Best Spas in Paris

Paris' Best Spas Rejuvenate, Relax And Reduce Visible Signs of Aging

If you’re a connoisseur of spa treatments and spas, get ready, because Paris offers a fragrant bouquet of spa experiences that are sure to delight even the most gourmet beauty experts. There seems to be an increasing awareness of whole-body health that is being diffused in these sanctuaries of beauty and well-being. Many of the spas here are co-branded with luxury beauty lines such as Darphin, Deep Nature-Algotherm, Biologique Recherche, La Prairie and Guerlain. Indeed for several of those mentioned their flagship spas are here in Paris. 

These shrines of relaxation and rejuvenation are each exquisite and each very different from one another. For a lifting and sculpting facial, Biologique Recherche reigns supreme; for an experience that feels like a silk cocoon and which will have you emerging like a butterfly, the Institut Darphin Paris is a must on your list of To-Do's. Deep Nature Spa, in the St.James & Albany Hotel, transports you to a white sand beach in Tahiti before you can say Bonjour!

Guerlain, for the French, is the regal experiene and their spa on the Champs-Elysées, with their white-onyx treatment rooms, is one of the most serene and elegant spa experiences to be had in the City of Lights. When your feet are aching from too much sightseeing, Ban Thai, with several locations throughout Paris, is the go-to spa, also for their signature Thai massages which aid tremendously in de-stressing tired muscles.

In terms of a day spa getaway, the Deep Nature Spa is truly an oasis in the center of the city.  If you schedule your appointment for the morning, you might get lucky and have the spa, with its pool, eucalyptus-fragrant steam room and the roomy jacuzzi, all to yourself.


Le Spa Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome
Photo courtesy of Le Spa, Paris Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Aside from housing one of Paris's most sought after hair salons, the John Nollet hair salon, the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme also has a fantastic, demure little spa tucked downstairs underneath the main lobby. Men's and women's separate changing rooms yield onto a shared spa space where you'll find a eucalyptus-scented sauna, a roomy jacuzzi done all in gold and amber mosaic tiles, and a heavenly steam room. But the real treasure here is the signature facial spa treatment, Crème de la Mer (with sea kelp). It guarantees to get rid of dark circles and bags underneath the eyes. What's more, it works! If your eyes are weary from too much computer work or onscreen reading, this is your miracle cure. By the following day you will have lifted about 5 years of fatigue and stress off your face. Body treatments include full body massages on heated massage tables.

Recommended for Spas because: It's a rare find to discover a spa treatment that not only feels wonderful but has lasting, visible, beneficial effects.

Paige's expert tip: There is warmth and luxurious comfort here at this spa. Of course, the Place Vendome location makes it ultra-posh and ultra-convenient, too. The best time to use the sauna, steamroom, jacuzzi is in the morning, when there's a chance few others are there.

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8ème Arrondissement

This is one of those places where the name says it all: state-of-the-art Swiss cellular skincare in La Prairie's exclusive Parisian namesake spa in one of Paris' most luxurious hotels. If you're a fan of this top-of-the line anti-aging skincare, you'll deeply appreciate the spa menu they've developed here. Their Anti-Aging "Booster" Facial is specially designed to hydrate and detoxify your jetlagged and travel-stressed skin. Products used in this one-hour treatment include serum, the 3-minute peeling mask and cellular refining lotion, all from La Prairie's Anti-aging line. For couples wishing to spend detox time together, there is a VIP treatment room furnished with its own steam room, jacuzzi for two and double heated massage treatment tables. Everything at the spa is designed for luxurious comfort and well-being. For those wishing to try on a bit of exotic, the spa menu features a 4 hour "From Russia With Love" spa package

Recommended for Spas because: Oh to glow brighter, younger and healthier, in just one hour. Here you can, with the Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Facial by La Prairie.

Paige's expert tip: The spa treatment rooms are equipped with ergonomically adjustable massage tables, heated. La Prairie products are used for facials. Some use of aromatherapy is infused throughout the treatments as are hot/cold temperature techniques, such as La Prairie's proprietary Swiss Ice Crystal Complex. A babysitting service is available for the youngsters.

