Shop Till You Drop At Miami's 10 Best Spots For Retail Therapy

Miami is anything but short on places for folks to shop at. There are outlet malls, shopping plazas, stand-alone stores, pop-up shops, farmer's markets, and entire districts devoted to all things shopping. Hell, there are even people peddling their wares on the street on occasion (though this is mainly flowers, mangos, and churros). This is definitely the city for those who subscribe to the notion of retail therapy as necessary.

Tourists often find themselves window shopping and gourmet dining on Lincoln Road, but locals should know better than anyone that this open-air mall offers plenty of goodies for all wallet sizes. Sure, most of us will probably never shop at Alchemist, but the H&M just down the way is fashion forward and budget friendly. 

And then there's the epic outlet shopping experience known as Dolphin Mall. Out-of-towners come here in search of a bargain and they'll find it, along with finding out that walking in flip-flops is only okay on South Beach. Dolphin requires serious, supportive foot wear. Locals know this and don't go to Dolphin nearly as often, but when they do, they go prepared. It makes for a day-long excursion, with over 240 shops to drop your paycheck in.  

But not all Miami shopping is this busy. For those who enjoy kitsch or off-the-beaten-path shops, there's the the Olfactory Company, the Rabbit Hole, and the Fair Trade Market Place for starters.

Shops at Sunset Place


This popular shopping destination offers the convenience and variety of a mall, but with the outdoor ambience and lush landscaping you can't get at most shopping centers. Top stores such as the Gap, Pottery Barn and Armani Exchange are...  Read More

Dolphin Mall


Convenient to both downtown and Miami International Airport, this mall is one of the area's newest and most modern shopping centers. From Old Navy to Bath & Body Works, Dolphin offers a wide range of shops for all tastes and needs. Anchor...  Read More

Design District
Photo courtesy of Steven Brooke


In the Design District, new trends are being set every day. The neighborhood is a conglomeration of design outlets, art galleries, home decor stores, antique shops, restaurants and clubs. In recent years, the city's creative contingent has...  Read More

Bird and Ludlam Strip Mall
Photo courtesy of Priscilla Blossom


On the southeast corner of Bird Road and Ludlam, you'll find a series of interesting and eclectic shops that are perfect for off-the-beaten-path shopping. The main attraction is Miami Twice, a large, vintage boutique. The shop began as a...  Read More



The Rabbit Hole is an online vintage clothing store with a small brick + mortar location in Miami. Founded in the Fall of 2009 as an after-hour creative sandbox: a happy place to photograph, display, and sell beautiful vintage clothes; the...  Read More



Coral Gables is one of Miami's most beautiful neighborhoods, and as such, their Downtown shopping district known as Miracle Mile is one of the most eye-pleasing, areas in town, featuring Mediterranean-style architecture housing more than 200...  Read More

Shops by the Falls
Photo courtesy of Priscilla Blossom


While the Falls Shopping Mall is just a few blocks away, this strip mall is a complete hidden gem filled with all kinds of wonderful, locally-owned shops. If you're the type to want to shop away from the crowd, this is definitely the place for...  Read More

Books & Books


As the name suggests, this is a wonderful place to find books, from instructional books on knitting and fishing to novels and poetry chapbooks to historical texts and science journals and even children's bedtime books. Regional, national and...  Read More



Located inside of the Coral Gables Congregational UCC Church, the Miami Fair Trade Global MarketPlace is the brain child of senior pastor, Rev. Laurie Hafner, who wanted an alternative in Miami to all the shops that use child labor, sweat shops,...  Read More



Lincoln Road is where the trendy and fashionable shop. At this upscale, open-air mall off Collins Avenue at 17th Street, you'll find some of the most exclusive shops of South Beach, such as French Connection, Superdry, Alchemist, and...  Read More


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