Get Your Sea Grub from These Top Palm Beach County Restaurants

Coming to vacation in Palm Beach/West Palm Beach, you undoubtedly know the ocean rests due east. The bounty the great sea provides ends up on plates in a vast number of restaurants all across the coast. Without doing your due diligence, you could end up at a ho-hum place that serves "okay" seafood - but is that really what you want when you are on vacation?

Seafood joints come in all shapes and sizes. Some are dives. Others are nestled inside world class resorts. The key to picking a place comes down to two main selectors; quality and atmosphere. 

Driving by a place like Schooner's, you could easily write it off as a ransacked shack that doesn't deserve two looks. Truth be told, it its a top notch seafood restaurant serving delicious grouper fingers and yellow-tail snapper. On the other end of the spectrum, places like Jove Kitchen & Bar up the class but stay true to the roots of what it means to prepare great seafood. 

Whether looking for oysters,mussels, king crab, stone crab, mahi mahi, drum, snapper, etc. the restaurants on this list will surely deliver. They all have different atmosphere types, so be sure to read the descriptions to find the joint that's perfect for your party. 

Old Key Lime House


Lime green timbers and pink shutters adorn the exterior of this famous restaurant and watering hole. Tables, shaded by green awnings, line the dock, and there's also a covered, outdoor Chickee Hut Bar, where the rock and reggae bands frequently...  Read More



When it comes to ocean-front dining, one can't get much closer than Benny's on the Beach. With the restaurant sitting on the Lake Worth Pier, it's easy to be completely immersed in the nautical vibes. Sitting so close to the water means it's no...  Read More



PBCatch has made a splash thanks to Thierry Beaud and executive chef Julian Gremaud of Pistache in West Palm Beach. The restaurant opened in January 2012 and caught on immediately, the reputation of its management preceding it.

Gremaud is a...  Read More



Guanabanas in Jupiter is one of the top nightlife destinations on Florida's east coast. The tiki jungle like atmosphere is enchanting, and adding in live music and fruity drinks only enhances the ambiance. Everyone is super laid back here, and...  Read More



Tasty and affordable, the grub at this West Palm Beach seafooder is tough to pass up. Dig into the macadamia nut-crusted snapper or spicy barbecued Chilean sea bass, with garlic mashed potatoes and cheesy spinach. Coconut shrimp, crab cakes,...  Read More

Capt. Charlie's Reef Grill


The location isn't prime, lines can be long, and the decor isn't jaw-dropping, but the food, by all accounts, is amazing. If you don't have the fortitude to wait for a table, it's only your loss. Seafood of all sorts monopolizes the menu, and...  Read More



Schooner's located in Jupiter, FL is a local seafood institution. It's the type of joint that looks like a shack on the side of the road - the type where you know fresh fish is cut and battered daily. The place used to be a gas station, until...  Read More



Its doors thrown open to the breezes, Spoto's enjoys the scent of the ocean, both from the water and the fresh seafood it serves. Brick floors, mirrored walls, and a ceiling adorned with copper squiggles on a teal background give the place...  Read More


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