You Can Easily Dance Dance Dance The Night Away In Paris

Top DJs get the energy moving, and your fellow clubbers ensure that there's plenty to see along the way. To follow the beautiful people, give Wanderlust or Concrete a try, or check out Le Montana. Either way, 10Best will make sure you know the best places to dance in Paris.

For a pre-planned suggested itinerary of dance club hopping, you can check out Queen and Matignon, then head around the corner to Chez Raspoutine and once finished there walk the 10 minutes up the "most beautiful avenue in the world," toward the Arc de Triomphe where you'll find L'Arc, designed by none other than Lenny Kravitz, nestled on a side street. Or, you can opt to be really original and gather up some of your friends to book a spot on the Bus Discotheque. Just as the name implies, it's a luxury coach that has been outfitted as a dance club. Here you dance to the rhythms while being chauffeured around the breathtaking backdrop that is Paris by night.

However, if you're the type that likes to try out a few venues during a dance club going-out soiree, you'll appreciate that a lot of the clubs listed here are within walking distance of one another. Taxis are sometimes difficult to find late at night in the city and the Metro stops running between from about 1 am to 5 am. The areas around the Champs-Elysées have clubs within close proximity of each other. Many Parisiennes (that's the feminine version of the word) bring a pair of flats with them as they make their clubbing rounds. And, of course, you can always hop on one of those free-floating bicycles or adult sidewalk scooters after your night out to get back home if the Métro isn't running yet.


9th Arrondissement - Grands Boul

If you like an easy South American vibe while sipping tequila near the Grands Bouleavars in gay Paris, then this place has your name written tattooed across its chest. il One of the newer nightclubs by Paris dance club impresario Lionel Bensemoun, the signature cocktails here overflow with that Mexican liquor of choice, tequila, and its alternative,mezcal. Since this is a former Mexican café you can get away with calling the small plates here 'tapas' which offer a good chow-down occasion after you've been dancing several hours to that Latin infused futuristic electro-pop DJ sets.

8éme Arrondissement
Photo courtesy of Matignon

Crowned as one of the more elite of the VIP clubs in Paris, this basement dance club plays hide and seek underneath the famous café-restaurant that is upstairs on the ground floor. The design trend in Paris today is a reincarnation of the 60s and 70s and this club plays to a 'T' its sexy 70s ethos. But then whatever interior designer Jacques Garcia puts his hand on seems to cry luxury. Call ahead to check their schedule as the club frequently hosts themed nights and special events in their animal print ambiance. And for the high rollers, there are those designated VIP sections. Both the cocktails and the music here are above average and it's most definitely one of the spots in Paris where you'll find C-L-A-S-S.

5éme Arrondissement

This Paris Left Bank jazz fixture features a number of well-known performers since its opening in 1947. More than a funky, cavernous jazz den dating back to the Middle Ages (legend has it that the Knights Templar and then later the Freemasons used to meet here) this is a veritable cultural pilgrimage. For jazz lovers this is as much a shrine to the nights of Paris past as, say, going to Lourdes is for the devout (meaning that other kind of religious devotion). What makes this locale especially fun is that it draws regulars who get their dance on as soon as the music starts playing. They wear suspenders and saddleback shoes (guys) and the women wear dresses and low heels. You can just sit back and watch them all night long, for as long as the live music plays. No reservations. METRO: Saint-Michel

1er Arrondissement

What better backdrop to dance the night away against than the City of Light itself?! This luxury coach ferries you and your likeminded party revelers all across Paris and back again while you dance to the beat. It goes something like this: check their listings to see when the scheduled dance nights are for Paris and the meeting point (always in central Paris). Show up with yourself and or a group of friends. Dress like you would to go out to any night club and voila, you have yourself a fun evening full of dance moves and sightseeing. The moveable-dance-feast discotheque takes you on a ride from the Place de la Concorde, past Madeleine, up towards the Arc de Triomphe, over to Trocadero, down past the Eiffel Tower and then over towards Notre Dame and more. In other words, the city's best sights come with the price of entry.

