Best Dance Clubs in Palm Beach / West Palm Beach

Shake, Shake, Shake: Best Dance Clubs in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach

While Miami usually gets all of the credit for the dance clubs and great DJ appearances in South Florida, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas offer some great nightlife choices as well. Clematis Street in West Palm is full of venues that pump the beats, flash the lights and sling bottle service until the early morning hours.

Stop in at Off the Hookah and enjoy the spacious dance floor, fashionable atmosphere and swanky lounge areas. This place is great for groups looking to split a hookah, and the multiple bars make getting a drink a between dancing a breeze.  There is always something going on here, from themed nights to local DJ parties.

Not far from Off the Hookah is Roxy’s Rooftop Bar, a must-see on Clematis. The open-air dance floor coupled with the lounge areas and views of the city are unrivaled in West Palm. The music here is mostly electronica and house but some nights you can get lucky with throw back 90’s hip hop music. Sunday nights are worth checking out, if you’ve survived the weekend, because the live bands on the rooftop provide a show you don’t want to miss. The clubs in West Palm make it possible to go out like a VIP and have a great night.


Delray Beach

IL Bacio is outdoor dance club located in an expansive courtyard off of at Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. With a large stage, two full bars and VIP areas the club really knows what patrons need to keep coming back for more. The Dj's spin mostly house and electronica mixes that, when mixed with the light shows, lead to some pretty impressive sets. This club draws some pretty big names from Miami so it definitely gives off the South Beach vibe. Be warned that there are fans set up outside to keep things cooler but it has been known to get pretty steamy in Florida.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Il Bacio's open-air dance floor in Delray Beach keeps patrons coming back to enjoy the light shows and electronica.

Kristopher's expert tip: You can really lose yourself at this place (in a good way) - stay hydrated

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Shout Karaoke is the flagship location of a budding franchise. Set on North Olive, just off Clematis in Downtown West Palm, Shout is focused on setting the stage for those who love to belt out the hits. Unlike normal karaoke bars that have one stage and one performer, Shout has different rooms or "boxes" that cater to individual groups. There could be upwards of 11 different karaoke performances going on simultaneously. There is a main stage for those who think they deserve a larger audience. With many thousands of songs to chose from, singers will have their pick when it comes to song selection. Cocktails, bottled beer and brews off the tap are available to help reduce stage fright.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: WannaB's Karaoke Bar is a great place to spend a night out, especially for patrons who want a more interactive experience.

Kristopher's expert tip: The bigger the group, the more fun you'll have at Shout!

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If you're looking for a full service lunch and dinner menu with a side of country line dancing then Renegade's off of Village Boulevard in West Palm Beach if your place. The country western bar has great prices on burgers, steaks, and wraps as well as a 3-for-1 happy hour special. If you're sticking around for more than the food, enjoy country line dancing 7 nights a week, take a ride on the mechanical bull, watch the big game on one of the 75 TVs or enjoy the ever-changing live music. If you're a little shy on the dance floor, check out 1 of the 4 nights a week that the lessons are given before the party gets started at 9 PM. Still need convincing this is the spot for you? Ladies drink free every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 PM- 12 AM and ride the bull for free Tuesday and Friday nights.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The line dancing at Renegades is always a crowd=pleaser and keeps the place full and fun any day of the week.

Kristopher's expert tip: One of the only places on the list where it is recommended to eat and dance at the same locale

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For more than ten years now – even before Clematis Street got its new lease on life – Respectable has been a mainstay in the area. The combination dance club / live music venue is a haven for the alternative crowd and those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. Most nights, DJs play a variety of electronic and industrial music for patrons to jam to on the dance floor. At other times, you'll find performances by local and national bands who have a unique sound and are more hardcore than typical music fans appreciate. Along with good drink specials, other attractions include ska, punk, and rock performers, plus whatever's uncategorizable and intriguing.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Respectable Street is a dance club that caters to the alternative and indie crowd with live music and talented DJs.

Kristopher's expert tip: This is place is the closest thing Palm Beach has to a CBGBs type of establishment

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Rumbass is a Latin dance club located at the corner of Southern Boulevard and Military Trail in West Palm Beach. The club is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 PM until about 5 AM. The DJs keep the music nice and loud to keep everyone dancing the night away. There are two bars, tables on the outskirts of the dance floor and bottle service. There is a mixture of Spanish and English music and the overall vibe is very South Floridian. It is recommended to arrive early as to secure a good parking spot (space is limited).

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Rumbass Latin dance club hosts a wild party on Friday and Saturday nights.

Kristopher's expert tip: This is the spot to go for Latino beats

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Roxy's is a multi-storied, multi-faceted Irish pub and nightclub located on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. On the bottom floor, sports and drinking fans gather around the taps to drink worldly suds and watch Florida sports teams take on the opposition. Up top on the roof deck, you can look out over the city after grabbing a drink at one of the two bar stations. Later in the evening, house music blasts and music videos play on the projection screen. A pretty wild dance party usually ensues, where things can get about as crazy as you let them. This is a great place to end a night on Clematis.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The rooftop bar at Roxy's Pub in downtown West Palm Beach is the perfect escape for dancing the night away in the Florida air.

Kristopher's expert tip: Take the elevator to the third floor - the stairs take forever.

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Monarchy Nightclub on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach has a large dance floor sandwiched in between two bars. With different DJ's mixing dance house and electronic music until 4 AM, the party here endures while the rest of the street empties out. There are weekly specials going on here, so it's always worth checking out their social media pages to see when the best event is that week. Kettle One Vodka hosts a lot of the events, pushing their bottles on customers. Don't worry though, if you are not a high-roller, $3 beers are available.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Monarchy Nightclub really gets going after midnight and stays strong until the early morning hours.

Kristopher's expert tip: Bottle service is relatively affordable most nights

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By evening, Off-the-Hookah seems like a normal dinner establishment with the addition of plush couches and velvet ropes. Once the sun sets, it turns into a South Beach-esque nightclub. Just beyond the line of dance thirsty people waiting on the bouncer, the admitted smoke hookah and dabble in light conversation. Beyond them, lights flicker and heads bang. Off-the-hookah books top DJs to pump dance music into their establishments. Don't expect to come in here and talk to people - come to dance and drink the night away. The later you come, the better, as the place doesn't really get crowded until midnight.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: Off the Hookah's atmosphere is prime for dancing until the sun rises.

Kristopher's expert tip: Come early for hookah, later for dancing

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The Pawn Shop is the newest bar and nightclub in West Palm Beach. Pulled from the Miami strip, upgraded, refurbed and installed right on Clematis, Pawn Shop is the new talk of the town. The front of the place has a small glass top bar where you can drink and actually buy pawn trinkets. It opens at five, but is really just a front for the bumping night club that starts going off around 10 pm. The huge back space with sprawling ceilings and brand new sound/lighting equipment is a constant dance party with top DJs spinning the best hits. There is a lot going on on Clematis, but don't forget to walk all the way down towards the intracoastal to check on this gem.

Recommended for Dance Clubs because: The Pawn Shop Lounge has Funk Fridays and Re-Launch Saturdays with five DJ's delivering sets that keep the party going late.

Kristopher's expert tip: It's worth pricing out the novel VIP sections

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