Take Out


A mix of mealtime possibilities, the cuisine at this restaurant ranges from American to Middle Eastern. Try cheesy lasagna or focaccia pizza for a main course, and finish off with a slice of apple pie or cheesecake. Beer and wine are available, and the lively environment is a great place for a group. Outdoor, sidewalk dining available.

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Bahama Breeze

A Caribbean flair distinguishes this place, which is both restaurant and bar. Open only in the evenings, it's a popular destination for those who want a taste of island life. Live reggae music provides a restful backdrop to the award-winning cuisine, which includes jerk-chicken pasta, a house paella and "fish in a bag," a seafood-vegetable pairing cooked within a parchment parcel. Bars are located inside and out, and Happy Hour offers visitors the opportunity to laugh and mingle. Just like in the islands, the convivial atmosphere, accommodating staff and friendly patrons will have you relaxed and mellow in no time. Casual dress. Reservations not accepted; waits are customary.

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This family-run establishment has all the charm and exuberance you'd expect from a houseful of relatives. Everyone pitches in, and the experience is richer for the many contributions. This place isn't elaborate, but it serves great food in a terrific atmosphere. Souvlaki, a Greek kebab, is juicy and tender and comes accompanied by rice; the chicken is also delicious, infused with garlic and lemon juice. In fact, just about everything you order will meet approval, whether it be dolmades or the tangy yogurt-based tzatziki sauce that's a Mediterranean classic. You may have to wait for a table occasionally, but for fantastic food at affordable prices, the effort's not much to make. Reservations accepted. Smart casual dress.

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South Orange Ave

Fantastic Cuban dishes and festive atmosphere give a clue as to why this restaurant is so popular. The lunch crowd is typically large, so either arrive early or check back later for dinner. Tasty vegetables, savory pork and steaming rice are staple ingredients of many of the dishes offered at this Cuban favorite. Their specialty is paella, which takes awhile to make (but it's worth it). Smart casual dress. Reservations recommended.

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For a casual meal in a contemporary environment, head to Bravissimo Wine Bar Cafe. The eatery serves tasty Italian fare like pastas and gourmet pizzas. Dine to jazz music amid a mixed crowd of professionals and families – all with the same love of great Italian food.

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Family-owned, this Vietnamese restaurant introduces guests to the subtle flavors and incredible freshness of authentic Asian cuisine. The summer rolls, which are like egg rolls with unfried wrappers, are legendary and come with a terrific peanut sauce. Noodle dishes and traditional soups comprise the bulk of the menu; they feature fresh herbs and vegetables. You'll also find pork, beef, seafood and chicken dishes. A large portion of the restaurant's clientele are Vietnamese, so you can be assured that Little Saigon's doing something right. Give them a try and find out for yourself. Reservations not accepted. Casual dress.

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Doctor Phillips

Elegantly understated, this dining room serves up artful Vietnamese dishes that appeal to both the eyes and the tastebuds. Dig into some rice noodles with stir-fried meat, or splurge for a special like the Chilean sea bass, flavored with ginger and scallions. Other tempting bites, including Pho soup and summer rolls with peanut sauce, provide additional delight.

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Formerly a general store and recalling a bygone era, this cafe retains its old-fashioned charm. The menu centers around salads and sandwiches packed with beef, veggies, and chicken. A popular lunchtime destination, it's located alongside the Gotha Country Store, where guests can browse a collection of antiques and gifts while waiting for their meal.

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Modeled after a 1950s-era diner, this fashionable establishment in one of Orlando's favorite hotels sports chrome trim and Formica-topped tables. Portions are substantial, and since the place is open day and night, you can order up something hearty no matter when you arrive. Breakfast is a perfect way to experience the B-Line, whether you opt for classics like bacon and eggs or something newfangled like stuffed French toast. A jukebox plays favorite tunes for patrons, and although the atmosphere is mid-century, the prices definitely belong to the 21st.

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This neighborhood corner store and deli attracts folks with its low-key outdoor seating. An incredibly relaxed vibe invites you to come for breakfast and then sit all day. If you crave a sandwich, order The Greatful Bread (wheat bread, cranberry mayo, red onion, roasted turkey, and blue-cheese stuffing), and pair it with an Orange Blossom pilsner at lunch. As you nibble, check out the upbeat, funky people who frequent the market.

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