Celebrate The Winter Holidays In Fun And Different Ways

The holidays are full of rich traditions that come from Earth’s beautiful diversity of cultures. These cultures, many of them, are celebrated here in Paris, from family festivities, to gourmet treats to holy observances of sacred days. One of the most magical of Parisian experiences you can have, whether you are Christian or not, is attending the midnight mass at the Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris on Christmas Eve. Hearing Holy Mass in a church over 800 years old fills you with a sense of the majesty of our saints throughout the ages and peering at the Baby Jesus manger, called a crèche in French, is something that the whole family is sure to enjoy. 

Two musts during the holidays are indulging in gourmet treats with friends and loved ones, at, say the Marche des Enfants Rouges, and also looking your best while doing so. Perfect Pairings food+wine is a short 2-hour workshop where you'll not only get to taste a minimum of three fine French wines, you'l also learn how to pair them with food and how to order the right French wine with your restaurant or bistro meal. At the Christophe Robin salon in Montorgeuil you'll find an over sized Venus clam shell that doubles as a hair washbasin that anyone is welcome to use when you wander in looking to try out some of his all-natural  hair care products. It works like this: Walk in, tell the staff that you’d like to shampoo your hair using their products and they will welcome you and hand you a hair dryer and a bespoke boar-bristle hair brush (that is DYI) once your hair is shampooed. The Venus basin can accommodate two people at once so a couple of friends or a few family members can make this an outing.

Once you’ve gotten yourselves all pretty and prepped it’s time to go off and meet the rest of the party for that elegant afternoon tea, hot chocolate and pastries. One of the most festive holiday-makers in Paris is Experience Paris. Larry Davis has a gorgeous vintage 1955 Rolls Royce that he'll pick you up in and drop you off at your elegant destination. 

And though it’s not an outing reserved just for the boys, while the girls are having their beauty time, the boys could take that as their cue to take in a sporting event at the all-new U Arena which has seating for up to 40K spectators and is located just past La Defense. 

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche


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Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Paris
Photo courtesy of Musee des Arts & Decoratifs Paris


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Christophe Robin
Photo courtesy of Christophe Robin Salon


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3rd Arondissement - Marais


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9ème Arrondissement


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6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche


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La Defense


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3rd Arondissement - Marais


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18th Arrondissement - Montmartre
Experience Paris
Photo courtesy of Larry Davis


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