The Thrill Is Never Gone In Paris' Romantic Restaurants

Paris offers a romantic vacation constructed of many joyful moments. Or that's what it ought to be. And while of course dining experiences make up only one small facet of the whole experience, choosing the right restaurants, like Les Deux Magots, can only enhance the romance of your time spent here. On this list you will find restaurants that will make you feel like they have been created just for the two of you. If being among the trendsetters makes you feel like you have more sex appeal, the restaurant at the top of the super hip list today is Beefbar. Be sure to ask to be seated inside under the Art Deco authentic 19th c. hand painted glass roof. It is one of Paris' most exquisite interior decors and a registered national landmark.

In the right setting, with the proper presentation and the just-perfect dishes curated on a restaurant's menu, a romantic dinner or lunch can be one of life's most enjoyable moments.  And what is happiness, ultimately, if not many joyful moments strung together to make a whole? To find some of these happy moments, try BO (it means 'Kiss' in Creole) for some rum and spiced up Caribbean cuisine or Brasserie Vaudeville for a journey back to old-world charm. 

When you are looking to celebrate love in the City of Light, take a meander over to the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank where you will find Le Mavrommatis, the most elegant of Greek-French fusion restaurants, the only one outside of Greece with a Michelin star. Or think Sunday brunch at Cafe de la Paix which sets the gold standard, though Alcazar offers a Saint-Germain chic alternative. For a chic and relaxed dinner, Hexagone, by multiple-starred chef Mathieu Pacaud, is sure to make the date-night go swimmingly (also recommended is his newly-acquired Apicius).

Art gallery browsing on Paris' Rive Gauche makes for an afternoon or Thursday evening's (when the art galleries tend to have their opening night shows) romantic pastime. In this neighborhood you have three superlative choices: Les Bouquinistes by Guy Savoy, Ze Kitchen Galerie by William Ledeuil. 

And for that French Bistro, the one with the cosy red velvet seating and the view out onto Ile St. Louis, whose chef is a master at anything that has truffles in it, look no farther than Chez Julien

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche


Les Bouquinistes is one of Chef Guy Savoy's more casual dining establishments. Meaning, you can expect your meal to be top-shelf without the 3-star price tag attached. This restaurant's decor has been newly refreshed with master modern art works...  Read More

4ème Arrondissement
Chez Julien
Photo courtesy of Chez Julien


In one of the oldest areas of Paris, the Marais, you'll find this charming French restaurant that has stood here for 100 years. There are times when the location and the decor are so charming that diners are willing to overlook the cuisine - but...  Read More

2ème Arrondissement


What would Paris be without these turn-of-the-last-century brasseries and traditional cafes? I can answer that for you, it just wouldn't be Paris. With all the new and ever more fabulous, concept-driven restaurants that great capital food cities...  Read More

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche
Ze Kitchen Galerie
Photo courtesy of Ze Kitchen Galerie photo by Eric Laignel copyright


This is the talented Chef William Ledeuil's Left Bank restaurant and a place where you will enjoy French-Asian fusion cuisine. The restaurant's ambiance is that of an art gallery (hence the name) where collector-worthy paintings are displayed...  Read More

6th Arrondissement - Rive Gauche


This is a Rive Gauche find that will fool you by its demure XVIIth century exterior. But once through the doorway, you discover a huge dining room with a 20ft high interior covered courtyard that has you feeling immersed in an exclusive luxury...  Read More

5ème Arrondissement
Restaurant Bo
Photo courtesy of Bo Restaurant


This is what is known as a "bar a manger" meaning a small plates kind of place. The food is Creoles inspired by the Antilles and the cocktails are all rum-based. You won't find any dim lighting here or quiet candlelight but you will find a warm...  Read More

16ème Arrondissement


Still a remarkable spot in the poshest part of the city, opened by a young chef who is doing it all on his own (not backed by a big industrial group, that is). Hexagone is a refreshingly elegant restaurant-bar just near the Trocadero. Its...  Read More

5th Arondissement - Latin Quarte


After an upscale up-do, this 1-Michelin star Meditteranean-Greek-French fusion icon in the Latin Quarter is ready for its close-up. The beginning of 2018 marked when for the first time a 'Greek' restaurant outside of Greece was awarded a...  Read More

8ème Arrondissement


In the past, you could occasionally hear the comment that a good steak was hard to find in Paris. With the city's recent opening of the world acclaimed Beef Bar restaurants, this is certainly no longer the case. When a succulent piece of...  Read More

6ème Arrondissement


If you are wondering what a magot is, or why there are two of them, just step inside the iconic cafe and bear witness to the statues of two Chinese magi, or wise men, presiding over the center of the room. It is very fitting decor, since this...  Read More


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