Jump in the Line: Chow Down at Orlando's Diverse Buffet Options

Looking for the best buffet in Orlando to stuff your gullet? Look no further. We’ve combed the neighborhoods of the City Beautiful for some excellent options for a range of palates and budgets. Not surprisingly, Disney scored big, with flavorful international venues such as the wurst-lovers’ paradise of the Biergarten at the EPCOT World Showcase’s Germany Pavilion and the ever popular Boma, an Afrocentric delight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Looking to venture beyond adventuresome African cuisine in your dining escapades? Consider the Puerto Rican/Dominican fare of El Palacio, convenient to shopping at the Florida Mall, or Tamarind, where Indian food enthusiasts should hit them up for a midday buffet that's popular with locals. Large groups or families with a special event to celebrate might look to the skilled sword-wielders of Fogo De Chao where the rules of churrascaria dictate the sizzling meat-to-diner ratio is a mandatory 20-to-1. Of course, if you’re looking for a buffet that’s always fresh, fast and (for many Americans) familiar, you can do no wrong with a stop at Sweet Tomatoes where the veggies are plentiful and crisp and the prices are reasonable.

South Orlando


What it isn't: fancy, frilly fine dining. What it is: a whole lot of Latin comfort food that's both budget- and family-friendly. Diet-friendly? Not so much. The El Palacio chafing dishes are stuffed to the rafters with Puerto Rican and Dominican...  Read More

Woodlands Indian Cuisine
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The co-mingled aromas of incense and homespun masalas ignite diners' palates upon entering this unassuming operation on commercial OBT, a favorite of locals, particularly those who work in the area and make it a regular lunch stop. Woodlands...  Read More



In the realm of all-you-can-eat, this Altamonte Springs buffet – which serves Chinese, Japanese, hibachi and sushi – is favored by many. In particular, those who dig on seafood, which is often a question mark at buffets. Food moves swiftly...  Read More



Small, friendly and family-run, Gateway to India serves a comprehensive selection of authentic dishes at dinner time – vegetarians will find plenty to satisfy and meat enthusiasts can partake of chicken, lamb, goat and more – but its...  Read More



With a stellar location inside the luxury biosphere of the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, the Villa de Flora buffet restaurant is open twice daily – for breakfast and dinner – serving all the American classics in the am and an...  Read More



Sweet Tomatoes, which sometimes goes by Souplantation, has locations throughout 15 states, so odds are you may have heard of it. Consistently fresh, this venue offers a massive salad bar, making one of the few buffet restaurants that will appeal...  Read More



Fogo De Chao, the well-known Brazilian steakhouse chain, could be described as something of an upscale all-you-can-eat option. Offering the I-Drive crowd - and a preponderance of locals keen on churrascaria, the Brazilian tradition wherein...  Read More



Oompah-pah into the Biergarten in EPCOT's Germany Pavillion, where it's Oktoberfest every day of the year. Communal tables bolster the jovial atmosphere – as does the authentic selection of German beers and wines – as you and your party...  Read More

Disney's Animal Kingdom ®
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There are a number of AYCE options in the Disney realm (that stands for "all you can eat," by the way), many of which are worth a visit, but Boma – Flavors of Africa is a cut above. Why? While there are a plethora of menu items that fall well...  Read More



This is the East Orlando outpost of the popular Winter Park eatery and a no less delicious venue. Extremely popular for its reasonable lunch buffet ($8.95) – loaded down with chutneys and sauces, vegetarian and non-veg options – it's very...  Read More


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