummate seediness of the bar has made it a favorite with those from all walks of life. Smoking permitted at the bar.

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This pleasant lounge overlooking the water is a great place to meet friends or business associates for a drink and some conversation. The special TV reserved for big games – that means Miami Dolphins games – has a screen that measures a whopping 72 inches.

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Come early and stay late at Gameworks, a leisure venue where the whole family will be entertained for hours on end. Fun restaurants, stylish bars, all of the latest video games, interactive attractions and much more. Try the Vertical Reality – unlike any video game you've played before, it simulates a 3-story free-fall – and you don't move an inch! Race in the Indy 500, drive a (virtual) monster truck, and enter Jurassic Park's Lost World – it's all in a day's fun at this unique attraction that takes theme parks to a new, high-tech level.

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This relaxed neighborhood tavern offers lots of fun and great deals that make it a hit among a diverse range of locals. Perhaps the biggest draw is the live music that is featured on weekends. Top rock and alternative bands from around the region often play to a packed house. For football games, particularly if the Dolphins are playing, this is one of the best places to be, with rowdy crowds coming in for great deals on drinks and food. Happy hour at Scully's is known for its extensive free buffet, though a full menu is also available.

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This vast multilevel complex features indoor and outdoor bars, a thumping dance floor, great live shows and spacious, comfortable areas that offer ample space for mixing, mingling and relaxing. You will find both locals and tourists packing the dance floor and the bars. The infamous club is one of the longest-running hotspots on South Beach. Earlier in the evening, from 1pm to 9pm, drinks are two for the price of one. Especially popular among Miami's gay community.

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A curious phenomenon in sunny South Florida, Mr. Moe's enjoys enormous popularity as a rustic, lodge-like sports bar. Lots of wood, stone, and western accents contribute to the overall effect, and dozens of flat-screen TVs offer a sleek counterpoint. People come throughout the week, staying late to watch sports, play pool, take in live music, and compete at trivia. Also available are karaoke and mechanical bull-riding. Tasty eats, including steaks and ribs, bolster the appeal, and many beers and hard ciders maintain the earthy, satisfying theme.

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