Fresh from 'la Mer': The Best Seafood Restaurants in Nice

Sitting right on the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan Nice is known for its fresh fish seafood, as well having a host of fine restaurants that know how to infuse it with oil and herbs and cook to perfection. From ocean fish to mussels to prawns and clams and lobsters, the waters off the coast of the French Riviera yields a bounty of fish and seafood. And Nice is a city with a reputation for preparing it well: they even have a seafood salad that was invented here; and if you order a Nicoise Salad in Nice, it should come with fresh anchovies and seared tuna rather than their oft canned substitutes around the world. 

Certain restaurants are known more for their fresh saltwater catches than others, and here we focus on the 10 that do it best of all. The establishments listed here have pinned down the ingredients, mastered the process, and gained a strong following as a result. Nice has had much success cultivating great restaurants and creating a substantial market for Seafood. Locals can't get enough of the city's excellent food, and you'll often find them, along with eager tourists, at the popular brasserie in a cool venue, Flo, or the hyper hot Jan Restaurant. While the delicious Le Chantecler, inside the masterful Hotel Negresco, is famed for its Nicose cooking, including fresh seafood.  



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Airport - Nce


For those in search of innovative seafood entrees served in a unique setting, Flo's is the place for you. Housed in the atrium of a now-defunct theater, and the kitchen sits on the old stage. Flo's is known for its charming ambience, as well as...  Read More

La Chantecler


Famed for its palatial setting and Chef Jean-Denis Rieubland's menu, Le Chantecler in the grand dame Hotel Negrosco is worthy of the two Michelin stars it has been bestowed. When asked to describe his menu Rieubland says his style is "inspired...  Read More

Airport - Nce


A local favorite for years now, Au Petit Gari is located in the center of Old Nice, right on Garibaldi Square, behind the Museum of Modern Art. The dining area is cozy and chef Eric dishes up excellent Provencal home cooking at fare prices. Come...  Read More

Le Merenda
Photo courtesy of La Merenda


This petite bistro in Old Town is the work of a former Michelin-starred chef, Dominic Le Stanc, it attracts throngs of hungry locals who come for the dishes chalked up on a board each day – there is no formal menu. Although the offerings...  Read More

Airport - Nce
Photo courtesy of L'Univers


Connoisseurs flock to this restaurant in the heart of town and enjoy dishes prepared by its renowned chef. Selections include lamb prepared with cream, artichokes roasted with peppers, and fresh fish and shellfish from the sea. The restaurant...  Read More

Le Safari
Photo courtesy of Le Safari Restaurant


In Vieux Nice (the Old Town), Le Safari serves a mix of French and Italian fare, including some excellent seafood options in a lively heart of Old Town locale right by the Opera. There is al fresco sidewalk seating for sunny days, as well as an...  Read More

Jan Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jan Restaurant


Named for its creator, South African chef Jan Hendrick van der Westhuizen, Jan's is easily one of Nice's hot eats du jour. Despite the fact that the proprietor hails from Africa, and from a former British colony to boot, does nothing to hinder...  Read More

Photo courtesy of L'Escalinada


This restaurant has been popular with tourists and locals alike for the last five decades now – some people love it, others hate it. Yes it is touristy, and often packed, but it also serves consistently good Nicoise fare including some of the...  Read More

Lou Bistrot Nissart
Photo courtesy of Lou Nissart


Near the Port of Nice, this restaurant specializes in local Nicoise fare and is far enough removed from the main tourist areas to feel local and off-the-beaten path (although it is near the flower market, so convenient to reach from the port...  Read More

Airport - Nce


Sophisticated and posh with curved lines of the Art Deco style, this distinct restaurant serves traditional Nice cuisine of fresh raviolis and seafood that is both delicious and fairly priced. The service is also friendly and efficient and...  Read More


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