Jazz, Whiskey and Cabaret - Paris Offers Non-stop Nighttime Fun time

Going out in Paris doesn't require a stop in at a speakeasy followed by a jazz jam at a world-renowned club featured in an Oscar-winning Hollywood film or some song-and-dance by a sultry chanteuse at a cabaret. But it can. It can be all those things, in fact, and much, much more.

Truth be told, going out in Paris is about as rich an experience as they come. The city is an adult playground without comparison, especially when you add the caveat of  ‘adults with good taste.’  The thing to do is pack your evening with about as much as you can squeeze and handle. For example, start off low-key with aperitifs at the neighborhood café/ wine bar such as La Perle (which has a secret room you can rent for overnight stays called The Kiss Room) or Glou, an icon with a view directly onto the Picasso Museum. Follow that by dinner before your cabaret show at the fabulous La Nouvelle Seine - the Table du Bal is especially noteworthy for its succulent fare wafting from the kitchens.

Once the show is over, head out to a cocktail bar such as Le Klay or if you want to grow a bit of hair on your chest, check out the den-like speakeasy that exclusively houses whiskey, as in 900 different kinds. That can be found hidden inside another bar and is called Golden Promise. Round out the evening by taking in some jazz at the legendary Caveau de la Huchette. The swing dancers are as entertaining as the jazz players, to be sure. And if you haven’t yet seen La La Land, it's a must. Because this is where that fabulous Paris scene with the sublime Oscar-winning Emma Stone was filmed.  A bientot, mes amis!





5th Arondissement - Latin Quarte

This barge parked underneath the Notre Dame Cathedral offers more than just dinner - it also puts on a burlesque-filled cabaret show that will leave the boys feeling a bit hot under the collar. A fun evening for adults in a location that doesn't...  Read More

2ème Arrondissement

The most important thing to remember when chasing down this Ali Baba's Den of the world's 900 finest whiskeys, is that it's hidden in plain sight. The street number is correct but the upstairs bar, the Maison du Sake, steals the limelight. No...  Read More

18th Arrondissement - Montmartre
Le Kremlin
Photo courtesy of Le Kremlin

This is the only specialized vodka bar in Paris. It's also decorated just like Soviet-era Russian which makes its name even that much more apropos. When you enter, you feel like you've entered into a Cold War zone with authentic Soviet posters...  Read More

The street-facing hip new bar of this sought after gym now offers a new dimension to its nightlife. The mixologist will serve you up flaming drinks in coconuts and pineapples and top them with equally as enticing exotic-fruit garnishes. But,...  Read More

12ème Arrondissement

This is a nightclub like many others - where the pounding sound of bass music reverberates all night long. But it's unlike nearly all others in that it is located on a ship moored alongside the Seine. There are 4 floors with the top floor an...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
L'Arc Paris
Photo courtesy of L'Arc Paris

With a fairly recent re-do this iconic nightclub and preferred celebrity and international jetset watering-hole-when-in-Paris sports a marble dance floor. Its location at the top of the Champs-Elysees makes it an easy access for a night out on...  Read More

1er Arrondissement

The landscape artist Guillaume Le Jardinier helped create this little piece of floating paradise that stays docked at along the bank of the River Seine just underneat the Pont-Neuf, on Notre Dame side of the bridge. The restaurant features not...  Read More

3rd Arondissement - Marais

This neighborhood cafe has secrets in store for you. But you won't find out until you know what to ask for. So, as a hint, you need to ask about their fresh fruit juices made to order; their gastropub lunch and dinner menu and their...Kiss Room....  Read More

3rd Arondissement - Marais

This is one of Paris' best-loved wine bars. The Haut-Marais neighborhood is fashionable and fun. This wine bar and restaurant has been newly refurbished so the bar area is even more comfortable than before. Another plus is that the restaurateur...  Read More

5ème Arrondissement

This Paris Left Bank jazz fixture features a number of well-known performers since its opening in 1947. More than a funky, cavernous jazz den dating back to the Middle Ages (legend has it that the Knights Templar and then later the Freemasons...  Read More


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