A Night Filled with Theaters, Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Les Halles

Nightlife means different things to different people. A good night out on the town can also mean different things to each of us at our various ages and also depending on the circumstances – whether we're with family or perhaps a romantic partner or just hanging out with a group of friends.

The fine thing about Les Halles is that it offers so many good nightlife choices for just about any set of social circumstances you're looking to fill. So, whether an elegant night at one of the national theaters, such as Théatre du Châtelet, watching something like Singin' In The Rain, is in order, or an elegant cocktail sipped at the all-newly-refurbished Les Bains over whispered nothings is what's in store for the night, this list will have you ticking off the options. Of course, the pub, jazz club and late-night café options are also all to found here. Keep in mind that Les Halles is filled with so many great possibilities for a great night out on the town that these ten here only just scratch the surface of what's in store.  

One of the most unique places you'll find is Le Bel Canto. It's opera dinner theatre like none you've experienced before. A favorite of the French for celebrating special occasions, the opera performances given here by the talented staff are much more than just singing acts in between your starter and main – these are next year's stage stars while they keep their voices in practice.  


One of Paris' main theaters for live performances, musicals and dance productions. The theatre was first inaugurated in 1862 with Empress Eugénie as the guest of honor. For Paris at the time it was the largest venue, seating 2,500. Its glass dome roof was an engineering breakthrough in the way it optimized sound amplification. For decades at the end of the 19th century, the theater's stage machinery and fire effects were unparalleled anywhere in the world underscoring the many military and fantasy dramas staged here. One of the reasons the theater attracted large numbers of spectators from the outset was because of its accessibility - many were able to come via the river ferries, which were at that time the Bateaux-mouches.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: One of the loveliest theaters of Paris, its rich history doesn't diminish its contemporary relevance. Today it still hosts culturally appealing plays, musicals and dance.

Paige's expert tip: Devoted to an eclectic variety of productions, this theater has hosted drama, music and musical productions since opening its doors in 1862. Composers such as Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Grieg and Richard Strauss have conducted their own works here.

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3éme Arrondissement

In its newest re-invention of self, this legendary club is now a Luxury Hotel, but full on. However, paying respect to its past, it still hosts a club downstairs, where it all started, and has even preserved the historical swimming pool from whence the venue gets its name (Bains means "bath" in French). Something else legendary and historical this world-renowned property kept throughout its head-to-toe transformation is the black and white checkered dance floor. It's a holdover from tne then-youngster (we're talking back in the 70s) Philippe Starck's early design innovations. The lobby-level bar is elegant and perfect for a quiet evening drink when you feel like getting dressed up and having a smart cocktail.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: This venue has been a legend for decades. Now that it is completely refurbished, it is taking its place once again in Parisian nightlife.

Paige's expert tip: The club happens only on the weekends. But you can still make a night of it by hanging out with a few cocktails and the other beautiful people at the elegant ground floor bar.

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4ème Arrondissement

If there were a prize given to the most strategically placed caf� in Paris, this caf� would be a front-runner to win. What says "You're in Paris now!", more than sipping a cocktail, a beer, a caf� or a glass of wine while gazing out onto the Centre Pompidou, one of Paris' most visual landmarks. And the people watching here is some of the best anywhere. One of the many things that appeals to all ages about Les Halles is that it draws such a wide assortment of types, ages and colors of people. The area is so diverse that you might even see purple people walk by, at least if you hang out here late enough at night enjoying the colorful landscape - and human - scenery.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: There is only one café in the world which affords this direct view onto the Centre Pompidou, and this is it.

Paige's expert tip: This caf� stays open until 2 a.m. so it's a great staging area for either before or after hitting the bars in the area. Likewise, the afternoons are when you'll find the tables littered with people nursing their drinks while they click-clack on their laptops.

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This all-purpose nightlife venue provides a bar, restaurant and club - and also a smoking room, a music room and a bathing room. OK, the last is open to interpretation. Mostly, though, this is the go-to around Les Halles when you and your posse are still figuring out the night's game plan. And, hey, if you end up hanging here the whole night long, at least you're sure to enjoy yourselves. The décor is fashionable and varies inside the club-bar-restaurant. If you end up having dinner or snacks, the food is only so-so. The bar serves the standard drinks and cocktails.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: A Les Halles staple, this club is one of those no-brainer, fail-safe venues when thinking up a place for your meet-up.

Paige's expert tip: While this is a bar-restaurant-club, there are so many great restaurants around Les Halles that you are best using this as a staging area while you figure out your next move.

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Rock-n-roll and cocktails, all night long. Get started at 6pm and keep going 'til 5 (am). This is one of Les Halles' mainstays and a must on your bar crawl around the 'hood. The atmosphere is friendly and with all the alcohol that gets served, poured and drunk here becomes even friendlier as the night wears on. Check their website for theme nights. They often have Ladies' Night or other happenings. If you're just passing through the city this is the fun kind of place where you can safely say you don't remember a thing the morning after. And Happy Hour, with its drink specials, is a good time to get started.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: This is the kind of watering hole you would hang out at back home (if you're like 25 and under).

