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Pubs, Brasseries And Neighborhood Hangouts Where The Beers Are On Tap

In Paris the pubs are where people gather to watch the rugby matches. Most of us from the U.S. have learned somewhere along the way that soccer is the national sport here in Western Europe, which is true to a large extent. But in France, rugby is the sport everyone follows and most girls dream of falling in love with a "rugbyman". With the dawn of technology, however, these Irish/ Australian/ English and even American pubs are now streaming all kinds of sports games : soccer, American football, basketball (both domestic and international games) and even at times big events like the World Cup or the Super Bowl.

That’s not to say, however, that all pubs in Paris are sports bars. They aren’t. Some, like is more of a neighbhorhood hangout and watering hole where patrons are made to feel at home, or at least welcomed. This is one of those simply fun neighborhood places to hang where good beer is on tap, a relaxing after work atmosphere can be enjoyed and where, sometimes, simple food is even served. Some of the best pubs in Paris are the English pubs. Even the lingo on the blackboards will be in British English and you can expect them to understand you when you order a plate of bangers and mash to go with your midday beer. Other pubs that have gained popularity over the years are the Australian and Irish pubs. And there is a small chain of pubs called Frog Pubs that has a distinctly American vibe to them.


3rd Arondissement - Marais

Ahhh, Gotcha! It's not what you're thinking... FAT stands for French Art Touch and this trio has created more than a bar, more than a pub, more than a club and event space. They've created something truly FAT! This area of the Upper Marais has been popping for awhile and with the late summer opening of this new pub-bar-neighborhood hangout joint, it just got a whole lot better. Beers on tap, wines by the bottl, cocktails shaken to perfection are the specialties here. Don't even think about leaving before taking a tour of the loos (girls/guys you'll both be quite pleased) and a peek at the downstairs club space decorated with POP art gallery worthy pieces. Terence, Franco-American and his two partner-buddies make it a point to warmly welcome everyone who comes through the doors. For those hunger pains, pizza slices, dogs (hot), and more are on the menu.

Recommended for Pubs because: About as authentic as a pub you'll find in Paris, this is the real thing and oozes Irish from its walls and ceilings.

Paige's expert tip: The street food nibbles here are generously portioned and modestly priced. The cocktails like Squeezy and Figalicious wash down perfectly with that hot dog, slice of pizza or guacamole made with zuchini and cream cheese.

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6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche

As prized for its turn-of-the-20th century decor (the etched ceramic panels of exotic plants, black and white floor tile and Charlie Garrey's painted ceiling of African scenes) as it is for its true brasserie food (authentic Alsatian fare), Lipp is more than a place to wash down sausages with beer. For over a century, the politicians, thinkers, writers and artists who have called Paris home have congregated here from Hemingway to former President Mitterrand. Reservations are recommended for dining, yet not accepted for sidewalk tables. It is possible to enjoy just a beer during off dining hours, but it is so much better to come for a meal.

Recommended for Pubs because: One of the most classic places in Paris to sit and have a beer. While not a pub, it is a brasserie, French for pub.

Paige's expert tip: So much history to soak up, so little time. And since the food here is so good, why not do both at the same time, sitting on the terrace sipping a beer and watching the people walk by you on the Boulevard St. Germain?

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16ème Arrondissement
Frog XVI
Photo courtesy of Frog XVI copyright

Got a taste for beer on tap, the game on a big-screen tv and the conversation of your fellow expats ? This is the place for you, then. There are a number of these outposts around the city but this one here in the 16th, just off the Place du Trocad�ro, is probably one of their more grown-up locations. There's plenty of seating on the ground floor and, when there's a big game on, even more seating available downstairs. You are guaranteed to hear English spoken here, especially during Happy Hour when the English/Ozzy/American regulars tend to sit outside at the sidewalk tables (weather permitting) and sip from their frothy mugs. Light snacks like bacon-cheese burgers and french fries are served pretty much any time of the day.

Recommended for Pubs because: This chain of pubs blends the Ozzy, American, English vibes well and makes everyone feel welcome.

Paige's expert tip: Thursday nights, especially once the DJ starts spinnin', are the nights when this place gets packed, even more than usual.

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This pub is not just a pub, it's a community. Here you can have a beer and network with exchange students, young French people fom the quarter and just about any and all types who drop in to sit in the big vinyl couches or prop themselves up against the bars with their mug of beer. This location is also vast, much larger than it appears from outside. It has hidden caverns below and thus can host meetings and get-togethers, gatherings and student groups. And if you're hungry they offer the O'connells Aperitivo which is a plate of fine cheeses and coldcuts served with either a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

Recommended for Pubs because: This is a friendly, centrally located hang out kind of a place that happens to be a pub.

Paige's expert tip: When you're hanging out at Les Halles, drop in here for a quick beer. You'll be immediately immersed in that foreign exchange student vibe and might even end up striking up a conversation with a new friend.

