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Where To Go In Paris After The Stadium Game

Any of  these night spots on this list offer you a win-win as most of them are not just bars and night spots but also bars with stylish bar menus.  Some are even restaurants with stylish bars that stay open for their loyal, trendy hipster crowd well after the dinner and cocktail hour is over.

When your team wins at the  Parc des Princes, it’s time to celebrate with a drink and some appetizers or perhaps some dinner and dancing with your friends, right ? And when your team loses the soccer match, it’s time to commiserate with your buddies over a few drinks and some nibbles, right ? So, here we’ve got you covered, win or lose.

Since the Parc des Princes is at the edge of the city, it’s best to bank on taking a taxi to most of these venues, though you can always take a Métro or a bus. For the more adventurous, you can hop on a Velib’ (the free – for the first half hour - bicycle system the city provides to residents and visitors).

One common theme you’ll find with many of these bars and night spots listed here is that they have that one element that you can’t find anywhere else in the world : a view of the classic Parisian lanscape and sights. 


16th Arrondissement - Auteuil Pa
Molitor Le Bar
Photo courtesy of Molitor Terrace Bar

From the terrace rooftop bar, you can just see the Parc des Princes, just behind, and shielded by, the rugby stadium, Stade Jean Bouin. This is a brand new bar, opened in May 2014, and a more beautiful rooftop terrace bar is not to be found this side of Paris. Seating is offered all around the expansive terrace which is in a U shape with the famous Molitor swimming pool your view below. The Eiffel Tower is visible in one direction, the Parc des Princes in another and Stade Roland Garros in yet another, both less than a 10 minute walk away. The bartendar will offer you both signature and custom made cocktails with extravagant touches like a whole vanilla bean as garnish. The living herb garden wall just behind the open bar is both for visual appeal and also provides the mixologist fresh ingredients : rosemary, verveine and thyme.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: Inventive cocktails at Molitor's rooftop terrace bar as well as the bar on the ground floor which also offers views onto the swimming pool.

Paige's expert tip: If you've got nice weather, this breathtaking rooftop terrace bar and lounge is THE place to be, especially if you're already in the neighborhood.

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7th Arondissement - Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2014 of FaustParis

Underneath the most beautiful bridge in Paris, the Pont Alexandre III, on the Rive Gauche side, there is now Faust. While the interior is reserved for dining, the outdoor seating is used as both a dining and drinking area. And sometimes – check their FB page for updates – flashmobs of 300 and more gather to toast one another in this hottest of Paris hotspots on the banks of the Seine. This is the 'better half' of the perfect duo. Showcase, the nightclub devoted to headlining up-and-coming music talent, is just on the other side of the bridge. So starting your evening here with a few drinks at the bar or out on the terrace overlooking the Seine is an utterly cinematic way to begin an oh-so-Parisian night of revelry.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: This is hands down one of the trendiest new openings of the season, in one of the most eerily fabulous locations imaginable in Paris.

Paige's expert tip: Take a stroll down by the Seine near Invalides, Rive Gauche side and you can't help but find yourself drawn to this stylish new venue, perfectly placed for a romantic nightcap. If it's live music you're looking for, just across the bridge is the legendary Showcase, open until dawn.

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7th Arondissement - Eiffel Tower
Bar à Champagne Eiffel Tower
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner - Local Food And Wine copyright 2011 Bar à Champagne Tour Eiffel

True, this is not so much a bar as a kiosk. But a kiosk that serves champagne on the top of the Eiffel Tower – well, where else but in Paris will you ever be able to find a place like this ? This is where you come when you're craving a panoramic, breathtaking view of the city and can think of nothing better than a bit of bubbly to wash it all down with. Late at night is probably one of the best times to take the elevator all the way up to the very top floor of the Eiffel Tower, where the Bar à Champagne is located. Why ? Because the line will likely be quite small and the wait time miniscule. It also means that you will get to sip your bubbly up at the top of the Eiffel Tower at nearly midnight.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: What could be more French, Parisian, and sing of celebration than this - a flute of bubbly on top of the world ?

Paige's expert tip: Both Brut and rosé champagnes are poured up here. But don't wait until the very last elevator ride up, as the champagne bar up here closes at 10pm

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16ème Arrondissement
Frog XVI
Photo courtesy of Frog XVI copyright

Got a taste for beer on tap, the game on a big-screen tv and the conversation of your fellow expats ? This is the place for you, then. There are a number of these outposts around the city but this one here in the 16th, just off the Place du Trocadéro, is probably one of their more grown-up locations. There's plenty of seating on the ground floor and, when there's a big game on, even more seating available downstairs. You are guaranteed to hear English spoken here, especially during Happy Hour when the English/Ozzy/American regulars tend to sit outside at the sidewalk tables (weather permitting) and sip from their frothy mugs. Light snacks like bacon-cheese burgers and french fries are served pretty much any time of the day.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: This is one of the favored expat hangouts of Paris and it's also a good place to catch the game on a wide screen tv.

Paige's expert tip: Thursday nights, especially once the DJ starts spinnin', are the nights when this place gets packed, even more than usual.

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Photo courtesy of Le Showcase copyright

Le Showcase gets its name from its reputation of showcasing the next-big-thing in bands. This nightclub also features some of Paris' most popular DJs, usually after the band has played a few sets, that is located under the landmark beauty of a bridge, the Pont Alexandre III which crosses the Seine from Grand Palais to Invalides. The club has an underground feel with sweeping architecture, a great dance floor and constant music. It's known for showcasing live acts, both famous and just-breaking. But the dance floor gets good use every night, too, usually right up until dawn. If you're looking for a truly unique and memorable only-in-Paris venue, this is surely it.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: For music lovers this bar is a sort of mecca. It's famous for showcasing up-and-coming music talent and bands and its location is top.