Paige's expert tip: When you're a student on spring break, this is the kind of bar you hope to find. If you come with your group of friends, all the better. And even if you don't, you're sure to leave with a newly found group of BFFs.

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1er Arrondissement

A bit at the far reaches of Les Halles, towards the Seine, this oh so trendy restaurant-bar with a club-like feel strategically sits on the top floor of one of those gloriously old French buildings. The menu here is all asian-fusion and the cocktails, changed frequently, get creative, too. It's good to be the king ... Kong has a lot going for it: an interior created by the French designer-to-rule-them-all, Philippe Starck, and a glammy style like a Japanese schoolgirl's trinket-box. However, the views are its most seductive traits: of the Parisian skyline and the seemingly endless supply of model patrons. Shine up your chic, as entry is extremely competitive.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: If venues in and around Les Halles can feel a bit grungy sometimes, this offers a hipster chic alternative.

Paige's expert tip: It's best to dress up for this place as if you were going out to a club. The views from up top here are breathtaking as you have the River Seine at your feet and the twinkling Eiffel Tower in the distance.

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1er Arrondissement

This jazz joint draws big-name musicians and a crowd of music lovers. The interior features a swanky, modern vibe, and the tables are strategically positioned so that there's really not a bad seat. This local hot spot also features a full dinner menu. The programming offers nearly nightly music acts and there are often two shows, one at 8 p.m. and the later show at 10 p.m. Concerts range from jazz pianists playing Dave Brubeck tributes to French "pop jazz" trios. This is a great location in the center of town that gives you a good night of music, fun and some jazz relaxation.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: This club is the anchor of the jazz club circuit at Les Halles. It's also the more upscale of the lot.

Paige's expert tip: Another great thing about the location of this jazz club, in addition to it being right at Les Halles, is that two other jazz club musts are on the same street, namely Sunset/Sunside and Le Baiser Sal�.

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1er Arrondissement

On the jazz-thick Rue des Lombards, Le Baiser Sal� ("Salted Kiss") is convincingly moody. New bands dominate, but veterans sometimes grandstand – and it's famous for promoting unusual and trans-ethnic styles. The ambiance is warm and welcoming; the dress code is very much "come as you are." Students, jazz fans and their long-suffering friends all manage to have a good time. The motto here is that only in the world of jazz would we ever want to become millionaires. That's the singular devotion to this genre of music you'll find here. Since opening over 30 years ago now it has hosted scores of musical acts including Richard Bona, Taffa Ciss�, Thierry Arpino, Etienne MBapp�, Linlay Marthe, Geoffroy de Mazure, �mile Parisien, Ang�lique Kidjo, Laurent Vernerey, Lo�c Ponthieu, NGuyen L�, Mokhtar Samba.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: This classic jazz venue is one of those pilgrimages you must make when in Paris.

Paige's expert tip: This jazz club leans towards the Afro-jazz-fusion sort. It is near Les Halles so makes it super convenient for a night out of bar and music club hopping. Around since the early 80's, its reputation is solid among Parisian and international jazz lovers.

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4th Arondissement - Beaubourg an

Just an old-fashioned, unshowy bar tucked right into the heart of Les Halles, Brooklyn to Paris was opened last year by an expat from....Rhode Island. The bar, though, has that Brooklyn feel to it, probably because most of the Parisian Anglophones who've already found their way there seem to just appreciate rubbing shoulders with their own kind. It's not fancy and it's not big, and though David, the owner-bartendar, knows how to mix a mean Mojito, imaginative cocktail concoctions are not what has put this place on the map. What has, then, you ask ? Its location, its friendly vibe, its cozy atmosphere of a neighborhood bar where you can grab a beer or a rum and coke and simply sit and watch people walk by as you contemplate which one of the dozens of fantastic restaurants within spitting distance you're going to grab dinner at tonight.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: Ultra-convenient and central Les Halles location makes for a perfect meeting or evening's starting off point.

Paige's expert tip: About the size of a hole-in-the-wall, this watering hole is a comfy bar from which to start, end or continue your pub crawl through Les Halles.

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4ème Arrondissement

There is nothing quite like this place anywhere else in the world. Started in the early 2000s, this restaurateur had the enticing inspiration to not just provide dinner-theatre to his guests, but to provide live opera with their meal. What makes the whole singing-with-your-meal work is that these performers are top-notch, highly-trained opera singers who, when not performing here, are on stage, featured on Radio France performances and/or recording their own CDs. The performing team features 100 singers and 20 piano players in total. And, this being France, the meal served is no after thought. A newly refreshed menu by Executive Chef Eric Léautey has your fish, chicken and steak cooked to perfection and served with light and flavorful accompanying sauces. The wine list, too, is well thought out and offers selections from Burgundy, the Loire, Côte-du-Rhône and Bordeaux.

Recommended for 1st Arrondissement - Les Halles' Best Nightlife because: This choice will be sure to please whomever's birthday, anniversary or other special occasion you are celebrating.

Paige's expert tip: This is more than dinner-theatre, it's operatic dinner theatre. All performers are professionally trained opera singers and when not serving you the delicious steak and seafood dinners prepared by the excellent kitchens here, they are delivering stage-worthy performances.

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