Secure Reservations at These Top Palm Beach Area Restaurants

Dining in Palm Beach County is an experience. Some want to get dressed to the nines, order wine, seafood off the specials menu and finish every night off with a dessert and coffee. Others want to throw on a Hawaiian shirt, order a pitcher of beers and gulp down raw oysters.

The Palm Beach area has multiple restaurants capable of serving up both parties above. On literal Palm Beach, classy upscale joints like Cafe Boulud cater to the (wannabe) prestigious crowd. Prepare for a truly decadent meal surrounded by a lush garden and attentive service. 

A restaurant resurgence is taking place across the intracoastal in West Palm. One of the shining stars is Avocado Grill, featuring a full raw bar and delicious small plates filling up its avocado-centric menu. 

This list of the 10 best restaurants in Palm Beach/West Palm beach will help make your dining decision a little bit easier. It will help tell you where you need call ahead, who serves what, and when you will need to have the dinner jacket ready to go. 

Do you want a water view and the ability to order off an award winning wine list? How about the need for stone crab on the menu and a waiter to tell you truthfully whether or not their batch is worth buying? Check the list below and ready yourself for a great night out.

Palm Beach


Meat Market is a steakhouse and seafood joint, self-described as "more glamorous and sexier" than the traditional restaurant in this space. Meat Market originally started as a Miami restaurant, but have since opened locations in San Juan and...  Read More



Gleaming stone, soft light and muted colors make for an eminently soothing evening at this elegant establishment. Flawless service adds a pampering touch, and the cuisine is anything but ordinary. In fact, it meshes Florida's freshest...  Read More

Morton's, The Steakhouse


Tuxedo-clad waiters set the tone for a Midwest classic that's staked a claim on the Atlantic coast. Known for tableside presentations (yes, that's a live lobster on the cart), this steakhouse is famous for its 24-ounce porterhouse and its hearty...  Read More



Its doors thrown open to the breezes, Spoto's enjoys the scent of the ocean, both from the water and the fresh seafood it serves. Brick floors, mirrored walls, and a ceiling adorned with copper squiggles on a teal background give the place...  Read More



Avocado Grill is one of the newest restaurants in all of West Palm Beach. This self proclaimed "foodie paradise" offers up a unique blend of small plates, seasonal fare, a raw bar, great wines and specialty cocktails. Avocado Grill truly...  Read More



Lauded for its incredible cuisine, terrific service and outstanding wine list, Chardonnay proffers great food in a contemporary space. Amid vibrant artwork and floral compositions, guests take in the kitchen's latest successes. Innovative...  Read More

Palm Beach


A constant outpouring of accolades renders this spectacular restaurant one of Palm Beach's best known establishments. A romantic ambience is set with arched windows, mirrors and candlelight, and glorious flower arrangements. Patrons are graced...  Read More



Subtlety and grace characterize this established restaurant, well known in the area for its attentive, unobtrusive service and impeccable cuisine. The Northern Italian menu focuses on al dente-perfect pastas, light as air and accompanied by...  Read More

Chez Jean-Pierre


Although it entertains Palm Beach's elite, this fashionable eatery is refreshingly without pretense. Its cozy rooms and imaginative artwork grant patrons license to relax and enjoy the ambiance and the food rather than the social scene. Under...  Read More

Palm Beach


Housed in the Brazilian Court Hotel, Cafe Boulud is exquisite, contemporary-designed French-American restaurant with an irresistible dining terrace. Before dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the comfortably revamped bar overlooking the patio. An...  Read More


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