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4ème Arrondissement
Institut Decleor Paris Marais
Photo courtesy of Decleor

More than a boutique (which is what first greets your eye from the street-front) this is a full-scale, fully equipped spa. The Decleor products are all about aromatherapy and bringing your mind-body into an oasis of peace, away from mental stress and overload. So as soon as you enter into this haven of good scents and relaxing/invigorating smells, you feel instantly transported. These products are what usher you into your body or facial treatment, whichever you booked for yourself today. The cabins, several of which are tucked away in the luxury space behind the front product display areas, are outfitted with state of the art massage tables and amenities. There is even a workshop atelier which you can privatize that offers a serene meeting space as it is courtyard facing. So serene, in fact, that you'd never guess you are in the heart of the Marais shopping district.

Recommended for Spas because: After a morning of shopping in the Marais, treat yourself to an inner-outer well-being ritual here at Decleor's newest signature spa and boutique.

Paige's expert tip: Let the esthician walk you through the scent choices. Each scent has different beneficial properties, so one day you may feel like being invigorated, while another time you may be looking for relaxation. Each experience, in this regard, can be a fresh new one of reawakening of your senses corresponding to your mind-body's needs in the moment.

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16ème Arrondissement
MAJClub Spa
Photo courtesy of Majestic Villa Hotel Paris MAJClub Luxury Spa

The convenience and multi-facet nature of this spa is its trump cards. Just next to the Arc de Triomphe, the MajClub Wellness, partnered with MatiSpa, is located just underneath the ground floor of the Majestic Villa Hotel. It's a place popular with the many residents and professionals from the upscale offices and apartments in the neighborhood. The pool, which has a counter current that gives a good workout when swimming laps, also offers aquabike and aqua-fitness courses. Popular now is the stand-up paddle board, a fitness rage that has caught on in Paris, too. The courses are given by a private fitness coach or in groups. The natural oils-based and very subtly fragranced spa line, MatiSpa, is what is used in the facial and body treatments here. All senses are engaged during treatments under the Feel&Be spa brand line which uses lighting and aromatherapy to deepen the therapeutic effects.

Recommended for Spas because: Wonderfully convenient spa at which to buy a memebership if you frequently visit the city.

Paige's expert tip: This is the only spa in Paris that has infrared saunas. The pool here offers a counter-current, allowing for good lap swimming. You can also book individual aqua bike sessions here.

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16ème Arrondissement

When traveling, what does one yearn for more than a massage? But, more precisely, in Paris, an hour long foot massage. Once you've spent a day walking around the city on your feet, you will 100% know what I mean. Or, for the ladies, just a few hours out at night navigating 16th c. cobble-stoned streets in stilettos will have you rushing to make your foot massage appointment at this welcoming and warm spa. The ambiance, true to its name, is all Thai. From the warmth you feel when you enter, to the wall-length Buddha carvings that decorate doors and passageways, this ambiance transports you instantly to the tropical Far East. Of course their specialty here is Thai Massage and the couple's room is particularly roomy, with heated massage beds.

Recommended for Spas because: Come with or without an appointment, this welcoming, flower-filled spa embodies all the warmth and serenity one so readily associates with all things Thai.

Paige's expert tip: Their newest address is up near Trocad�ro and boasts the most space of all their Paris spas. Each location is a bit different, naturally, but you will find the same devoted service, warmth of welcome and spa menu at all their locations here in Paris.

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The Spa At Mandarin Oriental Paris
Photo courtesy of The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Paris copyright

As one of the most luxurious, and largest, spas in the center of Paris, an hour-long appointment at the Mandarin Oriental Spa will leave you feeling like you've escaped the city to a zen mountain-top in Asia. Powdery whites and pearly pinks envelop you as you enter into the reception area replete with Guerlain beauty products. The lap-sized pool is just beyond and the 7 spa suites, of which three are duo suites, follow. The award-winning products used for facial and body treatments are however from Aromatherapy Associates, a line that is all natural and organic. This is an east-meets-west philosophy so a relaxing body massage here is a ritual that begins with a steam bath and body scrub, then a treatment combining oriental merdian massage with the therapeutic benefits of custom-blended essential oils. You'll leave feeling not only renewed but as if you've had a full meridian-chakra adjustment.

Recommended for Spas because: One of the gentlest, most luxurious and therapeutic spas in Paris, you are guaranteed to emerge renewed.