Paige's expert tip: This club under the Pont Alexandre III (bridge) is known best as a venue that showcases the next big thing in terms of bands. Hence the name. It's still one of the coolest nightclubs in Paris. Try to stick around long enough for breakfast.

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The Parisian entertainment industry is a pretty tight and clique-ish circle, and the main players tend to hang out together in the same clubs and bars. Le Baron is one of these clubs where you are guaranteed to spot some of these famous French faces from the worlds of cinema, music and arts. The nature of the business requires the existence of places where informal meetings can take place. This Parisian nightclub is one of those places where professionals can shake as many hands as necessary while indulging in the shameless sport of name-dropping. So, if you can't beat them: why not go and join them, or at least see if you can spot the actors from this year's Cesar's or even the Oscar-winning The Artist?

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: A sultry dance club, in the truest meaning of the phrase, is what Le Baron offers - if you can get past the door.

Paige's expert tip: Put on your dancing shoes, pouty sex-kitten expression and dark sunglasses - this is a nightclub right out of a Serge Gainsbourg black and white doc-u film.

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7ème Arrondissement
Rosa Bonheur sur Seine
Photo courtesy of Rosa Bonheur sur Seine photo by Paige Donner copyright 2014

This is a � guinguette �, a charming French phrase that means � a place where we eat, drink and dance. � Its first location, in the Buttes Chaumont, became an instant hit when it opened a few years back and is already considered a classic. Mostly locals and Parisians flock to it for its laid-back, scruffy, indoor-outdoor appeal. And now, all that is available right on the Seine, in the shadows of Invalides and Pont Alexandre III. This location just opened in April on a barge that's anchored along the banks of the Seine. From morning to midnight Wednesday to Sunday you can chill out on one of the chaise longues that have been set up quai-side, while gazing at the Grand Palais. Don't expect fancy here – plain hotdogs, sodas, beers and table wine. But do expect fun and that sense of relaxed comeraderie that built Rosa Bonheur's reputation.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: Since opening early summer 2014, this place has not stopped packing in the young crowds.

Paige's expert tip: Chilling out along the Seine is always a scenic option. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, this is a barge parked along the Seine that houses a bar. In the summer time it's packed but even in the cooler months it offers an unusual kind of Parisian place to grab a beer.

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15ème Arrondissement
Photo courtesy of Photo by Paige Donner Beaugrenelle Paris Bermuda Onion copyright 2014

Serving continuously from noon to midnight, this top-floor restaurant offers views onto the River Seine, the Statue of Liberty and Radio France. It's located on the "panoramic" side of Beaugrenelle shopping center, the same side as the movie theatres. The bar plays host to a number of the media crowd who work in the vicinity. In fact, from the beautiful views afforded from the bay windows you have a direct gaze onto Radio France just across the river. What's nice here, too, is that it's a bar and restaurant so when you get a bit hungry, there is a full menu of tasty, light fare ready to be served up.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: A modern bar with a view onto the Seine and the Statue of Liberty is what you find here. And you have dining options, too.

Paige's expert tip: The Centre Beaugrenelle is one of Paris' only shopping malls and certainly the newest. So going for a drink here makes it convenient if you want to have cocktails, snacks, catch a movie and even do a bit of shopping because you can do all that at this one location.

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Bar Anglais at The Hotel Raphael
Photo courtesy of English Bar Hotel Raphael copyright

A very cosy bar is this Bar Anglais at the Hotel Raphael. Since it's tucked back inside the hotel, past the entrance foyer and the reception and concierge desks, it's mostly known to the embassy staffers and top-notch lawyers who all have offices in the neighborhood. But that's not to say that the barman won't welcome you warmly, too. This is one of those bars with red velvet couches, wood-paneling and an old-world mahogany wood bar that truly evokes the London of a bygone era. The drinks on offer are classics like martinis, old-fashioneds and the ever-popular Parisian favorite, mojitos. This is a good spot for a late-night, night cap or even a late afternoon aperitif (when the weather's cold outside). Starting from about November and especially through the holiday season, this is one of the most subdued and inviting bars in which to enjoy a drink in Paris.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: This bar is cozy and has the intimate feel of a London Club.

Paige's expert tip: A perfectly sophisticated place for when it's cold outside and you're in the mood for a good, stiff drink. For the summer time, while this is also a good choice, their roof top bar is where all the action is.

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8ème Arrondissement

First opened in 1899 as a watering hole for carriage drivers of the wealthy and sylish Parisians who frequented the "Most Beautiful Avenue in the world," the Champs-Elysées in its heyday, this brasserie is still an icon. Over the centuries it has become even more famous not just for its lively bar but also for its quality, even gastronomic, fare, as well as the VIP clientele who are loyal habitués. This is where the Césars, the French Film Academy awards, holds its official dinners every year and the link between cinematic stars and Fouquet's is an unbreakable bond here in France. The bar is cosy and serves classic cocktails as well as boasting a cellar of 350 different brands of France's top wines.

Recommended for Nightlife near Parc des Princes because: There're some classics that just never grow old and never get tired. This is one of those and it's one of the best in Paris.

Paige's expert tip: This is one of Paris' go-to bars and has been for well over a century. The plush, red interior whispers its sultry bar tones to you as soon as you step inside and order your drink.

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