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    This is the kind of tucked away little bistro on a Parisian sidestreet in a chic quartier that inspires novels and pivotal scenes in French films. The young...

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    Beetroot Gaspacho with goat cheese, a thick juicy steak - the kind you dream of, their signature Le Hot Duck as appetizer... these are only a few of the...

    Photo courtesy of L'Absinthe
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    Le 1728

    First built in 1728 (hence the name) these salons of the mansion, the Hotel Mazin La Fayette, have been fully restored and feature a gastronomic restaurant....

    Photo courtesy of by Paige Donner Le 1728 bust of Marquis de La Fayette
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    Le Grand Restaurant

    This is celebrated French chef Jean-Francois Piege's very own restaurant in that he is not just the Executive Chef but also the owner. Opened in 2015 it...

    Photo courtesy of Le Grand Restaurant copyright Khanh Renaud
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    Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx

    It's easy to feel a little intimidated when you do at last get the chance to dine in the signature restaurant of a famous celebrity chef, whose picture...

    Photo courtesy of Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx, Mandarin Oriental Paris
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