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Les Halles is one of the most historic parts of Paris though it differs from the other central historic areas, Le Marais and the Latin Quarter, in that it has been rebuilt...


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Hot Tips: Getting caught in the frequent Paris rain without an umbrella. True Parisians always carry an umbrella with them in their bag or coat pocket.

Hot Tips: Buy tickets to top attractions - and especially to current museum exhibits - online to save time waiting in line.

Hot Tips: A night or two spent in Chantilly is like living a fairytale fantasy come true.

Hot Tips: Many of the newer Paris hotels are themed in décor and style. Maison Souquet, for example, was once a famous 'house of courtesans.'

Hot Tips: Going to a restaurant just because it's expensive won't always get you the experience you crave. A small French bistro in a local neighborhood will often exceed simple expectations.

Hot Tips: Be sure to dine in at least one traditional French bistro while in Paris.

Hot Tips: Try the namesake dish at Au Pied de Cochon, the foot of the pig.

Hot Tips: Wine bars are a true social scene in the city. The ones you'll find here offer conversation as good as the golden or ruby red liquid in your wine glass.

Hot Tips: Even if you don't understand a word of Moliere in French, it is still worth the price of a rush Sunday matinee ticket (cheap!) just to be able to sit in the plush red seats of La Comedie Française, built by King Louis XIV in the 1600s.

Hot Tips: There are few things more thrilling than shopping the sales in Paris. They take place in January and then again at the end of June through July.

Hot Tips: With the abundance of designer fashions in the city, you can find real treasures at the many consignment shops - for a great bargain, to boot.

Things to do in Paris