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Once a community of tomato farmers and fishermen, Bonita Springs has become quite the sophisticate in past years, blending almost seamlessly into North Naples to its south...


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Hot Tips: Like anywhere, rush hour can be a trial.

Hot Tips: Got kids? Don't miss the Golisano Children's Museum of Naples.

Hot Tips: If you want to visit during the winter, make plans ahead of time as some hotels will sell out during the colder months up north.

Hot Tips: Though prices may rise during season, you can find some lodging for less than $150 per night.

Hot Tips: Chain restaurants; there's no need to resort to them.

Hot Tips: Stone crabs, pompano, grouper, red snapper, key lime pie.

Hot Tips: Except for select venues, Naples tends to close down on the early side.

Hot Tips: Check out the lively club scene at the Mercato complex in North Naples.

Hot Tips: Coastland Center has the stores you expect to find at any mall across the country.

Hot Tips: At Crayton Cove, two art galleries sell the work of local artists.

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