Restaurants Near Parc des Princes That Showcase Paris' Rich And Delightful Variety

Hungry after the match at Parc des Princes? Or maybe it's all the sightseeing in in and around Western Paris that has worked up your appetite? No matter, the restaurants on this list are all nearby, as in a quick taxi ride. And they are all authentically Parisian, though few rival the ultra-Parisian genuine brasserie feel of Fouquet's. It's been the gathering spot and watering-hole for stars of sports, film and entertainment for decades now and, well, some (fine) places just never get old. 

When the vibe is high from the evening’s excitement and you want the entertainment to continue, good eats are what you’re after when you’re among friends. So, here are ten good choices that won’t let you down. Several of these eating establishments are open late as well, so you needn’t worry about that "past dinnertime" rule that is so strictly observed in France. La Gare and Cafe de L'Homme both offer good late night dining options, and, along with Mary Goodnight, boast a mean cocktail menu and an even better bar set off from their main dining areas. So, in other words, party on !  

If a traditional French restaurant with fresh, contemporary décor and a stellar view suits more your mood for lunch or dinner, then be sure to make reservations at Cafe de l'Homme, a picturesque restaurant at Trocadéro that offers two things unparalleled in the city: the view onto the Eiffel Tower and their wine list. (Their wine list has over 2500 references.)

For Michelin-starred, formal dining Hexagone, Le GabrielLes Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos, Lasserre and La Grande Cascade all offer memorable - and delightful - dining experiences. 


16éme Arrondissement

Recently re-opened after impressive renovations, this restaurant affords sweeping views onto the Eiffel Tower. It's a misnomer to call it a cafe as it serves proper meals, requires a reservation and men will feel much more comfortable in a suit jacket here. What's more, it's open until 2 a.m. so you can come here for drinks and dessert, too. The restaurant's renovations were done by Gilles & Boissier, two names that anyone familiar with French design will already know. The emerald green dining chair upholstery compliments the white marble tables and white leather, supremely comfortable, accent chairs. This jewel-like atmosphere is set off by floor to ceiling mirrors framed in blonde wood. Things not to miss on the menu: Veal filet mignon on a bed of buttery sauteed spinach; tuna tataki, foie gras from Landes and the chantilly profiteroles. For French wine connoisseurs, the wine list is unparalleled in Paris.

8éme Arrondissement
Boeuf sur le Toit
Photo courtesy of photo by Daniela Jeremijevic for Boeuf sur le Toi

The peculiar name of this restaurant comes from the French idiom for jam session. And that's exactly how this now iconic restaurant and piano bar first built its reputation in the Paris of the 1930's - as a place where musicians, artists and other folks from the demi-monde would gather to hang out, make music, eat, drink and have a little fun. And we're not talking just any old folks, either, but people like Hemingway, Jean Cocteau, Josephine Baker and Pablo Picasso. Today, after extensive renovations, you still find the original sculpture by Cocteau and the surprisingly specious dining rooms which include an upstairs event space. The decor has retained its light, airy, art deco roots. The menu features things like truffle risotto as a starter and grilled steak served with creamed artichoke and anchovies or scallops served argan oil as condiment and sweet potato puree.

16th Arrondissement - Auteuil Pa

This is one of the most beautiful summertime patios for outside dining in Paris (when the sun is shining).Located in the middle of the Bois de Boulogne, next to the Paris Polo Club, La Grande Cascade – originally a hunting pavilion for Napoleon III – is a study in Deuxieme Empire magnificence. Thanks to a refresh this past winter, the retro-modern interior decor of this dignified 1-Michelin-starred dining room, is once again gleaming. You'll find widely spaced tables, high ceilings, chandeliers, spacious doors and gracious windows. It's a favorite of French families for special occasion celebrations; it's also popular among Japanese and Brazilian visitors who are gourmets of both French food and luxury. The gastronomic menu of Chef Frederic Robert is contemporary French, skillfully prepared and artfully presented. Many of the city's greatest chefs got their first start in the kitchens here at La Grande Cascade.

La Gare
Photo courtesy of La Gare Restaurant copyright

La Gare is a converted train station that serves modern French food, with a slight touch of exotic ingredients like mango coulis and fig chutney. It also excels at the classics like steak au poivre with frites (pepper steak with french fries). It's a favored hangout by the young, moneyed families of the 16th arrondissement and is one of the trendier places to go in the neighborhood. Many would say that putting "trendy" and "16th arrondissement" in the same sentence is an oxymoron, but this is one place that defies that assumption. When you enter from the street, it is into the upstairs bar, which has just been redone (summer 2014) and is much more festive now with an added outdoor patio and sapphire colored bar stools. Downstairs is where the vast dining room is which can seat about 150 inside, with additional seating on its beloved outdoor terrace.

