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With its lengthy beach, surfable waves and exciting Cocoa Beach Pier lined with restaurants, shops, bars and live music, it's no wonder that Cocoa Beach, Fla., is one of...


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Take It or Leave It: Every traveler likes the ability to catch a movie while on vacation. Merritt Island has the best theater, with tons of screens showing all the latest flicks.

Hot Tips: Spending the extra money on the "astronaut experience" at Kennedy Space Center is worth it.

Caution: There are some seedy parts in between the Port and Cocoa Beach, so check reviews and go with a namebrand hotel.

Hot Tips: If planning to stay in Cocoa Beach, the hotels surrounding Ron Jon Surf Shop are the newest, nicest and closest to surrounding attractions.

Take It or Leave It: Some of the seafood spots in Port/Cape Canaveral may have grungy facades; don't let that deter you.

Be Sure to Sample: The Beach Shack. It's the preeminent "surfer bar" in Cocoa Beach.

Caution: There isn't much, if anything, to do at night in Cape Canaveral except to watch the lights of cruise boats on the horizon.

Take It or Leave It: Places may seem to be heavily populated by locals, but that doesn't mean they don't want you there.

Caution: There is a tank with a live eel inside Cocoa Beach Surf Shop. It has been known to provoke bad dreams.

Best Local Souvenir: Anything that says "Ron Jon Surf Shop."

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