The Best Restaurants on Florida's most Prestigious Island

Palm Beach is known for classy, upscale dining establishments located on the beach, near the beach, or in hotels on/near the beach. Eating is as much about atmosphere and companionship as it is the food. Restaurants make a big push to feel exclusive, even if they are open to the public. Dress codes are often enforced, reservations required and valet service apart of most outings. 

The list below highlights the ten eating venues that need to be sampled when on the island of Palm Beach. These include the super exclusive places like Cafe Boulud, where you are likely to rub elbows with millionaires while you sip your fancy cocktail. Seafood is in high demand by visitors to the Sunshine State, and Charley's Crab doesn't disappoint its guests. Stop in for some freshly caught mahi-mahi.

Not every person vacations to Palm Beach to become the next major socialite or aristocrat. Many "average" humans come strictly for the beach, sports and weather. Pizza Al Fresco is a good place to check out to grab a delicious bite, yet not have to worry about wearing a dinner jacket. Their thin crust Italian pies rival any others out there. 

Stick to this list when making a restaurant choice in Palm Beach and you can't go wrong. 



If you find yourself craving pizza on Palm Beach or need a place to relax after shopping on Worth Avenue, Pizza Al Fresco is the place to go. A sprawling courtyard with light-wrapped trees and an expansive menu with a twist on traditional...  Read More



The Circle at the Breakers is THE place to go to for Sunday brunch. Sunday brunch has been a tradition for more than 25 years. Reservations recommended for Sunday brunch but not needed for breakfast during the week. The whole aura of the place...  Read More



Golden-hued and elegant, Bice is a formidable presence on the Palm Beach dining scene. Refinements like crisp linens and fresh flowers provide indication that a meal here will be nothing less than spectacular. Northern Italian cuisine is...  Read More



Buccan is a top Palm Beach restaurant located on South Country Road, just a 5 minute walk from the beach. The joint's them is "small plates with big flavors" with prime examples being the short rib empanadas and the grilled octopus. The menu is...  Read More

Palm Beach


Meat Market is a steakhouse and seafood joint, self-described as "more glamorous and sexier" than the traditional restaurant in this space. Meat Market originally started as a Miami restaurant, but have since opened locations in San Juan and...  Read More

Flagler Steakhouse


Lit by candlelight and accented with brick columns and greenery, this hotel steakhouse is convenient for guests at The Breakers and makes for a nice excursion for other patrons. Top-quality meats are served and are prepared to your...  Read More

Palm Beach


Housed in the Brazilian Court Hotel, Cafe Boulud is exquisite, contemporary-designed French-American restaurant with an irresistible dining terrace. Before dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the comfortably revamped bar overlooking the patio. An...  Read More

Palm Beach


A constant outpouring of accolades renders this spectacular restaurant one of Palm Beach's best known establishments. A romantic ambience is set with arched windows, mirrors and candlelight, and glorious flower arrangements. Guests are graced by...  Read More

Chez Jean-Pierre


Although it entertains Palm Beach's elite, this fashionable eatery is refreshingly without pretense. Its cozy rooms and imaginative artwork grant patrons license to relax and enjoy the ambiance and the food rather than the social scene. Under...  Read More


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