Montorgueil Plays A Central Role in Paris' Craft Cocktail Movement

Perhaps because wine plays such an important role here in France's culture, the cocktail culture was a long time in coming. But when it arrived, in the late 2000s, it arrived with a bang. The outpost that garnered the majority of the spotlight at first was, of course, the Experimental Cocktail Club, opened in this neighborhood, on one of the tiny sidestreets that snake throughout the Montorgueil district. On the heels of its wild success, several more opened up nearby, namely Jefrey's Bar à Cocktail just down the street and more recently, the cult fave, Lockwood, which is located now on rue d'Aboukir, marking the fringes of the neighborhood. The relative new-comer on the scene, Club RaYé already draws a loyal following, especially for their Wednesday open Mic nights. So bring your singing voice when you stop by for a cocktail. 

In addition to the bars answering the call of the cocktail craze, any balmy evening that invites you to walk along the pedestrian only rue Montorgueil will also have you inadvertently participating in the sidewalk revelry of cafés, wine bars, and bistros whose patrons overflow onto the sidewalk seating in order to better enjoy the many street performers passing by. This is a very lively area full of boisterous good vibes. It's also a fairly young crowd but that's not to say that there are only students here. It's a residential district as well so lots of local color is to be found when you make your rounds here.



Sure there are a number of wine bars to choose from in Paris and each has its distinct character but you will have to try out a number of them before you find anything close to as charming and inviting as this one. The bar stools number less...  Read More

2ème Arrondissement


Harmony and happiness flows here. That is the motto of the young owner and wine lover, Martin P�lissier who opened this wine and tapas bar in an old 16th c. mansion in one of Paris' oldest quarters, known for centuries as the "Belly"of...  Read More



True to its name, this café and bar sits right in the middle as you walk the length of rue Montorgueil, the pedestrian only street. It stays open late so it's a good place to end the day, after dinner, with a digestive, an espresso or a glass...  Read More



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This bar greets you as you enter the rue Montorgueil district from the Les Halles direction. It's not fancy and there's no need to get dressed up to come in and have a beer or a glass of house wine here. Unlike many of the other venues in the...  Read More



This café/bar is just as good in the afternoon as it is at night. In the evenings it draws a more rowdy crowd, naturally, who come for a cold beer or a soothing glass of wine after work. The location, perching on the fringes of Les Halles and...  Read More



When this opened several years ago, it was notable the location they chose: just across the street from another craft cocktail bar. What's nice is that the ambiance here is très lounge so if you are looking for a quiet place to gather and sip a...  Read More



In its few short years since opening, this place has become the cocktail institution. The founders, a group of buddies, have since gone on to open to several more clubs and even one in NYC. They are often credited (accurately or inaccurately)...  Read More



Not missing a beat, this coffee house that serves craft coffees brewed from the Belleville coffee roasters by day, turns into a sort of basement speakeasy by night. It is a bit just-off the rue Montorgueil area meaning you have to cross a major...  Read More

Club Rayé
Photo courtesy of Club RaYé


Settled in at just a stone's throw from the cluster of Montorgueil craft cocktail bars, Club RaYé counts among the area's best. Its black and white stripe motif is echoed in the waiter's uniforms. It's a club that has honed its image so you are...  Read More


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