Paris Asian Restaurants Offering Haute, And Hot, Cuisine

When I have a taste for Asian food, there are two neighborhoods I head to in Paris : Chinatown and Little Japan Town. The former is in the 13th arrondissement (Metro Olympiades) and is a whole street lined with Chinese diners where you can see people shoveling mouthfuls of sticky rice and spoonfuls of aromatic broth and noodles into their mouths. The street is anchored by Tang Frères, the Chinese grocery store emporium (a delight with a fantastic takeaway counter, too !).

For Japanese hankerings, I love to wander along rue St. Anne just off of Avenue de l’Opéra. This little neighborhood is chock full of noodle shops, yakitori restaurants and a few sushi restaurants. Though indeed some are better than others, on the  whole you really can’t go wrong just wandering into any of these restaurants for a quick meal.

For really spectacular dining, and in a few cases gastronomic Chinese and Japanese cuisine, I have gathered together here on this list several Paris addresses that are truly outstanding. In the world of food there is an established link between the cultures of French and Japanese chefs. Perhaps it’s the commonality of the strive for excellence and mastery of savoir-faire ? At any rate, some of the best, most authentic Asian food you’ll find anywhere on the planet is here in Paris. 

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche
Le TIGrr
Photo courtesy of Le TIGrr

This is the kind of restaurant you go to for dinner when you want the excitement of a club atmosphere but good quality food, too. Taking the scene by storm, this Paris restaurant-bar follows on the heels of their successful openings in St....  Read More

17ème Arrondissement
Chez Ly 17ème
Photo courtesy of Chez Ly

This location is the original one and it's the more intimate one. The food is of the same high quality and hands down it is the best Chinese restaurant where to enjoy pressed duck and spicy Pekinoise soup in Paris. The humble exterior belies the...  Read More

9ème Arrondissement

A young duo, Marky and Leo, got together well over a year ago now and opened up this Asian fusion restaurant. The district is a hopping one, just off rue Richer, which is laden with popular eateries. A tiny restaurant with bar stools for seating...  Read More

This brand-new gastronomic Vietnamese restaurant by My Nguyen took the place of the long-standing Nabuchodonosor. Hence, a more distinguished location in the 7th arrondissement, just near the Eiffel Tower, is hard to find. The concept of...  Read More

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche
Photo courtesy of Yoom photo by Edouard Pecheteau

This is one of the best places in St. Germain for a quick, delicious lunch. The restaurant is bigger than it appears from outdoors since there is seating up on the mezzanine. Nonetheless, on any given weekday it can quickly fill up and you will...  Read More

1er Arrondissement

Considered one of Paris's best-loved Japanese restaurants, this much-favored venue plies patrons with fresh, amazing sushi. It and sashimi, in fact, often draw the largest crowds. If that's not your preference, tempura dishes make ideal choices...  Read More

11th Arondissement - Bastille Ca

The Thai woman who is Madame Shawn, started off working in several of the larger Thai restaurants when she first arrived in France. A couple of decades later, she now has eight restaurants and counting to her name here in Paris. The newest...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
Shang Palace
Photo courtesy of Shang Palace Paris

When this restaurant opened at the exquisite Shangri-la Hotel several years ago, it was with much fanfare as Paris's first haute-cuisine Chinese restaurant. It has lived up every inch to its reputation since then. The restaurant is in the...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement
Toru Okuda
Photo courtesy of Okuda Paris copyright 2014

Chef Toru Okuda's first restaurant opening outside of Japan was here in Paris in the fall of 2013. He has already been awarded with his first Michelin star here. In Japan he has two and three stars already between his two Tokyo restaurants....  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
Photo courtesy of Hotel Peninsula Paris

Décor reminiscent of the Ming Dynasty and intended to evoke the elegant atmosphere of a Chinese opera, Lili sweeps you into its refined haute gastronomy Cantonese cuisine the instant you enter. The preface is tantalizing, too, as you walk the...  Read More


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