Variety Is the Five-Spice of Life: Top Orlando Picks for Chinese

For Asian anything, particularly authentic Vietnamese cuisine, ground zero in Orlando is the Mills 50/Colonialtown area, but it's rife with Chinese options, as well. Locals love unpretentious favorites like Ming's Bistro for dim sum under the watchful eyes of the hanging roasted ducks (most agree this adds to the eatery's street cred) or the tasty fare of Tasty Wok or the carbohydrate-laden delicacies of Noodles & Rice Cafe. Indeed this is a neighborhood where favorites from throughout Asia are well slung, much to the delight of "No Reservations" fans with fewer frequent flyer miles than Anthony Bourdain – but you'll find them elsewhere, as well. While travelers can debate the authenticity of Americanized fare that comes in the form of General Tso's chicken, they'll find some interesting choices in the realm of self-serve innovation in Hotto Potto's DIY hot pot bistro, bold and flavorful cultural integration such as China Hut's authentic "chifa," a Chinese-Peruvian hybrid where lovers of fusion can have their ceviche alongside their sweet and sour pork.

Yes. It's another strip mall offering (if you've been perusing our 10best list, you may notice a pattern emerging) but this one offers a casual elegance the likes of which many don't even dare to dream. Soothing colors along with a murmuring...  Read More

South Orlando

The best chefs are resourceful. And so when an influx of Chinese expats emigrated to Peru and many of the ingredients so readily available in their homeland became scarce, they adapted. The resulting cuisine became what is today called "chifa,"...  Read More

With so many of Orlando's best Asian offerings centered around the Mills50 neighborhood, visitors to the parks will be pleased to find this venue down in the resort zone. That said, the prices are a tad "resort area," as well, at iShanghai, but...  Read More

So, you like the DIY sensibility of fondue, but are less than enthused by the massive time and money investment necessary to make it happen. 10Best prescribes Hotto Potto, a fun little concept wherein you begin with a broth base, select from an...  Read More

An undeniable carb-ivore's delight, Noodles & Rice Cafe is not strictly Chinese, but rather an Asian fusion favorite that pulls together an array of delightful dishes, from Hong Kong-style barbecue to the steamy fragrant hot pot. Pad Thai...  Read More

Ming's Bistro
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Ming's Bistro is not fancy, but it is real deal. Located in the Mills 50 neck of Orlando's Colonialtown neighborhood, patrons enjoy delicious, fresh, reasonably priced dishes and dim sum as they share space with the very ducks on which they may...  Read More

West Orlando

What's in a (Japanese) name? Not much in this case, but you'll be happy you showed up. This small mom-and-pop � yet another strip-mall gem (Orlando is rotten with them!) is often busy, busy, busy � a testament to its devoted...  Read More

Mills 50

For authentic Chinese dine-in or delivery, you won't go wrong with Tasty Wok. A long standing favorite in Colonialtown North (the Mills 50 neighborhood is a hotbed of so many Vietnamese gems that other Asian delights are often under-reported)...  Read More

Kim Wu Chinese Restaurant

Kim Wu's location and atmosphere are inauspicious (truthfully, that's largely the norm for Chinese in Orlando – so many are ensconced in varying degrees of "unassuming strip mall"), but the fare is memorable with some surprising authentic...  Read More

Sophisticated, spicy and authentic are words you'll often hear associated with Chuan Lu Yuan, a Mills 50-outpost that operates as part of the larger Ginza steakhouse. We'd add colorful, flavorful, aromatic and delicious, though it's likely all...  Read More


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