Clematis by Night Draws Crowds to Downtown West Palm Beach

Great weekly event for people looking to check out the scene on Clematis

By Kristopher Neild,

There's always something going on in downtown West Palm Beach; it doesn't matter if it's a Sunday morning or weekday afternoon.

But one particular event allows you to experience all the best parts of the downtown's famed Clematis Street.

Clematis by Night – which sets up shop on the green by Flagler and the waterfront – allows visitors a chance to listen to great live music, sample delicious local fare and dance under the night sky. 

Live music gets the crowds moving on Clematis — Photo courtesy of Clematis by Night / City of West Palm Beach

Every Thursday night, the City of West Palm Beach hosts a free concert – the Fountainside Concert Series – on the lawn where the Green Market is traditionally held. Bands touch all genres of music, from Top 40 to classic rock to jazz.

The area is hooked up with great lighting and sound effects, making this no ordinary backyard show. Food vendors line the boundaries of the viewing area, offering up great bites at affordable prices.

Draft beers are usually on special for $2 a pop. 

The event can fit seamlessly into any Thursday night itinerary. Perhaps you're grabbing a slice at Pizza Girls and your ear catches the rhythmic tunes of a great local band. After you scarf down the pie, head over and check out a couple songs.

Want to meet some co-workers or a date in a casual, less awkward environment than a face-to-face dinner setting? Clematis by Night is for you.

If you're the type that usually comes out late night for dancing at Roxy's, have a couple beers and catch the last hour of a Fountainside Concert before heading down the street to the skydeck. 

Even though alcohol is served, Clematis by Night is undoubtedly a family-friendly event. It's not uncommon to see kids hula-hooping and singing along to some of their favorite radio hits.

If things get too hot, they can go run under the fountain shoots to cool down. 

Getting to Clematis by Night has never been easier. You can park in any of the city garages or on the street for free after seven.

If you're staying locally at a hotel or vacation rental, pick up a SkyBike rental from one of the many kiosks. There's even a pickup/drop-off point adjacent to the concert venue. 

Concerts run every Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

When you're looking for something to do on a Thursday night on your vacation, check out the event that draws the entire community together: Clematis by Night!