Best Restaurants in Indialantic Both Inviting and Delicious

Indialantic, Fla., is easy to overlook, in the shadow of nearby Melbourne Beach and the Space Coast's more popular destinations, such as Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. But for such a small town (with a population under 3,000), Indialantic packs a big punch when it comes to flavor. 

Travelers may be surprised to see the wide selection of excellent restaurants in this small town. 

As might be expected on the East Coast, fish and seafood are easy stars of the dining scene in Indialantic. Even Italian restaurants, like Petriollo's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria and Villa Palma Ristorante, incorporate seafood into their dishes. Although if good pizza is what the belly craves, Indialantic has that covered, too. Petriollo's and the popular Original Bizzarro Famous NY Pizza, both do pizza well.

For something quick and casual, Long Doggers is a surfer hotspot. For something a little more substantial and sophisticated, Scotts on Fifth has a reputation for excellence. Islands Fish Grill serves well-prepared, locally caught fish.

Many of Indialantic's best restaurants are located near the boardwalk or walking distance to the beach. So after you fill up on local fare (and don't forget to leave space for key lime pie), you can walk along the water and enjoy the warm Florida weather.

Here are our favorite 10 places to dine in Indialantic.  

Beachside Cafe
Photo courtesy of Beachside Cafe


You will know you've found the Beachside Cafe in Indialantic by the inevitable line out the front door on any given weekend morning. This small, family-owned and operated cafe is wildly popular for breakfast, and if you can bear to wait, it...  Read More

Villa Palma Ristorante
Photo courtesy of Villa Palma Ristorante


Sit down for filet "Peppino," named after Chef Peppe: filet mignon tips and sausage in spicy gravy with mushrooms. Or if you can't decide, the Villa Palma Platter is a plate with a taste of many different specialties: eggplant rolatini,...  Read More

Petrillo's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
Photo courtesy of Petrillo's


Travelers looking for Italian food served in a cozy, family-owned environment (with strong New York Little Italy feel) will love Petrillos in Indialantic. Petrillos serves delicious pizza and the Italian comfort-food staples, like spaghetti...  Read More

Skewers Mediterranean Grille
Photo courtesy of Skewers


As the name would suggest, this is the place to go to indulge in, well, things on skewers. But that's not to simplify or overshadow the incredible flavors you can find in this longstanding Indialantic restaurant. Skewers has been a local...  Read More

Islands Fish Grill
Photo courtesy of Islands Fish Grill


Islands Fish Grill, ideally located mere steps from Indialantic's boardwalk, has been a Space Coast favorite for more than 16 years, specializing in expertly prepared, local fish. The grill was purchased by new owners August of 2014, and...  Read More

The Original Bizzarro Famous NY Pizza
Photo courtesy of Original Bizzarro Famous NY Pizza


There's something about pizza and the boardwalk that's a perfect match. That's why we love The Original Bizzarro Famous NY Pizza (Bizzarro's for short), located right on the Indialantic boardwalk. Order your pie to go and eat it on the beach or...  Read More



It wouldn't be right to have a top-10 list in this area without at least one legitimate tribute to surfing. Long Doggers has that covered. Come as you are – yes, even after a morning of surfing. Grab a quick foot-long "Mork Dog" at the window,...  Read More

Scotts on Fifth
Photo courtesy of Scotts on Fifth


This "five-palm" fine-dining establishment boasts a wine bar, fresh seafood, cocktails and top-notch desserts. The dining room is intimate and relaxed, as you would expect on the Space Coast, Fla. But the food is expertly prepared and fit for...  Read More


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