A Night Filled with Theaters, Bars, Pubs and Clubs in Les Halles

Nightlife means different things to different people. A good night out on the town can also mean different things to each of us at our various ages and also depending on the circumstances – whether we're with family or perhaps a romantic partner or just hanging out with a group of friends.

The fine thing about Les Halles is that it offers so many good nightlife choices for just about any set of social circumstances you're looking to fill. So, whether an elegant night at one of the national theaters, such as Théatre du Châtelet, watching something like Singin' In The Rain, is in order, or an elegant cocktail sipped at the all-newly-refurbished Les Bains over whispered nothings is what's in store for the night, this list will have you ticking off the options. Of course, the pub, jazz club and late-night café options are also all to found here. Keep in mind that Les Halles is filled with so many great possibilities for a great night out on the town that these ten here only just scratch the surface of what's in store.  

One of the most unique places you'll find is Le Bel Canto. It's opera dinner theatre like none you've experienced before. A favorite of the French for celebrating special occasions, the opera performances given here by the talented staff are much more than just singing acts in between your starter and main – these are next year's stage stars while they keep their voices in practice.  



One of Paris' main theaters for live performances, musicals and dance productions. The theatre was first inaugurated in 1862 with Empress Eugénie as the guest of honor. For Paris at the time it was the largest venue, seating 2,500. Its glass...  Read More

3ème Arrondissement


In its newest re-invention of self, this legendary club is now a Luxury Hotel, but full on. However, paying respect to its past, it still hosts a club downstairs, where it all started, and has even preserved the historical swimming pool from...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement


If there were a prize given to the most strategically placed caf� in Paris, this caf� would be a front-runner to win. What says "You're in Paris now!", more than sipping a cocktail, a beer, a caf� or a glass of wine while...  Read More



This all-purpose nightlife venue provides a bar, restaurant and club - and also a smoking room, a music room and a bathing room. OK, the last is open to interpretation. Mostly, though, this is the go-to around Les Halles when you and your posse...  Read More



Rock-n-roll and cocktails, all night long. Get started at 6pm and keep going 'til 5 (am). This is one of Les Halles' mainstays and a must on your bar crawl around the 'hood. The atmosphere is friendly and with all the alcohol that gets served,...  Read More

1er Arrondissement


A bit at the far reaches of Les Halles, towards the Seine, this oh so trendy restaurant-bar with a club-like feel strategically sits on the top floor of one of those gloriously old French buildings. The menu here is all asian-fusion and the...  Read More

1er Arrondissement


This jazz joint draws big-name musicians and a crowd of music lovers. The interior features a swanky, modern vibe, and the tables are strategically positioned so that there's really not a bad seat. This local hot spot also features a full dinner...  Read More

1er Arrondissement
Le Baiser Salé


On the jazz-thick Rue des Lombards, Le Baiser Sal� ("Salted Kiss") is convincingly moody. New bands dominate, but veterans sometimes grandstand – and it's famous for promoting unusual and trans-ethnic styles. The ambiance is warm and...  Read More

4th Arondissement - Beaubourg an


Just an old-fashioned, unshowy bar tucked right into the heart of Les Halles, Brooklyn to Paris was opened last year by an expat from....Rhode Island. The bar, though, has that Brooklyn feel to it, probably because most of the Parisian...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement


There is nothing quite like this place anywhere else in the world. Started in the early 2000s, this restaurateur had the enticing inspiration to not just provide dinner-theatre to his guests, but to provide live opera with their meal. What makes...  Read More


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