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Walking into a bakery in Paris first thing in the morning is a heady experience. Nothing compares with it. The bakers have been up since pre-dawn mixing, kneading, shaping and baking so that whole shop display cases and bakery windows are filled with the morning’s allotment of fresh baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolats (chocolate croissants), apple turnovers, sweet raisin rolls, brioches and the dozen or so other morning boulangerie staples.

When one stops to consider the genius in the engineering of the simple baguette, it gives pause for appreciation. I’m talking here more about the social engineering of this long, thin loaf of bread that is baked on-premise at least twice, but more often three times, per day. When it’s fresh, particularly when it’s still warm from the gigantic bread ovens, there are few things on Earth more delicious. But take that same loaf of bread just 12 hours later, and the flavor has diminished by at least half. Hence, with any logical estimation, the continued flourishing of bakeries throughout Paris, and France, can be credited to this simply engineered loaf of bread, which must be baked, bought and consumed – fresh ! – at least twice per day.

Every year there is a city-wide competition for which bakery bakes the best baguette in Paris. The boulangerie who wins is then awarded a year’s contract to furnish the Elysée, where the French President lives and works, with baguette and bread for the year.


7ème Arrondissement
Eric Kayser
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2015

The beloved Eric Kayser, need more be said? If you are not familiar with the Paris or NY bakery scene, then lets get you filled in. Anything from an Eric Kayser bakery is divine. Whether you are stopping in to pick up a simple baguette on your...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement
Lalos Paris
Photo courtesy of Frédéric Lalos Boulangerie Paris

Frédéric Lalos, the baker, is considered one of France's finest. And the great thing is that if you don't make it out to his bakery here in the 16th arrondissement, chances are you might still get to taste some of this delightfully passionate...  Read More

6ème Arrondissement

Apollonia Poilâne certainly inherited her late father, Lionel's, knack for baking. What's more, the time and energy she puts into her breads always leave her customers pleased. Her "pain poilâne" is sold all across Paris as "tartines au pain...  Read More

14ème Arrondissement
Moulin de la Vierge

"It is the soul of a baker that creates his bread," says Basile Kamir, baker at this longstanding favorite, especially the location on rue St. Dominique. At Moulin de la Vierge, you'll find a rich array of breads and pastries to suit your fancy....  Read More

10ème Arrondissement
Du Pain et des Idées
Photo courtesy of Du Pain et des Idées

One of the house specialties of baker Christophe Vasseur's is his Friendship Bread ("pain des amis") whose distinct flavor and crusty, browned bottom come from being formed by hand, or so this bakery's fans would have you believe. More likely...  Read More

Boulangerie Murciano serves up delicious pastries and café items in a warm and welcoming seating in the heart of the Jewish quarter in Le Marais district of Paris. It is worth centering your whole visit to this delightful little neighborhood in...  Read More

1er Arrondissement

People can't seem to say enough good things about Philippe Gosselin's baguettes. The gifted baker takes special care to make each loaf perfect, and the same attention goes to his rye and white breads too. If you require a sweet fix, Gosselin...  Read More

2ème Arrondissement

Highly demanded breads are baked in a wood oven built in 1890. The baker's day starts at 5am, and he concentrates on producing top-quality baked goods for eager customers. Among the favorites are the sourdough baguettes and the St-Fiacre, a...  Read More

16th Arrondissement - Auteuil Pa
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2015

This is more than one of those favored neighborhood bakeries, this is a local Passy institution. Passy, of course, is that posh enclave of the already upper-crust 16th arrondissement, so you know that the clientele here is not just discerning...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement
Huré Createur de Plaisir
Photo courtesy of Paige Donner copyright 2015

This is one of those humble but popular, meaning by word-of-mouth popular, Paris bakeries. True, its location near the Centre Pompidou makes it ultimately convenient but also puts it smack in the middle of lots of competition. Fans of this...  Read More


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