Paige's expert tip: The signature Orchidée Impériale treatments here exquisitely reflect the Spa at Mandarin Oriental's holistic, whole-body wellness philosophy. The swimming pool, followed by an all-natural full body scrub, remains a favourite here.

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1er Arrondissement

For those times when you close your eyes and wish you were relaxing in Tahiti's tropical waters, or getting a massage in Bora Bora, rest assured, here at Deep Nature Spa you will swear you've been transported to just that kind of calm oasis. Located in the lower level of the upscale luxury St. James Albany Hotel, Deep Nature Spa is exquisite simplicity. The pool is spacious enough to swim laps, but still offer that subdued lighting, hushed kind of feel. Their spa treatment cabins have been carved out of ancient Parisian cellars, with the exposed stone walls lending a peaceful atmosphere. To finish your massage, reserve the jacuzzi, spacious enough for two and private, as well. His and her dressing rooms have showers, lockers and ample supply of the top-of-the line Algotherm body care products. Schedule enough time either before or after your treatment to enjoy the eucalyptus-scented steamroom.

Recommended for Spas because: This is the spa in Paris where you will want to spend time, to soak in the peaceful relaxation here.

Paige's expert tip: There are two Deep Nature spas in Paris. One is located at the Intercontinental Hotel near Opéra and this one, located near the Tuileries in the St. James & Albany Hotel. This location is more luxurious, offering a pool and recently renovated interior. Both spas offer the brand's high-quality treatments.

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8ème Arrondissement

The grand dame of Parisian spas, this spa that adjoins the famous perfume brand's flagship Champs-Elysées storefront is not to be outdone. The philosophy here is that a woman (or man, of course, too) may not know exactly what their body needs when they make their treatment appointment. So, the first thing your aesthetician does is ask you which of the treatments off the menu strike a chord in you at this very moment... Is it the body massage, the signature facial, the hand massage complement? It's up to you to put together your bespoke spa treatment, one that will last a designated length of time.

Recommended for Spas because: The onyx pieces in the treatment rooms are said to enhance a person's well-being and therefore beauty, too.

Paige's expert tip: Guerlain is still the only spa I know of where the aesthetician will re-apply "your face" after the facial. So you leave feeling not only lifted and refreshed but properly made up, too, with the best Guerlain products. The reception room offers a select variety of Guerlain rare perfumes.

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7ème Arrondissement

After your couple's massage, your aesthetician will guide you into the jacuzzi room for two and hand you two glasses of champagne that you can enjoy while soaking together in the hot tub. Water plays an integral role in several of Frederic Bonfils' signature massage treatments here.There is even one that is a massage while you soak in the hot tub. Their steam room is also outfitted with multiple shower jets, affording you and your companion a playful setting in which to prepare together for your anticipated massage treatments. For an extra therapeutic session, ask for the Tibetan massage, administered by a true Tibetan practitioner. You will leave feeling renewed, energized and with all your chakras re-aligned. All the better to enjoy your romantic time with your chosen one afterwards.

Recommended for Spas because: For a truly authentic French pampering experience in Paris, this is one of the most secluded spa locations you'll find in the capital.

Paige's expert tip: Men are as equally pampered here as women. They even have an entire massage and well-being menu devoted exclusively to their masculine clientele. Another specialty here is Tibetan massage, administered by a Tibetan who learned his craft high in the Himalayan mountains.

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When you're looking for something more than just feelgood, that is, when you're looking for results, this is Paris' incomparable address. The secret of famous actresses and models, the day you schedule your bespoke facial, is the day you'll start to look about 15 years younger. No joke. The highly tailored, individualized skin diagnostic they do to measure your skin's elasticity, its collagen and sebum levels, the state of its hydration and pigmentation, all set you up for treatments with their unbelievably precise facial massage techniques and beauty products to leave you feeling, and, importantly, looking like years have been sculpted off of your face. Nice plus: all produces here, made by Biologique Recherche, are perfume and fragrance-free, paraben-free, conservative-free and are nearly all 90% or more natural-product based.

Recommended for Spas because: If you have the opportunity, the couple's "haute couture" treatment cabin with its marble shower is highly recommended.

Paige's expert tip: The new facilities are now double the size of what they once were. In 2015 the company was in the unique position to buy the identical mansion right next to their original building. The result is they now have the exact mirror-double, twice their previous size, of the original premises.

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