16th Arrondissement - Auteuil Pa
Mary Goodnight
Photo courtesy of Mary Goodnight copyright

Just opened early this spring (2014), Mary Goodnight is the new Thai-fusion showcase for the much-loved chef by the singular name, Thiou. Parisians have followed the chef through several evolutions, seeing her pass through Thai Orchid and even Bain-Douches. The Parisian small screen demi-monde have already found their way here. If you don't watch French TV news, you probably won't recognize them. But that, and the fabulous outdoor upstairs terrace, certainly lend a backdrop of glamour to the steamed crab dumplings in a citronelle/coconut milk broth and the chef's famous Tiger's Tears. Mary Goodnight sits right on the circular where rue d'Auteuil starts to head into the Bois de Boulogne. Its 30's inspired d�cor is all taupey-beigish comfortable banquets, ceiling fans like you'd find in the East-Asian tropics and retro hanging lamps. A smaller, more private dining area can be found tucked away behind the bar

8éme Arrondissement

Eminently romantic, this restaurant pays homage to the days of dining par excellence. First opened in 1942 this bastion of Parisian gastronomy still enchants lovers of good taste. It still maintains the niceties of perfectly placed silver and crystal and adds in subdued lighting and soft music. Even better, when the weather allows, the roof can be pulled back to afford views of the night sky. The classic menu elaborated by new Chef Adrien Trouilloud, revels in slightly shaken tradition, including duck a l'orange, poached fish, and a salad rich with truffles. Above all, he searches out artisanal products for his kitchen. A stalwart wine list is a welcome perk.

Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos
Photo courtesy of Les Tablettes Jean-Louis Nomicos copyright

Hands down one of the most cheerful gastronomic restaurants in Paris, Les Tablettes Jean-Louis Nomicos highlights the talented chef's Mediterranean origins. Nomicos took over this former Joel Robuchon outpost several years ago and has been delighting the very difficult-too-please 16th arrondissement finicky Parisians ever since. The name comes from the fact that the menus are presented on iPads or "tablettes" in French. Signature dish is Black Truffle Macaroni with Foie Gras. His menu is full of dishes inspired from his Mediterranean roots, such as citrus caviar but made with the finest French gourmet ingredients like ris de veau (veal sweet meats) a French delicacy. And the chef himself is friendly, generous and gregarious, characteristics you feel in his dishes, the ambiance of his restaurant and the good nature of his staff. A rarity here as well is that this gastronomic restaurant is open 7 days a week.

16éme Arrondissement

Still a fairly new spot in the poshest part of the city, opened by a young chef who is doing it all on his own (not backed by a big industrial group, that is). Hexagone is a refreshingly elegant restaurant-bar just near the Trocadero. Its elegant entranceway welcomes you directly to the bar, where a trained mixologist whips up intoxicating cocktails in the granite black surroundings with white and yellow and accents. The dining room is down the steps and this kind of spaciousness is rare in Paris, even moreso in such a prestige address. The breathtakingly beautiful cuisine here fits into the nouvelle French category with such things as capuccino of green peas, Bresse chicken and the Ganache Bayano Bresil served between buckwheat glazed wafers with honey ice cream. True, Mathieu worked alongside his 3-Michelin starred chef father and his mother at L'Ambroisie for years. And, yes, it shows.

8éme Arrondissement

First opened in 1899 as a watering hole for carriage drivers of the wealthy and sylish Parisians who frequented the "Most Beautiful Avenue in the world," the Champs-Elysées in its heyday, this brasserie is still an icon. Over the centuries it has become even more famous not just for its quality, even gastronomic, fare, but also for the VIP clientele who are loyal habitués. This is where the Césars, the French Film Academy awards, holds its official dinners every year and the link between cinematic stars and Fouquet's is an unbreakable bond here in France. On the menu you will find Chef Jean-Yves Leurangeur's homage to a few of the regular stars that have lit up this restaurant, such as the Merlin à la Colbert, s a favorite of Robert Hossein, also the lobster raviolis "John Todt," and don't even think of passing up the signature dessert, Millefeuille Tradition Fouquet's.

8éme Arrondissement

Opened just over a year and already Chef Jerome Banctel has earned this refined and stately restaurant its two Michelin stars. This instantly became one of the city's dining rooms that says class and glamour. The hotel is owned by the group behind La Reserve hotels specializing in renovated apartments but this property is a classic Five-Star hotel, envisioned more like a self-standing chateau in the city. The restaurant does a bustling business during the week when lunch reservations can be hard to come by. The location, near the posh offices and shops on the Champs-Ellysees adds to the dining room's appeal.


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