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Truth be told, going out in Paris is about as rich an experience as they come. The city is an adult playground without comparison, especially when you add the caveat of  ‘adults with good taste.’  The thing to do is pack your evening with about as much as you can squeeze in and handle. For example, start off low-key with aperitifs at the ultra-elegant Bar Les Heures on Avenue George V or at the Marais neighborhood Glou, an icon with a view directly onto the Picasso Museum. Follow that by dinner before your cabaret show at the fabulous La Nouvelle Seine. Or take in a movie at the world-renowned Le Grand Rex, Europe's largest movie theater.

Once the show is over, head out to a cocktail bar such as Le Klay or if you want to refine your whiskey palate, check out the den-like speakeasy that exclusively houses whiskey, as in 900 different kinds. That can be found hidden inside another bar and is called Golden Promise. Round out the evening by taking in some jazz at the legendary Caveau de la Huchette. The swing dancers are as entertaining as the jazz players, to be sure. And if you haven’t yet seen La La Land, it's a must. Because this is where that fabulous Paris scene with the sublime Oscar-winning Emma Stone was filmed.  A bientot, mes amis!







2ème Arrondissement

This is Europe's largest movie theater and its location right on Grands Boulevards means it's walking distance from the major department stores and one of Paris's best shopping districts. With 2,650 seats it was purportedly modeled after NYC's Radio City Music Hall. It opened in 1932 and its kitschy interior is still a mix between Art Deco and neo-classical Oriental. Best to see for yourself, and you can, as there is a 50-minute tour of the cinema that you can take year-round. The theater is not to be confused with its dance club, the Rex Club, which is adjoined and whose entrance is just a few yards down the way (known for its electro-pop music). Le Grand Rex is hands-down the most most impressive movie theater, in terms of largesse, decor and history, in Paris.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: This is Europe's largest movie theater and a Parisian landmark perfect for a date or group night out on the town.

Paige's expert tip: Take the 50 minute tour of the cinema, offered year-round. There is also a nightclub just next door, by the same name. So after your movie is finished, you can continue your night by dancing in the club just a door down.

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5th Arondissement - Latin Quarte

This barge parked underneath the Notre Dame Cathedral offers more than just dinner - it also puts on a burlesque-filled cabaret show that will leave the boys feeling a bit hot under the collar. A fun evening for adults in a location that doesn't get more picture-postcard-like. What's especially nice is that above, in the glass-encased deck, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the breathtaking view of the Notre Dame. Then, once showtime is called, you are ushere down a sort flight of stairs and into literally the bowels of the barge where the red velvet curtains make their promise of entertainment awaiting on the other side. The two markedly different atmospheres make you feel like you have enjoyed an evening out at venues without ever having to leave your perfect perch.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: There are cabarets and then there are cabarets. This one ventures toward the Burlesque making for an altogether Hot Night out.

Paige's expert tip: Once you're seated on the plush red velvet cushions in this theater, there will be little hint that you are actually on a barge parked along the Seine. Save for the gentle swaying of the boat. The show is terrific and a bit racy - or French-style saucy you might say.

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The street-facing hip new bar of this sought after gym now offers a new dimension to its nightlife. The mixologist will serve you up flaming drinks in coconuts and pineapples and top them with equally as enticing exotic-fruit garnishes. But, nightlife doesn't have to be all about boozing... it can also be all about working out and taking care of yourself. A high-end luxury gym with a spa and restaurant on premise, Le Klay is the sure-fire guarantee that says this neighborhood has now come of age. Now, the young professionals all want convenience, hence this state-of-the-art gym with weights, yoga classes, pilates and the works caters exactly to that demographic. What's more, once you're done serving your body, you can relax in the sauna and follow that with a steam bath.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: This is a great place to start/end/continue your evening and is one of the new bars in this area that has become cocktail-bar-central.

Paige's expert tip: Once you're done serving your body with the weights and other workout acoutrement, you can relax in the sauna and follow that with a steam bath. Then just steps outside the exit you'll be surrounded by craft cocktail bars in which to continue relaxing.

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2ème Arrondissement

The most important thing to remember when chasing down this Ali Baba's Den of the world's 900 finest whiskeys, is that it's hidden in plain sight. The street number is correct but the upstairs bar, the Maison du Sake, steals the limelight. No matter. When you are this good and this full of amber liquid treasures, it's understandable that you'd want to remain a bit in the shadows. So enter into the upstairs Maison du Sake and then follow the stairs down. This is where you'll find Paris Whiskey Headquarters. Literally. The bar is separated into three distinct areas: The first bar area where you'll find the mixologists, the casual tables with seating off to the right and then through locked steel doors, is where the cavernous, velvet upholstered whiskey treasures await for formal tastings. For the real afficianados, you can even store your bottle here (a few spaces left).

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: This is Paris' first all-whiskey tasting room and bar. They have over 9OO whiskeys housed here.

Paige's expert tip: Consider this more like a speakeasy. The outside address indicates the correct street number, but you won't see any signage at all hinting that there's a whiskey bar here. But there is. Enter where it says Maison du Sake and then follow the stairs down. That's where this gem is hidden.

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12éme Arrondissement

This is a nightclub like many others - where the pounding sound of bass music reverberates all night long. But it's unlike nearly all others in that it is located on a ship moored alongside the Seine. There are 4 floors with the top floor an open deck that lets you breathe in the stars. The crowd here is fairly young and mostly Parisian. This is a culture of night-owls so expect to be wearing your dancing shoes here until at least dawn. But then, what prettier greeting to a new day is there than the sun rising over the River Seine?

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: What better idea than to dance and drink all night long on a venue that is perched on the water, namely the River Seine.

