Pubs, Brasseries And Neighborhood Hangouts Where The Beers Are On Tap

In Paris the pubs are where people gather to watch the rugby matches. Most of us from the U.S. have learned somewhere along the way that soccer is the national sport here in Western Europe, which is true to a large extent. But in France, rugby is the sport everyone follows and most girls dream of falling in love with a "rugbyman". With the dawn of technology, however, these Irish/ Australian/ English and even American pubs are now streaming all kinds of sports games : soccer, American football, basketball (both domestic and international games) and even at times big events like the World Cup or the Super Bowl.

That’s not to say, however, that all pubs in Paris are sports bars. They aren’t. Some, like is more of a neighbhorhood hangout and watering hole where patrons are made to feel at home, or at least welcomed. This is one of those simply fun neighborhood places to hang where good beer is on tap, a relaxing after work atmosphere can be enjoyed and where, sometimes, simple food is even served. Some of the best pubs in Paris are the English pubs. Even the lingo on the blackboards will be in British English and you can expect them to understand you when you order a plate of bangers and mash to go with your midday beer. Other pubs that have gained popularity over the years are the Australian and Irish pubs. And there is a small chain of pubs called Frog Pubs that has a distinctly American vibe to them.

3rd Arondissement - Marais


Ahhh, Gotcha! It's not what you're thinking... FAT stands for French Art Touch and this trio has created more than a bar, more than a pub, more than a club and event space. They've created something truly FAT! This area of the Upper Marais has...  Read More

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche


As prized for its turn-of-the-20th century decor (the etched ceramic panels of exotic plants, black and white floor tile and Charlie Garrey's painted ceiling of African scenes) as it is for its true brasserie food (authentic Alsatian fare), Lipp...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
Frog XVI
Photo courtesy of Frog XVI copyright


Got a taste for beer on tap, the game on a big-screen tv and the conversation of your fellow expats ? This is the place for you, then. There are a number of these outposts around the city but this one here in the 16th, just off the Place du...  Read More



This pub is not just a pub, it's a community. Here you can have a beer and network with exchange students, young French people fom the quarter and just about any and all types who drop in to sit in the big vinyl couches or prop themselves up...  Read More

9th Arrondissement - Grands Boul


This is where you can find beers from Australia and New Zealand, both on tap and in bottles. Some examples - On Tap: Foster's, Steinlager Premium Lager. In Bottles: Coopers Stout, James Boag's and Fat Yak. The location of this one on Grands...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement
Bugsy's Bar & Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Bugsy's Bar Paris copyright 2014


Take it from me, even while you're on vacation, your guy is going to want to watch the game. After all, the World Cup happens only every 4 years and pity the loving mate who's dragged her man off to some sightseeing thang when there's a match to...  Read More



This is a traditional rock club with an Irish pub name. And it's located jright at Les Halles which makes it a great meeting point for before dinner or after the show. It's well-known for meet-ups that are centered around rugby matches,...  Read More

1er Arrondissement


One of those in-the-heart-of-the-city places and one destined to likely become one of your (Irish) anchors when in Paris. This is a true Irish bar and where the locals warm up before watching their team square off at the Stade de France in a...  Read More

6ème Arrondissement


In this area of St. Germain-des-Prés there are pubs, cafés and bars on every street corner it seems. But this place is a bit more selective and you can't even enter without ringing the little doorbell. They screen for drunken students out on...  Read More

5ème Arrondissement


This is an English pub in the good 'ol fashioned sense of the world. All the beers here come direct from their Wells & Young's brewery in Bedford and are brewed by Charles Wells, and that includes both their bottled and draft beers. The...  Read More


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