Chez Raspoutine
Photo courtesy of Raspoutine Paris copyright

The feeling here is something akin to a Russian noble's hunting lodge, with its plush red upholstery, chandeliers and exposed wood beams. Once inside, you completely forget that you're just off the Champs-Elysees. Club's decor is listed on the inventory of historic monuments. It has gone in and out of favor with the local Parisian crowd over the decades and is currently very much back 'in'. Cocktails, club, dancing. The sound is a mix by DJ Mika. The clientele ultra-trendy and you'll find businessmen, politicians, celebrities and golden girls and boys frequenting this chic-est of Parisian nightclubs. True to its Russian roots, shots of ice-cold vodka are served all night long (until 5 am).

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche
Le Montana
Photo courtesy of Le Montana

This club and bar is located on a small St. Germain-des-Prés street and happens to be right next to Café Flore. Hence, it's one of those clubs hidden in plain sight. It has the reputation of being ultra-exclusive and for the most part, lives up to that reputation. The vaulted cellars in the basement are where all the fun happens after hours once the DJs start spinning. The bar upstairs is a great place to get warmed up. Expect to find bronzed beauties just back from St. Tropez here in the summertime and in winter this is where the ski bunnies take their break from the Courchevel slopes. It's more of a cozy space at Le Montana so while the dance floor is ample, it's not ginormous.

The Parisian entertainment industry is a pretty tight and clique-ish circle, and the main players tend to hang out together in the same clubs and bars. Le Baron is one of these clubs where you are guaranteed to spot some of these famous French faces from the worlds of cinema, music and arts. The nature of the business requires the existence of places where informal meetings can take place. This Parisian nightclub is one of those places where professionals can shake as many hands as necessary while indulging in the shameless sport of name-dropping. So, if you can't beat them: why not go and join them, or at least see if you can spot the actors from this year's Cesar's or even the Oscar-winning The Artist?

Photo courtesy of Cite de la Mode et du Design Paris

A newer spot that anchors the Left Bank, Wanderlust is the expansive terrace bar and club that perches atop the Cit� de la Mode et du Design. It's worth finding your way over to this Quai d'Austerlitz complex that houses a fashion museum, cool cafes and shops below, and this restaurant-bar-terrace-club up on its top floor. There is also N�ba, up here on the rooftop of Les Docks, offering open-air dance music. Wanderlust is run by the same team that runs Silencio, the David Lynch imagined club and Social Club, both hot venues in their own right. The dance club part of the programming happens only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 11 pm onwards and goes until 6 am. The terrace overlooking the Seine, as the building was constructed right along the Seine, is a magnificent 1600M2, the size of a small factory. Music is electro, new disco, house.

16éme Arrondissement
L'Arc Paris
Photo courtesy of L'Arc Paris

With a fairly recent re-do this iconic nightclub and preferred celebrity and international jet set watering-hole-when-in-Paris sports a marble dance floor. Its location at the top of the Champs-Elysées makes it easy access for a night out on the town. The club's updated look, completed in September 2014, was the vision of Lenny Kravitz, a Parisian celebrity who makes no secret of his love for the city. There are VIP loges for those who seek them out, and there's even a fumoir so smokers need not scuttle outside into the night for their nicotine break. Cocktails, a good selection of music and the Arc de Triomphe round out the picture of this glamorous nightspot in the capital.

12éme Arrondissement

This is a nightclub like many others - where the pounding sound of bass music reverberates all night long. But it's unlike nearly all others in that it is located on a ship moored alongside the Seine. There are 4 floors with the top floor an open deck that lets you breathe in the stars. The crowd here is fairly young and mostly Europeans from elsewhere (as in it's popular with the Italians) as well as Parisian. This is a culture of night-owls so expect to be wearing your dancing shoes here until at least dawn. But then, what prettier greeting to a new day is there than the sun rising over the River Seine?


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