Pick Up A Slice At Miami's 10 Best Pizza Parlors

While Miami's main claim to culinary fame is our Latin American fare, we're not far behind when it comes to all things pizza. The Magic City is chock full of Italian eateries serving everything from the finest Neapolitan gourmet pizza with ingredients sourced straight out of Europe, to late-night, soak-up-the-booze greasy New York-style slice spots. 

Take Vesuvio, for example. A small, hole-in-the-wall, family-owned business that keeps Miami suburban locals happy and fed with excellent, thin crust pizza and mouth-watering garlic rolls.

Or Tutto Pizza Beer House, who have put a highly desirable Brazilian spin on many pizza classics, served up with plenty of craft beer.

And then there are places like Ironside Pizza and Lemoni Pizza, who have heard the call of vegetarian and vegan pizza-eaters and have developed succulent options for all plant-based folks, with some gluten-free options to boot.

Peruse our list and see if your favorites are on it, or discover some new favorites. With pizza, everybody wins.



If giant, greasy, New York-style slices are your cup of tea, welcome! You're in the right place. Primo's, the hole-in-the-wall pizza joint on SoBe's quieter sector (South of Fifth), specializes in getting that NYC flavor into every pie they...  Read More



A true hidden gem among local coffee houses, Lemoni Cafe serves up a range of classic panini and creative salads. It's their hot and cold coffee and tea selection, however, that keeps locals and vacationers alike coming back. On the menu, you'll...  Read More

Fratelli La Bufala Pizzaioli Emigranti


Located on the edge of the SoFi sector of South Beach, Fratelli La Bufala is about as authentic as it gets when it comes to finding Italian cuisine on the beach. Their wood-brick oven keeps patrons happily indulging in delicious pizzas, which...  Read More



Bask in the sun and scope out the foot traffic as you lounge al fresco at casual, affordable Spris, located in the chic Lincoln Road Mall. Impossibly thin-crusted pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven are the draw, topped with broccoli, capers,...  Read More



Two Brothers pizzeria has fed the folks of Kendall truly impressive pizza for well over a decade. The small Italian joint has been there since before Town & Country underwent its renovation and became the Palms, and managed to survive thanks...  Read More



Tutto Pizza Beer House, which added on the craft brewing concept in 2012, offers up innovative and delicious high-quality, Brazilian-style pizzas with more than affordable prices. Locals love to settle in at side walk tables and sample...  Read More



The legendary Frankie's pizza has been a staple in Miami since 1955. The old-school pizza joint is located on Bird Road, right across the street from Bird Bowl, and serves a delicious and unique pie to its customers. Their signature square...  Read More



Arguably one of the best pizza places in all of Miami, Andiamo Pizza serves brick oven deliciousness from inside a converted 1954 Robert Law Weed building right off US-1 between Midtown and MiMo. Pies here get creative but are always delicious,...  Read More



Nestled in the heart of Kendall is one of the best slices of pizza in all of Miami. Best, that is, if you enjoy a flavorful, New York-style pie, that's extra cheesy and a little saucy. Vesuvio's opened in the mid-2000s and folks in the area...  Read More



You know when you're trying to pick a place to eat, but you're with a few different friends and they've all got their own tastes and dietary needs? What if I told you there's a pizza place that makes it so you can ALL go and eat together without...  Read More


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