Best Outlet Malls in Miami

Snag Some Deals At Miami's 10 Best Outlet Shops

There are plenty of ways to do a little bargain shopping in Miami. You can opt for thrifting, which is great for some, but not for those who dislike the concept of second-hand clothes. You can scour the clearance racks at all your favorite department store. This can be effective, but still doesn't bring you the very best deals. And then, of course, you can go outlet shopping.

Miami's outlet scene isn't all that big, but we do have a few notable shops. There are two main outlet malls: the Dolphin Mall in Doral and the Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace in Florida City. 

You'll find some great deals at the shops in the popular Dolphin Mall, like at the LOFT Outlet, where women's wear can be found for work and play.

At the Florida City-based mall down south, you'll find places like Carter's and Coach–excellent for finding deals for mom and baby. Plus, there's rarely a crowd, even during the holidays.

We've also listed a few more off-the-beaten-path outlet shops that are found throughout the Magic City. If you're itching for some deals though, read on.


Ladies know the struggle of searching for properly-fitting undergarments. Sizes are often ambiguous from store to store. Bras will squeeze and pinch on some, or hang too loosely on others. Finding panties that are both pleasant to wear and look at can also at times be a challenge. Cue the Maidenform Outlet shop inside the Dolphin Mall, and prepare to feel some real excitement at the prospect of underwear shopping. Rather than paying premiums at other shops like Victoria's Secret, many local ladies opt to come here and enjoy deep discounts on well-made, and aesthetically pleasing bras, panties, and other lingerie.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: Bra and underwear shopping for women can get extremely costly, so we love this outlet shop where quality and price are both on point.

Priscilla's expert tip: Definitely get fitted when you come in so you don't waste time trying on a bunch of bras that don't fit right.

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There's something to be said about doing a little outlet shopping outside of an actual mall. Not having to worry about congested parking lots and long check-out lines is always a plus. And for those who are in need of a simple pair of sneakers without dealing with mall crowds, there's the SKECHERS Factory Outlet. This hidden gem in the heart of Kendall is home to dozens of pairs of discounted, comfortable footwear. Bring the whole family and find snazzy kicks for you and your little ones. And if you've got questions, there are always plenty of helpful and available staff ready to answer them all.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: This is an excellent outlet option for those who hate walking through malls. Easy to get to, and offers numerous deals.

Priscilla's expert tip: Few outlets have as many options for discounted kid's shoes like Skechers does.

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Many of us shop at Old Navy because they tend to have pretty great deals on casual wear. From t-shirts to flip-flops, you're always bound to find affordable, on-trend pieces at this popular retailer. But if you're looking to get even better deals, you want to check out the Old Navy Outlet located at the Intracoastal Mall in North Miami Beach. While the shop is definitely great for bargains, you don't have to worry about the experience being "cheaper" as the shop is clean and organized, with plenty of staff ready to help you find the right sizes for you. Stock up on jeans and basics for a capsule wardrobe or pop in for the occasional accessory. It's all here.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: Old Navy is the type of place that provides comfortable casual wear that most people enjoy. Finding their items at extreme discounts is a plus.

Priscilla's expert tip: The Intracoastal Mall is a bit of a one stop shop so after you get your bargains on at the Old Navy, feel free to catch a drink at the local Duffy's or do some grocery shopping at the Winn Dixie.

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Everyone knows that the GAP is a great store for picking up lots of basics for your wardrobe. Jeans, slacks, button-downs, tees, sweaters, socks�they really are something of a one-stop shop. And the GAP Factory Outlet in the Kendall Village Center is no different. This particular outlet is right off Kendall Drive and because it's not actually inside of a mall, is relatively easy to get in and out of. You'll find all your favorite items here, and it seems that you usually end up walking out with coupons after every visit. Who doesn't love coupons? It's also conveniently located next to an Old Navy, and is surrounded by plenty of restaurants in case you get a little hungry after shopping.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: Folks trust the GAP brand name, and they'll love it even more once they see how much they can save at this centrally-located outlet.

Priscilla's expert tip: Bring your kids here during uniform season. GAP always has great clothing options that fall in line with many school uniform color schemes.

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Some of you might remember when the old Town & Country Mall was something of a deserted island. It was this quiet shopping plaza in the heart of Kendall that could barely attract business. Fortunately, it was revamped and now they've got more business than they have parking, and it's all thanks to a series of delicious restaurants, happening bars, and of course, shops like this wonderful Nine West Outlet. While most Nine West boutiques have a limited selection of footwear that will usually cost you well over $60, this outlet can supply you with three or four times the usual supply at a fraction of the cost. I'm talking patent leather heels, chic ballet flats, gorgeous summer sandals and more for $15 and $20. Plus, they've often got additional deals once you're inside. So if you fancy some new footwear, you should definitely pop in.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: Women know that beautiful, high-quality shoes are often worth a day's paycheck. Save your cash by coming here.

