Flea Markets


Located in Fort Lauderdale, just north of Miami, Florida, this flea market's venue offers a unique shopping environment for bargain hunters, collectors and entertainment-seekers. Visitors find both indoor and outdoor vendors selling everything from produce and fresh flowers to new and used goods. The complex also features amusement park rides for children and several indoor eateries. Stay after the market has closed and you can catch a flick at the on-site Thunderbird Drive-In Movie Theater.

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Situated just north of downtown Miami, this indoor - outdoor flea market sells an assortment of new and used merchandise, as well as fresh local produce. With more than 900 stores, the complex offers shoppers hours of browsing and bargain hunting. Vendors sell typical flea market goods, including antiques, handbags, clothing, cell phones and t-shirts, among other novelties. Several on-site eateries ensure patrons don't go hungry.

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Utilizing an indoor location, Flea Market USA a massive expanse of hundreds of tables and selling areas. If one wants to nab a decent location, it's best to arrive as early as possible. The large parking lot outside fills up quickly with browsing patrons and amidst the crowd are people from all walks of life looking for that certain something. If you think you have what everyone is looking for, stop by and set up shop. Or, if you like to browse, come early before all the great deals are taken

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Tropicana Flea Market is one of the Miami's Largest flea market. Tropicana Flea Market has over 200 indoor and outdoor booths. Established in 1992,Tropicana Flea Market is home to many vendors and merchants who provide a wide selection of products and merchandise at great prices. Tropicana Flea Market has an unbelievable Range of products from tools to produce, shoes, clothing, pets, and food courts, cosmetics, furniture, bedding, auto accessories, tires and much more!

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