Get the Best Bang for Your Buck at These Miami Restaurants

Miami is a place where you can find expensive gourmet dinners by world-class chefs that will set you back a few hundred dollars. But it's also a place where you can find a thriving food truck scene, dirt-cheap holes in the wall, and neighborhood eateries that will make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

When we talk about restaurants that are a good value here, we're talking about cash-only cafeterias as well as popular business lunch spots that provide hefty portions for your dollar.

We're talking about places like the ever-popular El Palacio De Los Jugos, which began as a Cuban juice joint where expats and others could enjoy some guarapo (straight-up sugarcane juice) or a batido de trigo (puffed wheat milkshake). Here you'll be able to stuff a box full of ready-prepared foods like tamales, congri (Cuban-style rice and beans), yucca, and pan con bistec.

We're also talking about foodie hot spots like Blue Collar, the Upper East Side, homestyle restaurant that's exactly as it sonds. On the menu? Think pulled pork benedict, dry ages burgers, and cheese grits.




Founded over thirty years ago as a modest coffee shop, serving their own brews alongside scrumptious, high-end pastries, Roasters and Toasters has evolved into a high-quality deli straight out of the streets of Manhattan. Roasters' n Toasters is...  Read More



Middle Eastern restaurants are few and far between in Miami, but Daily Bread offers a delectable array of tabouli, baba ghanoush, falafel, hummus, and lamb or beef kebabs, all served with generous portions of fresh pita bread. Daily Bread is a...  Read More

Siam Palace
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Accomplished Thai cookery and authentic decor reel in diners at this neighborhood favorite, located in the Snapper Creek area of east Kendall. Winner of multiple Zagat awards and 2013's best Thai Restaurant in the Miami New Times, Siam Palace's...  Read More

La Sandwicherie
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After a hard night of clubbing or bar-hopping, nothing's better than a hefty sandwich from this walk-up counter right off Collins Avenue. Crusty French bread is piled high with your choice of meats (from turkey and prosciutto to pate and smoked...  Read More

Hiro's Yakko San


Hiro's is a bit off the beaten path (North Miami Beach--which, by the way, is not ON the beach), making it the perfect place for delicious food at great prices without the hassle of long waits. Standout Japanese cuisine makes this kitchen a...  Read More



This cash-only fish joint has been a staple in the Little Havana neighborhood for almost 50 years. Originally known as the Garcia Brothers Seafood Market, the venture was a labor of love, created by the exiled Garcia family, who left their...  Read More



This style-conscious American diner offers upscale interpretations of classic comfort foods, and breakfast is served all day long for those with less than traditional working hours. The dining room is all imagination and whimsy, with colorful...  Read More

Sakaya Kitchen


Sakaya, an innovative Asian fusion restaurant, has taken the city by storm with its creative interpretations of traditional Asian dishes. The moment they walk through the door, guests are greeted by the expansive menu, an entire chalkboard wall...  Read More

Upper East Side


As the name suggests, Blue Collar doles out good, hearty food for the working class. But don't get confused. This isn't your average greasy spoon. Nothing of the sort. Instead, chef and owner Daniel Serfer aims to serve his patrons home-style...  Read More



Since opening in 1977, El Palacio De Los Jugos has embodied Latin American Miami in its most authentic form. It's not fancy, doesn't have a dress code, and everyone is welcome--so long as they enjoy delicious food and won't ask for a copy of...  Read More


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