Gluten Free? Try the Best Offerings in the Naples, Florida, Area

A good number of Naples restaurants are committed to accommodating an increasing number of guests who suffer from celiac disease or just plain want to eat healthier by cutting flour products containing gluten from their diet. The local choices for gluten free dining are quality and varied. At one end of the scale you have The Cider Press Cafe, where nothing on the menu contains gluten and everything is raw as well as free of lactose and totally organic and hormone free. It is the strictest model for healthy eating in Naples.

Other restaurants offer a gluten free menu in addition to their regular menu. For some, such as the ultra casual Rusty Bucket franchise at Mercato (which even offers gluten free kids items), this means listing those items on the regular menu that do not contain gluten as well as creating or adjusting dishes so that they fit into the dietary regime.

This list contains the best of those restaurants that thoughtfully cater to gluten free diets in the Naples area. It gives you options ranging from pizza and pasta to meat and vegetable dishes that also cater to the Paleo diet. Cuisine ranges from American and Italian to French and Romanian.

Food & Thought
Photo courtesy of Chelle Koster Walton


It's thoughtful that a restaurant would strive to serve the best possible food for our good health. But it's even better that Food & Thought's dishes reflect the kind of creative thinking that raises them above typical health food juice-bar...  Read More

Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar
Photo courtesy of Chelle Koster Walton


The original location of a chain that has grown to three in the Naples area, Naples Flatbread goes far beyond flatbread on its menu. Its fire roasted chicken wings are signature, and you can order them in flavors and degrees of fiery from house...  Read More



Cafe Luna is a neighborhood favorite that offers a casual, friendly dining atmosphere and a friendly, professional staff serving superb cuisine for an overall pleasant and affordable dining experience. The menu offers a complete array of Italian...  Read More

Old Naples
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Pazzo! is one of the most reasonably priced Italian restaurants in Naples, particularly for Fifth Avenue South. The decor at this "crazy" (as the name translates) restaurant, purportedly one of the most exciting in town, is casual and modern...  Read More

Old Naples
Chez Boet
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Chez Boet labels its cuisine "French home cooking," but also delves into the north African cuisine that one finds in Paris. Hummus accompanies the crusty bread; tagine - slow roasted stew with couscous - is a specialty. The lamb variety is...  Read More

The Local
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Whether you choose deeply comforting food or a low-calorie or vegan dish, The Local promises the freshest, most local, homemade products available. So it's not only healthy for diners, but for Mother Earth as well. Owner-chef Jeff Mitchell...  Read More

The Cider Press Cafe
Photo courtesy of Chelle Koster Walton


The tagline gives a clue: "Florida inspired, plant based, modernist cuisine." This is extreme healthy dining - all vegan, all raw. So all dishes are cold and free of gluten and dairy products, but don't think bland or boring. Anything...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Chelle Koster Walton


Sample the hearty cuisines of Romania, Hungary and northern Italy at this charming cafe. Subtitled "The Restaurant for Your Soul," it serves Eastern European comfort food such as gulyas, a classic Hungarian soup with beef and spätzle; Mom's...  Read More

True Food Kitchen
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As fresh as its pea-green banquettes, True Food Kitchen opened in March 2017 fueled by the expertise and name-recognition of Dr. Andrew Weil, whose anti-inflammatory diet has made him a respected author. The spacious, open dining room presents a...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Chelle Koster Walton


Patric's has a split personality. On one hand, the charming little retro cafe loads up diners on comfort food such as muffins, pot roast skillet and bacon benedict for breakfast; and deep fried hot dogs and bacon and pbj sandwiches for lunch....  Read More


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