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West Palm Beach, Florida is a stunning destination with diverse attractions, famous golf courses, elegant shopping, tempting dining and world-class hotels. Just a short...


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Hot Tips: Use one of the internet websites for reserving tee times. The competition allows you to get a great deal.

Hot Tips: Be leery of hotels near Riviera Beach.

Hot Tips: The Hilton Palm Beach Airport is where to stay if you want to be close to the runways.

Hot Tips: City Place During Nov-Dec. You can eat outside and watch fake snow fall to the ground.

Hot Tips: There is a large age difference between the nighttime crowds on Palm Beach compared to West Palm.

Hot Tips: Hookah at Off-The-Hookah.

Hot Tips: The Palm Beach Outlets can be crowded on weekends.

Hot Tips: Worth Avenue. You really need to be packing a fat wallet/purse to afford shopping here.

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Things to do in Palm Beach / West Palm Beach