Paige's expert tip: Dancing until dawn on a boat on the river Seine is what this place offers. The twenty-something locals hail this nightclub as the best in Paris.

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3rd Arondissement - Marais

This is one of Paris' best-loved wine bars. The Haut-Marais neighborhood is fashionable and fun. This wine bar and restaurant has been newly refurbished so the bar area is even more comfortable than before. Another plus is that the restaurateur who owns this hot spot is a successful one on the Paris scene so you'll eat well here, too, in addition to enjoying a wonderfully curated wine list. The downstairs is dominated by the new bar that runs lengthwise down the room and it's easy enough to just make yourself comfortable here and order small plates and glasses of wine. But once you do wander upstairs, you'll find that the view straight onto the Picasso Museum is a one-of-a-kind in the city.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: The Haut-Marais is one of the most pleasant areas in Paris to just hang out and be around a mix of neighborhood locals and jetsetters.

Paige's expert tip: The recent refurbishment of this Haut-Marais mainstay makes this wine mecca even that much better - IF that's possible. Young, hip and trendy? Or just look that way? You'll fit right in here.

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16ème Arrondissement
L'Arc Paris
Photo courtesy of L'Arc Paris

With a fairly recent re-do this iconic nightclub and preferred celebrity and international jetset watering-hole-when-in-Paris sports a marble dance floor. Its location at the top of the Champs-Elysees makes it an easy access for a night out on the town. The club's updated look, completed in September 2014, was the vision of Lenny Kravitz, a Parisian-resident celebrity who makes no secret of his love for the city. There are VIP loges for those who seek them out, and there's even a fumoir so smokers need not scuttle outside into the night for their nicotine break. Cocktails, a good selection of music and the Arc de Triomphe round out the picture of this glamorous nightspot in the capital.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: This is where Rihanna hangs, OK? When she's in Paris for the runway shows. Okay?

Paige's expert tip: Cocktails, a good selection of music and the Arc de Triomphe round out the picture of this glamorous nightspot in the capital whose interior designer was none other than Lenny Kravitz.

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1er Arrondissement

The landscape artist Guillaume Le Jardinier helped create this little piece of floating paradise that stays docked at along the bank of the River Seine just underneat the Pont-Neuf, on Notre Dame side of the bridge. The restaurant features not just one, but two large terraces and is an ideal spot from which to admire the setting of the Parisian sun against a backdrop of all the beautiful bridges that span from that point all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Bistronomy is the best food description meaning you will find your basic bistro fare jazzed up a bit with finer products and a nouvelle cuisine touch. There's something about dining on this barge on the River Seine that sets it apart from the others. Maybe it's the location or maybe it's that the owners, Gr�gory Lentz and J�rome Schabanel, who also own Lap�rouse, know what they're doing.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: This is one of the prettiest venues in and around the historical Pont Neuf (the first bridge built in Paris). Enter into this magical world.

Paige's expert tip: You can privatize this boat-barge while you dine in the open air. Or you can simply enjoy it for lunch or dinner or drinks while watching the boats pass at eye level along the River Seine.

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5ème Arrondissement

This Paris Left Bank jazz fixture features a number of well-known performers since its opening in 1947. More than a funky, cavernous jazz den dating back to the Middle Ages (legend has it that the Knights Templar and then later the Freemasons used to meet here) this is a veritable cultural pilgrimage. For jazz lovers this is as much a shrine to the nights of Paris past as, say, going to Lourdes is for the devout (meaning that other kind of religious devotion). What makes this locale especially fun is that it draws regulars who get their dance on as soon as the music starts playing. They wear suspenders and saddleback shoes (guys) and the women wear dresses. You can just sit back and watch them all night long, for as long as the live music plays. No reservations. METRO: Saint-Michel (line 4, + RER B or C)

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Go ahead, give in to your film nostalgia impulses. Because, YES!, this is where that scene from LaLaLand with Emma Stone was filmed!

Paige's expert tip: The jazz here is always fine, regardless of the night you decide to rock up and make your way down the funky medieval-aged staircases. ut for some, the real draw is the swing dancing that goes on here regularly. So bring your dancing shoes and wear that big-skirted red dress.

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Bar Les Heures - Prince de Galles
Photo courtesy of Prince de Galles

A relaxed, subdued, classy place that is open 24/24 and just steps away from the Champs Elysees. Though those few steps make all the difference because here you are on the prestigious Avenue George V, away from bustle of the Champs, and cocooned in privilege and exclusivity. The expert barman and mixologist here is Florian Thireau and he has whipped up some winners paying precise attention to olfactory as well as taste profiles of the ingredients just in time for the warmer months. Here cocktails can be sipped in the gorgeous and historical 1920s Art Deco bar setting or in the one-of-a-kind courtyard patio. Choices include Divine Feminine and The Aldrin, a whipped egg white flourish on top of the orange, lemon and green chartreuse freshness. Non-alcoholic cocktails include the Jaffa which expertly accompanies Lebanese-inspired lunch and tasting menu by chefs Stephanie Le Quellec (1 star Michelin) and Hussein Hadid.

Recommended for Best Nightlife because: Surrounded by flashier properties, Les Heures is for those who seek subtlety,discreet good taste and exclusivity. It's also the home of really tasty cocktails.

Paige's expert tip: This is one of the only truly elegant venues in town that stays open 24 hours. So whether you are deciding on a fine brunch to impress friends, a patio aperitif hour for a summery, warm afternoon, or a cosy drink in a beautiful Art Deco setting, this bar and spacious, well-lit dining room and interior patio delivers. Non-alcoholic cocktails include the Jaffa which has been expertly created to accompany the brand new Lebanese-inspired lunch and tasting menu.

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