10 Places to Shop in Indialantic That Are Sure to Impress

Indialantic is one of the smaller regions on Florida's Space Coast, but when it comes to shopping options directly in and nearby, it boasts more than its fair share. 

Indialantic is home to one of our favorite places to score quirky and unique gifts in Florida, the Cottage Rose (particularly beautiful around the holiday season). You never know what you will find in this shop of old and new, vintage and crafty. 

Downtown Indialantic itself is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Browse the shops, grab a bite to eat and make sure you are at the boardwalk when the sun sets. The view is breathtaking and an excellent way to end the day. 

If you are looking for outdoor and surf shops, Indialantic also boasts one of the region's best, Longboard House, ideally located right across the street from the waves. So you can rent (or buy) a board on site and immediately try it out. Bob's Bicycle Shop is another great hub for outdoor adventure. This bike shop can even professionally fit you with the perfect bike for your body and needs. Bob's also rents and repairs bikes. 

Here are our favorite 10 places to shop in and around Indialantic. 

Kempf's Jewelers
Photo courtesy of Kempf's Jewelers


Kempf's is Indialantic's shining star. This locally-run shop has been designing high-end, award-winning jewelry since 1971. The shop was started by David and Gale Kempf, who have been working in the field for decades. Today, a group of master goldsmiths and jewelers work at Kempf's creating exquisite jewelry, using diamonds, gold, platinum and rare gems. For an extra special Space Coast souvenir, Kempf's offers a huge selection of sea salvage Spanish treasure coins from shipwrecks that date back as far as the 1600s. These (literal) treasures even come with a certificate of authenticity. Kempf's has a reputation for quality and can custom-design a piece of jewelry or help repair an existing piece.



Roses are Red Florist is Indialantic's best florist. Shoppers can pick up bouquets and expertly arranged flower gifts, so beautiful that the border on living art, at this cheerful, colorful shop. Roses are Red is a great place to pick up plants, as well as unique flowers that you can't find everywhere. The owner and flower designers all have impressive backgrounds and knowledge that will assure your arrangement continues looking beautiful for as long as possible. The shop also makes an effort to use as many locally grown flowers as possible. Roses are Red is popular for weddings and special occasions. Shoppers can also find other thoughtful gifts here, too. If you can't make it in the shop, Roses are Red delivers throughout Melbourne and beyond.



Aquarian Dreams is more than just a store. It promotes a lifestyle of healthy living, healing and higher consciousness. This Indialantic shop has been a strong part of the community since the mid-'80s. You can find a wide range of holistic books and tools, crystals, music (chanting, meditation), clothing, gifts, candles, tapestries, wind chimes and other alternative products. You can also sign up for workshops and yoga classes. After class, walk across the street to the ocean and relax on the Indialantic beach. It's a great place for travelers to come unwind, reset and reconnect with themselves and the community. Pick up a journal and inspiration cards and deepen your vacation to the Space Coast.

The Green Bean Thrift Store
Photo courtesy of Green Bean Thrift Store


Thrift-store shoppers love "the Bean." The Green Bean is a great thrift store in Indialantic. You never know what you are going to find here. The shop itself is relaxed, like a casual treasure hunt, featuring everything from furniture to art to clothing to books. Look for accessories, artwork, purses, shoes, appliances, collectibles and music here, too. Travelers can find something fun to bring home for a cheap price, or also fill in their suitcase gaps (you know, all of the things you inevitably forgot back home) without spending too much money. The Green Bean raises money to help Children of Incarcerated Individuals. You can also donate to the Green Bean daily.



Michael's Mens Store is the best place to get high-end men's clothing in Indialantic, and throughout the Space Coast, too. In this part of Florida, it's easy to find surf shops and casual wear, but it's not as common to find high-quality, brand-name clothing, and bespoke attire. Due to the nature of the products, the prices are not low, but the clothing is quality and the service is, too. Michael's is known for top-notch customer service. If you're looking for that special outfit, your next favorite shirt or a new suit to wear to a special occasion, this is the place to go. Michael's also sells sportive clothing and can help with sewing and alterations. Ask about in-house alterations to assure your clothing fits just right.



VinnieLu's Beachside Chocolates is where travelers go when they want a sweet souvenir. At this locally run chocolate shop, you won't find any fillers, hydrogenated vegetable oil, preservatives or trans fat. Only the purest, freshest, finest ingredients make up these chocolates. We are talking real butter and real cream, all made from scratch in shop, using an original recipe. You can taste the difference, and that's what keeps people coming back time and time again. Travelers will be relieved to know you can order VinnieLu's confections online to be shipped to your home during part of the year. Stock up before you leave, anyway.

Bob's Bicycle Shop
Photo courtesy of Bob's Bicycle Shop


Bob's Bicycle Shop has two Space Coast locations: one in Indian Harbour Beach and the other in Indialantic, right on Fifth Avenue, where much of the shopping action is. Bob's is a longstanding local business (open since 1974) that provides a full selection of bikes. Travelers can even pick up fat bikes here, or bikes with extra wide tires that can easily ride on a wife variety of terrain, including sand, in rain and on ice (not that you will get much of that in Florida). You can buy or rent a bike here, get fitted for a bike or get your bike repaired. Also find all of the bike gear you could need, from apparel to helmets. Bob's is also active in the community, including in fundraisers and bike races.

Longboard House
Photo courtesy of Longboard House


The Longboard House is an authentic, veteran surf shop in Indialantic that boasts the largest selection of boards in the world. While that may not be verifiable, you can find more than 800 different boards here, and even rent your own when you're traveling through. The expert staff can help you find the right match, or custom order a board shaped just for you. While there are other more famous surf shops on the Space Coast, the Longboard House is a local favorite, staffed by the real deal. Surfer staff here will help you pick the right gear and find the best waves.

Downtown Indialantic
Photo courtesy of Flickr user John Krupsky


Indialantic is a sleepy beach town with a handful of great boutiques, as well as thrift stores. Stroll down Fifth Avenue, grab lunch as a small cafe or take a slice of pizza to the beach. Here, you can find the ubiquitous beachwear (Florida's state uniform, it seems), cigars, kites, home decor, sunglasses and art. Two favorite shops are the Longboard House – with the "most comprehensive collection of surfboards and stand-up paddleboards on the planet" – and the Shops On Fifth Avenue shopping center, not far from the beach. Also, don't miss the other local surf shops here: Spectrum Surf Shop and the Surf Gallery, which is part art gallery, part surf shop.

Cottage Rose
Photo courtesy of Cottage Rose


Cottage Rose in Indialantic is where you can find the most unique and unusual items on your loved ones' Christmas lists. You won't find these kinds of gifts in big-box shops at the mall. Here, you will delight in the old and the new: vintage clothes, designer duds, jewelry (even vintage accessories), shoes, handbags, home decor, and more. Hint: If you're shopping for Mom, she wants you to go here. You never know what you will find, yet you will always find something. You can also stock up on Christmas decorations and ornaments here. This is not the kind of store you can hop in and hop out of in a few minutes. Come, browse, dig and enjoy your afternoon. It's like a treasure hunt, where you've already found the pot of gold and you're now sifting through the prize. Best of all: The prices here are reasonable.


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