Priscilla's expert tip: Carve out some time to get through the selection of shoes here, and then make sure to check out some of the other shops nearby. Not outlets, but many have excellent sales.

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Classic looks for work and play can all be found at a bargain at the LOFT Outlet Store deep inside the Dolphin Mall. The Doral-based outlet shop is in an excellent location considering the multitude of offices that surround the neighborhood. The LOFT (that's short for the Ann Taylor Loft) prides itself in classic, feminine looks that people can wear year-round. Discover the latest trends, or sift through numerous racks of timeless pieces�there's plenty of both on sale here. Stop on by to pick up some chic outfits for your new job or your next luxury vacation. No matter what, you'll only find threads that will stay in style at this shop.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: For women wanting to look good but not spend a bundle, this place is an absolute dream.

Priscilla's expert tip: Be prepared to do a lot of walking. The Dolphin Mall is huge and you'll no doubt want to hit up other shops beyond the LOFT once inside.

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Sneakerheads need to listen up. If Nikes are your thing, you really want to check out the NIKE Factory Outlet just north of the Florida Keys. This spacious outlet shop is packed with wall-to-wall deals on a large variety of Nike shoes. Whether it's running shoes, basketball sneaks, a good new pair of trainers, or maybe just some casual sandals, you'll find them all here at well below-average prices. Seriously, you can get yourself a pair of brand new kicks for $20, $15, and even $10 if you look hard enough. They've also got numerous racks of athletic apparel including tank tops, tees, yoga pants, running shorts, and more.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: A good pair of kicks can be hard to find if you're not looking to break the bank, but the NIKE Outlet makes it easy.

Priscilla's expert tip: If you don't find something real cheap the first time you come around, return in a week or two. They constantly switch up inventory and you'll be sure to find deep discounts that fit you right in no time.

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Parents know that shopping for kids can get, well, expensive. Little ones sure are cute, but they also grow at a much faster rate than most of us can get raises. As such, it's vital to know which outlets give you the best deals for the best quality of clothing. Cue the Carter's Outlet shop in Florida City. This anchor shop on the south-end of the outlet mall features a wide variety of cute-as-a-button outfits that are ultra-comfy for your kiddo. On top of it being an outlet shop, it seems there's always additional sales going on throughout the store. And while it may be slightly on the snug side, there's rarely much of a line at the check-out so you're able to get in and out of the shop sans toddler tantrums.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: When your paychecks are stretched thin by a new addition to the family, it's nice to have a place like Carter's Outlet to rely on.

Priscilla's expert tip: Make sure to park on the far south end of the mall, where you can immediately walk right into Carter's (don't forget to pop in the nearby Osh-Kosh shop, too!)

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Does the thought of a brand new designer handbag make your heart skip a beat? Do leather wristlets with brilliant patterns make you swoon? Then perhaps you're in need of a little trip to the Coach Outlet down south in the Florida City Outlet Marketplace. Why spend a fortune anywhere else when you can stock up on your favorite purses and clutches for a fraction of the cost? Bring coupons to add to your savings (which are generally 20% and up). And make sure to stop in during the holidays for extra special deals for the Coach-lover on your list.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: It's hard to find deep discounts like these on high-end fashion brands, but the Coach outlet makes their brand accessible to nearly anyone.

Priscilla's expert tip: The Coach outlet is great year round, but it's definitely more the sort of place you want to pop in to around holiday (discount) time.

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For gents in search of quality, custom suits at spectacularly low prices, there's no better place in town than Men's Designers Outlet. This bright and airy shop located in Westchester boasts a large array of fashionable men's wear from suits to accessories perfect for any dressy occasion. They've got an incredible deal the features 3 Italian suits, 3 dress shirts, 3 ties, 3 hankies, and 3 pairs of socks for just $299. They've also got a serious collection of men's watches, and are an authorized dealer of Swiss-made Cuervos y Sobrinos watch company. But while folks love the deals, it seems most go to MDO for the unbelievable customer service.

Recommended for Outlet Malls because: Men's suits are rarely found at a discount. This little-known outlet makes it so you don't have to go broke to look good.

Priscilla's expert tip: While you can certainly come in for just one suit, you should definitely jump on their 3 suit deal, which comes at the same price as one designer suit in most other places.

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