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9th Arrondissement - Grands Boul

This is where you can find beers from Australia and New Zealand, both on tap and in bottles. Some examples - On Tap: Foster's, Steinlager Premium Lager. In Bottles: Coopers Stout, James Boag's and Fat Yak. The location of this one on Grands Boulevards positions it as a great stop either before hitting the nearby clubs or after taking in one of the shows at the dozens of theaters around. Games are shown on the tvs that dot the bar and happy hour starts at 5 and lasts 'til 8pm. Food isn't fancy but you can find here burgers, fries, chicken tenders, nachos as well as the more French bar snacks of plates of cold cuts and cheeses or fried calamari. In short, this is where you come to get your Ozzy on.

Recommended for Pubs because: Watch the games on the multiple screens here as you enjoy your Australian and N.Z. beers.

Paige's expert tip: This is more than a pub since it hosts DJ's at night and on weekends offers a family brunch with special activities for the children.

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8ème Arrondissement
Bugsy's Bar & Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Bugsy's Bar Paris copyright 2014

Take it from me, even while you're on vacation, your guy is going to want to watch the game. After all, the World Cup happens only every 4 years and pity the loving mate who's dragged her man off to some sightseeing thang when there's a match to be watched. Bugsy's is your Paris headquarters, then, for this year's World Cup (and any other games when you're in town). It's sort of tucked in behind the Elys�e which makes it just a few minutes' walk from the Champs-Elys�es. It 's an expat who owns it and yes, Bugsy's is named after Bugsy. You'll find comfort cocktails of Cosmopolitan, French Martini and White Russian, and a good many beers on tap. Bar food includes burgers, fries and other basics. When you're looking for a place where you can be sure the game is on the big screen, this is it.

Recommended for Pubs because: This is a local's favorite. And while it's just steps from the Champs-Elysées hardly any tourists ever find their way here.

Paige's expert tip: Happy hour is from 6pm to 8 when cocktails and beer prices are (slightly) reduced. Closed Sundays.

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This is a traditional rock club with an Irish pub name. And it's located jright at Les Halles which makes it a great meeting point for before dinner or after the show. It's well-known for meet-ups that are centered around rugby matches, events that can get pretty rowdy and full of high energy here in France. The rock concerts are the highlight on the calendar here. Worth checking their upcoming events calendar. The food here is snack-worthy, mostly it being the music, beer, cocktails and drinks that pull in the patrons. Though theoretically you can get a good meal here, too.

Recommended for Pubs because: The staff here is knowledgeable about beer, being beer enthusiasts themselves.

Paige's expert tip: This pub is a popular destination not only for rugby watching but also for concerts. The location right near l'Olympia make it a great after or before event watering-hole, too.

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1er Arrondissement

One of those in-the-heart-of-the-city places and one destined to likely become one of your (Irish) anchors when in Paris. This is a true Irish bar and where the locals warm up before watching their team square off at the Stade de France in a rugby match. The food served is sort of beside the point but is hot and includes burgers and fish and chips. There are two sides to this venue, the low-key relaxed place you find by day and the really lively place at night filled with regulars and locals, all speaking English with a strong Irish accent. The location can't be beat, either, as in and around here are lots of small bars and a young crowd.

Recommended for Pubs because: This is a low-key bar by day, a lively joint by night, and each of its atmospheres has its appeal.

Paige's expert tip: At Les Halles, this is a good place to refresh with a beer and plate of hot Irish food like thickly battered fish with thick-cut chips/french fries. At night it's full of life.

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6ème Arrondissement

In this area of St. Germain-des-Prés there are pubs, cafés and bars on every street corner it seems. But this place is a bit more selective and you can't even enter without ringing the little doorbell. They screen for drunken students out on having a binge. If you do get in, you're greeted with plush velour booths and paintings of gentlemen having a game of cricket hung on the walls. As you sip your Guinness, the Queen herself watches over you even. You won't find too many tourists or expats here as it's a favorite of mostly French people who either live in the area or stop in after working at one of the many upscale boutiques and professional office buildings around.

Recommended for Pubs because: An English pub that has all French barmen and mostly French patrons, it's a nice blend of getting that touch of English in Paris.

Paige's expert tip: One of the rare pubs in this drinking neighborhood that closes after 2am. You can keep going here all the way 'til 4 in the morning.

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5ème Arrondissement

This is an English pub in the good 'ol fashioned sense of the world. All the beers here come direct from their Wells & Young's brewery in Bedford and are brewed by Charles Wells, and that includes both their bottled and draft beers. The location, just in the shadows of Paris' Panthéon could not be more resplendent. The place itself is wooden chairs and tables and Union Jacks hung from the rafters cozy. They serve lunch daily and the loyal Sunday crowd keeps coming back for their "legendary" Sunday roast. And their generous portions of "Bombardier-battered" fish and chips are served with mushy mint peas. They stay open until 2 a.m. and you will likely find a smattering of both students from the nearby Sorbonne and tourists from the Panthéon chilling watching a soccer match on their tvs when you stop in for a beer.

Recommended for Pubs because: This pub sits right in the shadows of the Panthéon and its beers all come direct from Bedford, both bottled and those on tap.

Paige's expert tip: The best place in Paris to hunker down on a cold Sunday afternoon and dive into your Sunday roast. On other nights you can order their equally legendary Bombardier-battered fish and chips.

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