Look Extra Chic By Shopping At Miami's 10 Best Boutiques

The shopping experience in Miami can be quite varied, as our population is seriously diverse. There are major shopping malls in every neighborhood, from Dolphin Mall in Doral to the Bal Harbour Shoppes in the north side. There are even more strip malls scattered throughout. But those with a taste for couture will be happiest shopping at some of Miami's best boutiques.

Some of the boutiques we've selected here are great places for those just dipping their toes into fashion. Places like Downtown Miami's Lost Boy Dry Goods have a large-scale appeal, providing quality clothing at fair prices.

Then there are those who would be just as happy in a vintage Pucci top as they would an old Rolling Stones tee. For that group, we've selected boutiques that are half-vintage, half-modern styles, like the infamous Fly Boutique and The Rabbit Hole.

And for those who attend Miami Fashion Week and Swim Week religiously, who frequently scroll through Refinery 29 and subscribe to Vogue and Harpers, and who refuse to leave the house in sweatpants, there's places like Style Mafia.

No matter what your boutique flavor, we've got you covered.


Upper East Side

When in search of outfits that are both smart and powerful, there's no where else to go but Julian Chang. This popular local designer grew up in Peru but studied right here in town at the Miami International University of Art and Design. He's since made quite a name for himself with his high-end designs catering to boss babes across the world. Inside this cozy boutique, you'll find plenty of ready-to-wear fashions (great for work attire), plus custom-made suits and chic evening gowns in bold, exciting prints ,and made from only the finest materials. There are also a few menswear pieces to choose from, as well as sleek handbags, jewelry, and other accessories.

Shopping for couture outfits isn't usually synonymous with Kendall, but these days it's not hard to find a snazzy jumper or a hot little dress thanks to ALX. This spacious boutique is definitely the place to go when you're looking to "dress to impress", with plenty of silky tops, curve-hugging maxi dresses, and sexy two-piece fashions that could easily be worn by models visiting South Beach. You'll also find a vast collection of sandals, wedges, and heels to wear to your next girl's night out. And fortunately, thanks to regular sales, you can even find some pieces for under $20--which your wallet will surely appreciate.

A hipster's paradise through and through, the Rabbit Hole is a unique and inspired clothing boutique that sells both vintage and modern items, all carefully hand-selected to fit the vibe of the shop. Graphic print tanks, ruffled skirts, contemporary cocktails dresses, statement necklaces, and adorable fabric clip-on bows run the gamut of their modern selections. As for their pre-loved items, you'll definitely run in to sequined cardigans and leather trenchcoats, 70s band t-shirts and leather pencil skirts, plus every kind of hand bag you can think of. In short, it's paradise for millennial shoppers looking to stand out with style.

Little Haiti

Rebel is both a high-end consignment shop and a boutique, and it's the kind of place where everyone is welcome. Fashionable and funky threads can be found at this fab Upper East Side shop. Comfy tank tops, sexy rompers, sleek sandals, black and white printed tees, statement necklaces, and daring crop tops can all be found mixed in with pieces from Prada, Arden B, and Manolo Blahnik, catering to various sizes and budgets. Owner Cindy Vasquez helped open the shop in 2015 and has made sure that the quality never declines. Aside from regular store hours, Rebel is frequently appearing in pop-up shops around the area.

Lost Boy Dry Goods
Photo courtesy of Lost Boy Dry Goods

Lost Boy Dry Goods sits across from the landmark Olympia Theater on East Flagler Street and cleverly harbors men's and women's denim duds, sharp kicks, and breathable casual wear inside a dude ranch-styled storefront. Jeans are stacked high on a wall-size bookcase, flaunting enough cuts, washes, and brands to make The Boss envious. Among the stocked labels are Levis and PRPS, as well as emerging designers, offering shoppers a commendable variety of high-low items (generally priced from the mid $20s up to $200). Ladies can also snag flowing maxis and easy blouses, whilst trying them on inside horse stall-inspired dressing rooms (sans the horses and hay, of course).

South Miami

Located in the boutique heavy Sunset Drive area, Jenna White is in a class of its own. Find high-fashion, femme looks that will last forever, on the racks of this cozy shop. Owner and namesake Jenna White opened the boutique a decade ago, though at a slightly different location, and has kept a steady and loyal clientele thanks to her particularly keen eye for tasteful outfits and accessories. White began as a jewelry designer, but her talents obviously go well beyond that. Fashionistas come here for looks by Vera Wang, Antik Batik, Missoni, and other dress-to-impress brands. Walk out with sharp fedoras by Eugenia Kim, gorgeous coats by Veronica Beard, plus stunning turquoise, coral, and rose gold jewelry you won't find anywhere else.


Reveal is a trendy little shop that sets itself apart here by offering chic but still fairly-priced outfits in a neighborhood not exactly known for boutique shopping. Style-minded ladies will love the quality of service here, but not more than they'll enjoy trying on their wide array of dresses, skirts, tops, and more. Bright floral patterns, sleek pinstripes, chunky statement jewelry, and neon hand bags can all be found in this quaint boutique. It's definitely got a Floridian feel, with plenty of warm-weather outfits that can be worn to the office or the club. Check it out the next time you're near Tropical Park.

This minimalist fashion boutique isn't for everyone, and that's the beauty of it. Style Mafia isn't just a shop, it's a brand, and more than that, a lifestyle. The folks who wear the items Style Mafia puts out each month are more than trend-setters, they are full-fledged fashion gurus who aren't happy unless every item of clothing, every accessory is one-of-a-kind, inspirational, and emotionally driven. Fashion blogger and designer Simonett Pereira runs the show here, and it's clear she's carved the perfect niche for those looking for an other-worldly fashion experience. The dresses, tops, skirts, and pants at Style Mafia are daring as they come, with ruffles, cuts, and frills and a-symmetrical designs you won't see anywhere else. They're meant to keep on-lookers guessing.

Fly Boutique has provided Miamians with the hippest vintage threads for more than twenty years, and they don't show signs of stopping anytime soon. Located right off Biscayne Boulevard in what is now known as MiMo, Fly Boutique serves fashion up right. Those in the know have snagged dresses, slacks, handbags, and tops from the likes of Louis Vitton, Chanel, and Gucci for a fraction of the original cost--especially because the owners are often reasonable enough to let you haggle a bit. The vintage finds here are well worth the money though. Whether it's a classic designer suit, a pair of cozy boyfriend jeans, some lightly worn-in pumps, or some glittering necklace that's certain to make you the envy of whatever room you stand in, you're sure to enjoy your visit to this boutique.


40 years ago, a little shop in the heart of Aventura opened up, catering to pretty much anyone desirous of a pair of jeans. Although the locations may have changed (they currently have one in Town Center Aventura plus another in South Miami), the spirit of this boutique has more or less remained the same. It's a family-run business and once you walk in, it shows. Unlike the detached service you might get from a big name retailer, the staff here is warm and informative. Those who know their jeans will be right at home here. J Brand, 7 Jeans, Rag & Bone, Citizens of'll find all these brands and more. Also, it's rumored that Eric Clapton wrote Bellbottom Blues after a visit to the shop--and what's good enough for Clapton is certainly good enough for us.


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