Orlando's Top Sushi Joints Put Their Best Fish Forward

By A.D. Thompson, Orlando Local Expert

Sushi is often as artful as it is appetizing and in Orlando there are no shortage of options. Not surprisingly, some of the city's best venues come in the form of restaurants that hide in plain sight, tucked into some or other shopping center awaiting discovery. Some are exceedingly local, as frequented by take-out customers as dine-in, others are superb for date night – whether casual or fancy. Still prominent on our list: Kabooki Sushi, which sits in one of those aforementioned strip malls, though the cosmopolitan atmosphere you'll find inside is world's away. Other such gems, some more upscale than others, include East Orlando's Fujiyama, Winter Park's Umi and – for food truck aficionados – Sushi Seoul on the Roll. The tony Dr. Phillips neighborhood contributes here, as well, with well-known favorite Dragonfly Robata Grill (bring your boss, your date, your grandmother) and Mount Dora's viral video sensation, WAVE has so much fun with its menu, you'll want to bring extra people to try all its epic and Instagrammable delights. 

10. Fujiyama
Photo courtesy of Fujiyama

Not far from the bustle of UCF, Fujiyama does brisk business. An impressive selection of traditional and specialty rolls whizz past full tables, prompting diners to question whether they should have ordered differently. No worries, though, with reasonable lunch and happy hour specials – they can just come back and try something new next time. Fujiyama is not just with frugal students. It's actually a cozy little find for families, couples, anyone, really – and with tender and generous cuts of fish (and plenty of other Japanese fare for the "cooked food only" set), you may find yourself wandering in more and more often.

9. Sushi & Seoul on the Roll
Photo courtesy of Sushi & Seoul On The Roll

You'll find these mobile sushi artisans around town at various regular truck events, along with staple watering holes including the Thirsty Topher, Will's Pub, Redlight Redlight, and BART, along with events like Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District, and they're like to redefine your parameters of items feasible for ordering off a truck. Plating (or perhaps "paper boating") is artful and the flavors – whether raw or ramen, pot stickers or tuna poke – are exceptional. Staffers are friendly and in bar settings will often deliver orders straight to the table; no need to loll around outside the truck while your beer gets warm. Bonus!

8. Sushi Pop
Photo courtesy of Sushi Pop

Native Orlandoans remember a time when Oviedo was nothing but native woodlands and sprawling farms – celery, horses, you name it. These days it's a fast-growing suburb with many, many residents, all of whom need a place to get their chow on. As such, innovative eateries have been popping up 'round these parts in recent years. Sushi Pop is one of them. Okay, it's still perilously close to an actual, working sod farm, but that doesn't take one bit away from the cool anime or its innovative menu of offerings. Many are non-traditional, employing ingredients such as fried capers and rendered bacon. Asian fusion brings bits of Vietnam and Korea into the mix, as well, along with interesting seafood and meat entrees. Desserts are quite creative, as well, and the chic décor makes it feel a bit South Beachy out here in the 'burbs.

7. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi
Photo courtesy of Dragonfly Orlando

Sensual. Spiritual. Savory: three words that express the emotional enlightenment Dragonfly Robata Grill tries to evoke with its service and cuisine. Dragonfly's interpretation of Japanese pub culture is taken quite seriously, making for quite the delectable experience. In a soothing (but arguably trendy) lounge environment, Dragnonfly serves sushi, sashimi and robatayaki (open-fire grill) tapas-style. Sharing is encouraged, allowing diners to sample a number of different dishes. Avid sushi lovers with good timing can take advantage of the daily happy hour specials on both food and drink. Omakase specials, signature sashimi and robata-grilled dishes are only some of what Dragonfly offers.Tight service and a chic atmosphere make it a good choice whether you're dining for romance – or business.

6. Seito Sushi - Baldwin Park
Photo courtesy of Seito Sushi Baldwin Park

Seito is a warm space well suited for date night or special occasions or a tasty lunch. The fare here is creative and fresh with comfortable, familiar faces rounding out the menu. Pork belly bao buns, massaman wings, curries and other delights will satisfy those less enthused by the melty-delicious sashimi or succulently seared tentacles. An array of specialty makimono, both traditional and creative, are alluring choices but lovers of simple, fish-forward fare might want to stick to a chef-curated chirashi where the seafood shines brightest. A lovely atmosphere, inside and out, ensures the vibe of the room matches that of the plate.

5. Umi Japanese Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Umi

Though portions at this Japanese fusion venue are billed as "tapas-style," they are generous, which makes sharing not only fun, but more filling than often expected. While seafood, sashiimi and sushi lovers are certain to love Umi's super fresh and creatively prepared offerings, the restaurant's ample selection of Robata-grilled meats and vegetables allow fish-abstainers as much freedom of choice as any other diners to dig into the menu with foodie abandon. A large wine, beer and sake selection makes happy hour extra fun; staffers mix up some inspiring cocktails with the latter. The Happy Hour food menu makes for exceptional bargains, as well. Enjoy a cocktail and a bite out on the Park Avenue sidewalk and soak up the charm of Winter Park.

4. WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi
Photo courtesy of WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi

Artful and lovely in general, WAVE has injected such a large dose of fun into its menu that videos of its legendary super-sized sushi donuts (they feed 10) have gone viral. You don't have to show up with an entourage to enjoy the treats of its kitchen, however. WAVE's most unique creations - including sushi pizza and burritos and nachos and fries and yes, the donuts, come in smaller portions, as well. And there are loads of more traditionally plated rolls and entrees to choose from, as well. What's more, WAVE's second-floor location affords guests stellar views of Lake Dora – particularly beautiful at sunset with some sake.

3. Sushitomi
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Keith

Tempura and ramen and rolls, oh my! Yes, Sushitomi has been doing all of these favorites, not to mention a host of other Japanese classics, up right for quite a few years now. Aficionados enjoy this restaurant's beautifully crafted sushi and sashimi offerings, perhaps as much for their artful, expert preparation as their tender slices of fresh fish. Like many of the best sushi joints in Orlando - or anywhere, for that matter - it's a small, unassuming place in yet another easy-to-miss shopping center location. Don't let the unremarkable exterior fool you. Quality cuisine and friendly staffers keep folks coming back.

2. Kabooki Sushi
Photo courtesy of Kabooki Sushi

A sleek and intimate interior belies a nondescript exterior on busy Colonial Drive near the Fashion Square Mall. It's an Orlando favorite for sushi and Asian fusion, with artful and generous presentation and a soothing, cosmopolitan vibe. Let the chef's mood and best ingredients seduce your palate with a six-course omakase creation or choose your own path. Creative rolls are a big draw but before you go completely roll-overboard (who doesn't?!) consider Kabooki's delicate, nigiri and sashimi selections, as well. Plump, fresh cuts of melt-in-your-mouth fish are served like culinary fine art that is, in fact, too lovely to gaze upon too long. Take a picture before you scarf. I mean, savor.

1. Kadence
Photo courtesy of Kadence

Don't let the $155+/per person dinner price tag scare you off. You see, Kadence is a nine-seat omakase experience unlike any other you'll find here in Orlando. Sushi purists will delight in the artistic, authentic multi-course (for dinner, that's 18+ courses!) magnificence on display. Its three chef-owners choose the best fish of the day, treating guests in the intimate dining room to beautifully plated sushi offerings, along with soup and dessert courses. Sake, beer and tea are available for sipping as you wait for your table. Kadence now offers reserved lunch, matinee, sushi tastings and Japanese breakfast, as well. Check their website for details.