Rock, R&B, Jazz, Classical – Paris Has Live Music Venues for You

For many years Paris was a hotbed for American Jazz and Blues musicians making their world tours. Parisians embraced this music from the very start, much of it originating from the formerly French-owned Louisiana /American South. Whether that’s the link that provided the bridge for performers like Josephine Baker and Louis Armstrong to make such big waves over here, is a subject that can be debated long into the smoke-filled, whiskey-induced late night hours of a hot and sweaty Parisian jazz club. What’s important here, is that these jazz clubs are thriving still and are as cultural an experience of Paris as is visiting the Tour Eiffel.

The French love their music and arts. This can be a real bonanza for lovers of classical music. Throughout the city you’ll find regal venues offering violin concertos, operas and operettas, classical orchestra concerts for simply the price of admission. The long-awaited Philharmonie de Paris, just opened in January 2015, is a stunning feat of acoustic architecture and a must-visit.

For those who crave a good rock or contemporary music concert there are plenty of places to catch those as well. The Olympia is one of the favored venues for these types of big-name concerts and smaller venues like the Flêche d’Or host the edgier, underground live music scene. The Stade de France is where the world-famous performers like Johnny Hallyday and the Black Eyed Peas play to a sold-out stadium of 50,000 and more.

19ème Arrondissement


Newly opened (January 2015) and long-awaited, Paris feels like it finally has the grand-scale concert hall deserving of its world-class status. Seating accommodates a stated 2,400 spectators and its location on the Cité du Musique, in the...  Read More

9th Arrondissement - Grands Boul
Olympia Bruno Coquatrix
Photo courtesy of Olympia Bruno Coquatrix


The Olympia is one of Paris' most popular live music venues. Not only is it exquisitely convenient in terms of location, just near Opéra, but also it has been standing at its same address since the end of the century before last, like a tall...  Read More

Ile Saint-denis


Not just the biggest stadium in Paris but the biggest in all of France, this 80,000+ seater holds the topline concert tours. Think Black Eyed Peas, Sting, Lada Gaga... Upcoming shows (at press time) are the AC /DC tour and Stars 80. It's best...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Le Showcase copyright


Le Showcase gets its name from its reputation of showcasing the next-big-thing in bands. This nightclub also features some of Paris' most popular DJs, usually after the band has played a few sets, that is located under the landmark beauty of a...  Read More

1er Arrondissement
Le Baiser Salé


On the jazz-thick Rue des Lombards, Le Baiser Salé ("Salted Kiss") is convincingly moody. New bands dominate, but veterans sometimes grandstand – and it's famous for promoting unusual and trans-ethnic styles. The ambiance is warm and...  Read More

20ème Arrondissement


Capacity here is 500, standing. This venue started out as an abandoned train station, closed in 1934, where some of the local art students of the 90s would hold impromptu "café concerts." The name comes from the now out-of-use train that used...  Read More

Salle Pleyel
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Salle Pleyel copyright


The fine acoustics in this concert hall are perfect for showing off their resident l'Orchestre de Paris and l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France as well as l'Orchestre National d'Ile-de-France. On a recent concert evening showcasing...  Read More

17ème Arrondissement
Jazz Club Etoile
Photo courtesy of Jazz Club Etoile Paris


This is one of the more elegant jazz clubs in the city. It might lack the tradition that some of the small, cramped Left Bank jazz cellars can boast, as it's only been open for two decades, but here is where you'll find the greats like B.B....  Read More

1er Arrondissement


This jazz joint draws big-name musicians and a crowd of music lovers. The interior features a swanky, modern vibe, and the tables are strategically positioned so that there's really not a bad seat. This local hot spot also features a full dinner...  Read More

1er Arrondissement


This 13th-century royal chapel was built in 1242-48 by King Louis IX to house his religious relics brought back from the Holy Land. It is said that it once housed Christ's crown of thorns. Originally part of the royal palace complex on the Ile...  Read More


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