Upcoming Schedule at Palm Beach Improv a Doozy

Get the New Year off to an amusing start

By Kristopher Neild,

When planning a night out in Palm Beach/West Palm Beach, what ends up happening is you head to one place for dinner, another for drinks, then maybe go see a show or live music elsewhere for entertainment.

What if you were able to consolidate all of this activity into one stop? At the Palm Beach Improv, you can dine, drink and be entertained all at once. The Improv books only the best names in the business, and the early 2016 calendar makes no exceptions.

The Palm Beach Improv always has the best names in comedy on its show calendar — Photo courtesy of Ed Schipul

Nephew Tommy

January 15th -17th

Nephew Tommy, aka Thomas Miles is the nephew of the acclaimed Steve Harvey. He's been hot on the scene, selling out clubs all over the country. Listen to him on the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show and decide for yourself. Nephew Tommy will perform five times over three days in West Palm Beach. 

Ralphie May

January 28th - 30th

Ralphie May is larger than life, literally and figuratively. He shows up to the Palm Beach Improv annually and has patrons in stitches during each and every performance. He has a great special currently on Netflix, allowing you to check him out in advance of the show. 

Kevin Nealon

February 5th - 6th

You've most recently seen Kevin in the hit Showtime dramedy Weeds, where his wry wit is downright hilarious. These shows will undoubtedly sell out, so get your tickets fast. 

Bob Saget

February 25th - 26th

Former Full House nice guy dad turned x-rated comic, Bob Saget's shows are equal parts smart/thoughtful and dirty hilarity. You'll be citing Saget jokes at work the whole next week after this one. 

Arsenio Hall

April 1st and 2nd

Coming to America, Black Dynamite and of course, The Arsenio Hall Show are all claims to fame for this renowned actor, comedian and producer. Arsenio really connects with his audience, and you'll likely feel like one of his good friends after the performance is over. 

The Improv is situated on the second level of City Place, right next to the movie theaters and Blue Martini. All shows include a two-drink minimum stipulation, which only aids with the laughter. 

With a lineup like this, the Palm Beach Improv is sure to have some sold out shows on its hands.