Knights Win! Where to Score Grub after the UCF Game

You’ve got on your black and gold. You’re ready to cheer. But wait, is that your stomach rumbling? You may need some pre-game sustenance. You may want to dine over some post-game analysis. Either way, you won’t have to stray far from the confines of Bright House Stadium, because the East Orlando area around the University of Central Florida is rife with restaurants. Sure, there are tens of chain offerings on University Blvd. that might get rid of the growl, but while you’re in the neighborhood, you may as well roam and explore a bit. For games that are doubling as dates, you may want to check out Tamarind Indian Cuisine out on Colonial, with its extensive and exotic menu or head to Oviedo’s famed Sushi Pop, for creative takes on traditional fare and other offerings that come with a side of sleek, anime-inspired surrounds. If fast-casual is more the order of the day, Sus Hi Eatstation gives diners a new spin on sushi. Patrons choose from wraps, bowls or rolls and choose among proteins and other ingredients that can get a little out there…. How much you like it may surprise you. Go Knights!



4Rivers' UCF/East Orlando location is, delightfully, just another satellite wherein fans of the superb barbecue can expect a superb, if caloric, experience. This Orlando-based, Texas-style barbecue empire serves up brisket, ribs, pulled pork and...  Read More



An unassuming little shopping center in the suburbs yields big Far East flavor in the form of galbi, bulgogi, katsu and a long, tempting roster of lesser known and perhaps more delectable Korean delights. The outset of meals at Kimchi begin...  Read More



This is the East Orlando outpost of the popular Winter Park eatery and a no less delicious venue. Extremely popular for its reasonable lunch buffet ($8.95) " loaded down with chutneys and sauces, vegetarian and non-veg options " it's very...  Read More



Mark's Jamaican is yet another gem you'll find as you navigate the suburban sprawl-chitecture around the UCF campus. It used to be across the street in an unassuming aging strip mall but in late 2015 moved, expanded into brighter, more spacious...  Read More



Lots of restaurants say they've got a family vibe but the mother-daughter proprietresses at Thai Purple Orchid Cafe, a modest little gem in an aging Colonial Drive strip center, serve it up with just the right amount of eastern spice. Sonia (a...  Read More



To paraphrase that old 70s hit, "they don't make 'em like this anymore." Oviedo's downtown is hardly bustling " unless you count its famous feral chickens, they bustle quite a bit " but at its center sits the TownHouse, almost as it has...  Read More



A welcome addition to the East Orlando dining and drinking scene, DeVine Wine Bar & Grill is a decided culinary uptick amid its strip mall brethren (a pancake house, a wing joint, etc.) offering creative, seasonal small plates for sharing...  Read More

East Orlando


This little counter service gem, a favorite of UCF students, staffers and a good many of the other locals who live and work in the area has a formula: pick your mode of foodstuff delivery (roll, bowl or wrap), choose your protein (an array of...  Read More

East Orlando


Spicy beef soup, brined eggs, fried tofu with housemade kimchi and marinated deep-fried pork chops. This is just the tip of the delicious iceberg that is Taipei 101, a hidden gem not far from UCF that's buried in the confines of an Oviedo...  Read More

East Orlando


Native Orlandoans remember a time when Oviedo was nothing but native woodlands and sprawling farms " celery, horses, you name it. These days it's a growing suburb with many, many residents, all of whom need a place to get their chow on. As...  Read More


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